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CCI: Watch The First Footage From Animated Transformers: Prime

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During its Transformers: Prime panel this afternoon at Comic-Con International, Hasbro Studios debuted an animation test sequence from the new series, which will debut this fall.

This first footage shows Bumblebee attacking a couple of Cylon-looking Decepticons on what appears to be a futuristic Earth. The Transformers fan site Siebertron notes the CGI is similar to what we saw previously in Transformers: Beast Wars and Beast Machines.

Transformers: Prime is set to premiere on The Hub — Hasbro’s join venture with the Discovery Channel — when the network launches on Oct. 10.


  • demoncat_4

    nice to see bumble bee learn how to fight even though so far the animation looks like bay had some input in the cartoon. but the thing is an early look so the finish product no doubt will be what hasbro has intended the thing to be

  • nik

    Bumble Bee isn't a goddamn Camero.

  • Grantgoodman

    I like Transformers and all but shouldn't kids shows on Discovery be you know… educational.

  • Bloodsword6

    He has been multiple vehicles over the past 25 or more years. And in the newer comics, he has changed from the VW bug to a sportier car. This was his last version, right before the movies hit.

  • Bloodsword6

    The entire channel is changing to “The Hub”. New format, no longer discovery kids.

  • Tristen Æmert

    It is educational, it'll teach kids how to be a badass fighter like Optimus was in ROTF, lol.

  • Runitdown

    In the newer comics, he is still a VW bug. VW will not, however, allow a toy to be made, as they do not want to remind people of the roving death machines they made in Nazi Germany.

    This toy you highlighted was made because VW objected to a spec prototype that sported a handheld weapon. This toy was made for the Classics toyline, a line made of classic characters, created with today's toy technologies.

    Barring a few very minor necessities, Bumblebee has remained a VW Beetle.

  • Pepethegamesmaker