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FX’s Damages To Continue On DirecTV Only

DirecTV has done it again, rescuing FX’s Damages from cancellation at the last moment. But unlike similar save Friday Night Lights, DirecTV has made sure that it’ll be the only place to see the new episodes.

The satellite provider has signed Glenn Close and the rest of the cast on for two more seasons of the Emmy-nominated show, following FX’s decision not to continue with a fourth season. As part of the deal, DirecTV also gains rights to the already-broadcast episodes.


  • tomdaylight

    Hurrah! Damages is a terrific show. I just hope this move doesn't come with a detrimental budget cut

  • demoncat_4

    glad the show will continue even on direct tv. though bad for fans who do not have direct tv for they will have to wait for the dvds of the new seasons. and also cool that the cast agreed to two more seasons of the show.

  • Tuningproblem

    I'm guessing the only reason this is happening at all is because the cast agreed 5 year contracts at the outset. Could be wrong, though!

  • tomdaylight

    Principal cast members have a contract covering them up to a prospective sixth season. Hopefully they can still attract the sorts of unbelievably big names to star as new characters that they've managed in the first three.