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Nicolas Cage Confirms He’ll Ride Again In Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Last night on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Nicolas Cage confirmed that he’s signed on to reprise his role as Johnny Blaze in the Ghost Rider sequel Spirit of Vengeance. The Crank team of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are directing.

As we reported a month ago, details of the script, by FlashForward‘s Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman under the supervision of Davide S. Goyer, are being kept under wraps.

Columbia and parent company Sony are in a rush to begin production on the sequel by November to prevent the rights from automatically reverting to Marvel. There had been talk in April that the studio might push forward without the busy Cage so that it could beat the deadline.

The first Ghost Rider opened in February 2007 to almost universally terrible reviews — it has a 26-percent approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes — but went on to gross almost $230 million worldwide. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is produced by Avi Arad, Ari Arad, Michael De Luca and Steven Paul, with Goyer and Mark Steven Johnson executive producing.

Watch Ferguson’s interview with Cage below. The Ghost Rider talk begins somewhere around the 2:30 mark.


  • Mwedmer

    If they go with more of a horror feel and drop all of the cheese, like what is in that shot above, or in the film where he lands in front of the police like a nuke, It could be alright.
    Also have the demons look like Demons. This is not TV.

  • Bill Reed

    This is going to be the greatest upward swing in quality of any movie sequel, ever.

  • Spedit

    Perhaps in THIS Ghost Rider film, they will use the RUSH song “Ghost Rider” from the 2002 album “Vapor Trails”?

  • pDUB

    please make the ghost rider sequel totally ridiculous. thank you.

  • Comicsaredead

    Here's another superhero movie I can ignore…

  • Evil_s2003

    After nearly 20 years of collecting comics and being a Ghost Rider fan…seeing that movie in the theaters was the first time I was ever embarrassed to be either.

  • Nakatomitim

    It took you 20 years to be embarrassed to be a Ghost Rider fan? Not too quick there, eh?

  • Thabizzomb

    Seriously?! Why would anyone waste almost 2 hours of their life that they will never get back to see this movie? The first Ghost Rider movie was absolutely the 2nd worst comic movie ever made falling in between Catwoman with Halle Berry at #1 and Fantastic 4 at #3. Is Cage really that hard up for cash that he does one crappy movie after another? Someone please explain to me why this man is supposed to be famous.

  • Funkmob

    No way. You forget Elektra. Maybe you're trying to.

  • Donthaveone

    With all the people Marvel has replaced in movies, they should've started here. Nic Cage is not my idea of a good 'Ghost Rider'.
    The effects were cool, but Nic's acting, as usual is bad at best.