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CCI: Thor Is Jacked In New Official Photo

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Say what you will about the recently released Jack Kirby-inspired Thor production stills. Sure, not everyone is in love with what’s been shown thus far. Certainly, there’s an argument to be made that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki looks a little dopey without the horned helmet. Harp all you want on Anthony Hopkins’ grinning visage as Odin, ruler of Asgard.

Even with all of these points accounted for, there’s simply no denying that Chris Hemsworth is jacked out of his mind.

USA Today has the latest photo from Thor as part of Marvel Studios’ continued campaign in the days leading up to Comic-Con International. In this latest image, we see Hemsworth as Thor dressed in civilian garb, apparently teaching a big pile of rock and rubble a lesson with his mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Unless Hemsworth is wielding prosthetic arms, it’s pretty clear that the actor took the character’s godly physique pretty damn seriously.

Behold for yourself:


  • Guest

    This looks like the “Only one worthy enought can wield the Hammer” moment, a la Excalibur.

  • ThunderStorm Fan

    I agree with you, Guest :)

  • shawn

    Maybe Disney is offering advice now that they own Marvel: “Make it more like Sword in the Stone”.

  • guest

    agreed. he's not “taching a pile of rock and rubble a lesson”. He's trying to pick it up.

  • Erik Weinfurter


  • Ken

    Anyone who stayed past the ending credits of Iron Man 2 should know exactly what he's doing here.

  • Bsavini781

    and MC hammer is wishing they will use his song Hammer-Time in the movie.

  • Bsavini781

    when do we see him with the helmet on DAMMITTTTTT

  • Carnage

    Man, I hate how Fox always shows some kind of cool footage at the end of the credits. If their going to do it, they should do it just after the begining of the credits (like in Transformers with Starscream). Now I felt that I really missed out and have to wait for the DVD release to find out what your talking about.

  • Dtmorganb

    Fox didn't release Iron Man 2.

  • Kljl34535kjlkj

    By the powers of Asgard! Check out Hemsworth's pumped up muscles! Go Thor!!

  • Larry Lar

    LOL sweet!

  • BeastieRunner

    Thor's hammer has always had that Excalibur-esque “whoever so lifts this hammer if they are deemed worthy shall possess the power of Thor” or some such mythos going on.

  • Matt Spatola

    Looks great to me. I can't wait for some Cap movie pics to start leaking out…

  • reikei

    i agree, shield probably thought if they couldnt pick it up excavate around it, probably the exact same spot it was seen in iron man 2

  • Raskal67

    Hemsworth looks like Thor, no doubt about it. If only I cared for the character…. I'm not denying that I'll likely go see the film, but will that movie translate into monthly purchases of the comic? Highly doubtful.

  • miracleman88

    Well why bother commenting then, you sack of misery?

  • Julie Martin6

    The Thor comic is one of best around at the moment great story lines and great art work. Can't wait for film…

  • [A]

    “stop Mjolnir! that rock said 'no'!”

  • The Pomo Xian

    I have no idea what the context of this image is, but is looks awesome.

  • Myxlplyx

    I'm suprised at how badly teaser images are sometimes misinterpreted by “professionals”. Here Spinoff thinking Thor is “teaching a big pile of rock and rubble a lesson” and a week or two ago CBR thinking the first two teaser images from the Five Lights were possible future versions of Hope.

  • lead_sharp

    I really hope he doesn't find it too hard to lift, he's supposed to be worthy of it…oh wait I think I see a plot point coming :S

  • lead_sharp

    Because he wants it to be a good flick?

    Also I personally think comic adaptations should be giant adverts for the comic (they don't get any other publicity).

    @Raska I heartily recommend the JMS trades of the recent(ish) relaunch very good.

  • lead_sharp

    Sorry to double post but I wish Spin off would do a little research before posting regarding the 'teaching the rubble a lesson' thing.

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    But it's so much funnier to have him teach that rubble some manners. :P

  • /mjh.

    hee-hee! You know, in a twisted sort of way I'm hoping that they manage a “Mighty Sore” moment, pigeon and all.