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Riddle Me This: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Up For Riddler In Batman 3?

Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt play The Riddler?

It’s been a little while since our last good, juicy Batman 3 rumor, so let’s just dive straight into it — hot off the heels of his turn in Gotham City regular Christopher Nolan’s Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt finds himself at the focus of a rumor to play the Riddler in the upcoming The Dark Knight sequel.

First Showing cites “a reliable inside source with a studio casting grid,” saying that Edward E. Nigma is listed as a character in Nolan’s next Batman film. Furthermore, Gordon-Levitt — who delivered one of the single best action scenes of the year in “Inception” — is listed as “interested” in playing the confounding criminal in the DC Comics film. According to the report, this news should be taken more as confirmation that Riddler is a villain in Batman 3 and less that Gordon-Levitt is the man to play him, though he’s apparently “interested” in the job.

Personally, I’m still hoping that Batman 3 takes a cue from the “Almost Got ‘Im” episode of Batman: The Animated Series by tossing in a whole slew of the Caped Crusader’s nastiest rogues trading their Gotham City war stories, putting the emphasis more on Batman himself and less on any one villain. After all, it’s going to be tough for anyone to top Heath Ledger’s Joker — but a strong ensemble of powerful bad guys might come close.

Source: First Showing


  • pDUB

    i can dig this.

  • Lando

    I can def dig it. That scene in Inception was nuts.

  • Rebis

    The Riddler is one of Batman's very best villains. Hope he's in the pic. Meanwhile, it's traditionally been a horrible idea to jam a film full of too many villains. (Of course, if any superhero-film director can defy expectations, it's Nolan.) But it didn't work in the previous Batman franchise, X-3 or Spider-Man 3. The only other villain I'd like to see is Catwoman, who would provide an interesting new dynamic if they focus on her as an anti-hero but not a villain. I could see having more than one “villain” in that case, so here's hoping for Riddler and Catwoman.

  • Generalgrievous365

    Well, Dark Knight had two villains. And I don't think Spider-Man 3's problem was the number of villains (we needed that for the two on two battle) but rather the characterization of the villains and characters in general. Sandman's sudden change of heart (“I didn't want to hurt anyone.” Sure, Flint.), Venom not even using his own name, emo parker, etc. A villain I'd like to see in Batman 3 is Bane. I think he could be “Nolanized”, and as long they stick to his original “master criminal” characterization, it could work.

  • demoncat_4

    i am sure that if given the chance too Joseph would manage to make the ridller almost come close to being like Heath did with the joker keeping the core of the character.but final say on casting is warners brothers . we just have to wait when they get every thing to start doing the third batman film to see who will be fighting christian bale. in the bat suit

  • Powblamshazam

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make an awesome Riddler. I am definitely trying to picture it.

  • Carnage

    I honestly believe that the Riddler should be played by Johnny Depp instead of this guy. I've only seen this actor in the Inception movie, so I don't know if he can do the acting right. While Johnny Depp has a wonderful past performances of wacky characters like the Willy Wonka and the Mad Hatter. To me, he was born to play either the Joker or the Riddler. But I don't want him to play the Joker in this trilogy though.

  • Rickshaw1

    No. Man, they are missing the perfect riddler out there. Richard Coyle from Coupling, who played Jeff Murdock. He got the looks, the chops, and even on the show he displayed some definitely darker tendencies. That would be the perfect Riddler.

  • Myxlplyx

    Watch “Brick” or “The Lookout” if you arn't too familiar with Joseph Gordon-Levitt work and would like to see him at his finest.

  • Jaysilentbob2006

    “Almost Got'em” episode was freaking GREAT

  • Zig2K

    Both of those movies are MUST see!

  • Jaysilentbob2006

    You're an idiot and you're the reason they usually pick bad actors for roles. Not dissing Johnny Depp by any means, but if you were cultured in more films, you'd know that Gordon-Levitt is BY FAR a BAD choice. I've been reading Detective Comics and Batman for the last 20 years and I would readily agree that Gordon-Levitt would be just as good, if not better, choice for Riddler than Depp.

  • Jaysilentbob2006

    And by far, I meant to say “He is far FROM” a bad choice, just to clarify.

  • urbaneturtle

    While I'm completely dumbfounded by your suggestion about villains talking about “almost getting Batman” for a lot of reasons, I think Gordon-Levitt is a great actor and Riddler is one of my favorite Bat-villains. If this casting happens I'd be absolutely stoked.