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CCI: First Look At Animated Young Justice

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With only minutes to go before the Batman: The Brave and the Bold presentation at Comic-Con International, Warner Bros. Animation has released a first look at the upcoming Cartoon Network series Young Justice.

In the video, producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti discuss the characters and the development of the series, and reveal — for all of those continuity sticklers out there — that it’s set in the present, but in “a young DC Universe.” “Superman showed up just 10 years ago,” Weisman says.

What’s more, he discloses that the Young Justice roster — Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Artemis and Aqualad — is “really just the tip of the iceberg.” We’re given a glimpse of character sheets for Speedy/Red Arrow and a Justice League that’s “16 members strong.” The video shows footage of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow and Aquaman, and eagle-eyed viewers will also spot character sheets for Black Canary, Red Tornado, John Stewart, Captain Marvel, Zatarra, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and others.


  • timberbear

    that is looking pretty damn cool! and look! miss martian has that cloak from the old d&d cartoon that turns ya invisible lol

  • Sdbowen56


  • Fluffy6079

    Soooo…. are we talking Tim Drake or Dick Grayson? I'm really hoping for Drake.

  • Jordanzord

    I hope this sticks around for a nice long time, looks great.

  • demoncat_4

    looks interesting love how they included the mentors like batman and green arrow. for young justice. and if wonder woman is part of the jl in the show . could that mean a wonder girl popping up to help out young justice. plus wonder if this means little lobo making a cameo in the future?

  • Mak Calixte

    I'm hoping it's not Damian Wayne

  • Animekenny

    Is that Mary Marvel in the bottom right at 1:44?

  • George

    Anyone else think that Jon Stewart's lantern emblem looked a lot like Kyle's (Jim Lee version costume)?

  • SK

    That's what I'd like to known, too. Dick's my favorite, but I'd actually prefer Robin to be Drake so it'll leave room for a Nightwing appearance.

  • Collecktor10

    Looks great. Lots of potential. I would like to see Deathstroke in this series.

  • Squashua

    I'd love to see 1-2 characters on the team that don't have mentors.

  • RedLyons

    It is! Can't wait to see Mary Marvel on the screen!!

  • Adamh12110

    Looks more intense than the Young Justice I remember.

    However, I suppose since the Teen Titans cartoon was more light-hearted than most people expected, this does keep things more in balance.

  • Daredoll

    I still really wish that there was a Wonder Girl on the team.

  • urbaneturtle

    This looks absolutely fantastic. I Can't wait.

  • Comicsaredead

    @demoncat – I think that Artemis is supposed to be Wonder Woman's “side kick” in this show. She seems to be some sort of Wonder Girl / Arrowette amalgam using the Artemis name as the Amazonian connection.

  • Daniel

    Its Dick Grayson, since its a young DC universe.

  • DF

    Wow! The animation looks awesome. Finally a cool looking cartoon on tv again!

  • urbaneturtle

    I hope it's Tim both because he's my favorite and I think it's good for the comics for cartoons to show a different Robin every once in a while.

  • Mr_Wayne

    The producers have done a good job of incorporating the JL into YJ. It makes sense that they would be of a strong mentoring capacity.

  • R.T

    I can't wait to find out who's voicing the Young Justice members!

  • Craigr

    This looks AWESOME! Can't wait. Love the Kid Flash design. So glad that Kid Flash, Superboy, Robin and Miss Martian and Arrowette are on the team. Aqualad looks cool too. Now if only we had Wonder Girl on the show.

  • Red Raver

    my guess is… M'gann is the character who dies! That, or Artemis, to make room for Wonder Girl… And if there's going to be a Superboy, then Robin=Tim Drake and Kid Flash=Bart Allen, with Flash=Wally West. Also, with the glimpse of Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal, I'm guessing there was a Teen Titans previous to YJ, and those sidekicks have “graduated.”

  • Corey

    Yeah, it is a huge slap in the face to not have wonder girl on the team.

  • Thompson500

    Would like to see this team of creators work on an actual Justice League series as well. Those character sheets are something else.

  • Pennyforth

    Yeah, looks nifty and all, but still…boos and hisses for Token Blaqualad.

    If you're basically going to make up a new character with an old name just to shoehorn a lone ethnic character into the cast, why not go whole hog and make each character a different nationality? That way, it can cater to everyone, they'll all be happy, everyone will feel equal, and no one will feel left out….thus contributing to the ultra-sanitized world view that everyone seems to want kids to have these days, thus guaranteeing that those children will be totally unprepared for how the real world works when they leave their oh-so-sheltered nests. *sigh*

  • Daredevil99

    Yes cuz who wants multiethnic heroes…they suck

  • Jaavik

    I like a lot of these characters, but I have to say, I can understand in comic books, it makes “story sense” for certain mantles to be passed on, however it's starting to seem like writers can't come up with anything truly original anymore. Once a character gets popular, there will immediately be multiple versions of the exact same character, (Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, 2 Flashes, Kid Flash, New Impulse, Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Arrowette, Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, 4 Green Lanterns from the same sector and same planet, 2 Captain Americas, 3 Thors, 3 Wolverines, Spider-man, Spider-girl, Spider-woman, Multiple Jean Grey's/Phoenixes, multiple Cables, I can go on and on…) The Teen Superheroes are always “Kid Versions” of existing heroes. At least that seems to be the direction that Teen Titans always takes (with SOME exceptions). I'm more of a DC kid than a Marvel kid, but at least with New Mutants and Generation X, they were their own characters and they were original. I would just like to see some originality come back to comics rather than mass production of the “tried and true mainstays”.

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    It's a non-issue on for two reasons.

    1) Lots of new heroes have taken the names of old heroes, Flash, Robin, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Batman…need I go on?

    2) There hasn't been an Aqualad in the DCU ever since Garth became Tempest. So it's not like they made Aqualad black just for TV. There hasn't been an Aqualad for decades! For all of the other characters it would be wrong because there are active characters in the comics using that name, with the exception of Artemis.

  • Lemons

    It looks like it should be Tim, with Kid Flash and Superboy on the team. They're meant to be two of Tim's best friends, so it would suck if Tim wasn't on the team.

  • Lemons

    I really hope not. Dick Grayson is a great character but Tim Drake was one of the founding members of Young Justice with Conner and Bart and to not have him as Robin would be disappointing.

    If Dick Grayson is in the show at all, have him be Nightwing in his early twenties. I think that would work quite well since he'd be one part mentor to Tim and one part brother. Which could make for some entertaining stories.

  • Lemons

    The comics just introduced a new Aqualad though, and he is black. It's not so much that they're shoehorning him in, but they're using a brand new character.

  • lebeau

    Oh wow. I had high hopes, but this looks better than I dared hope for!

  • Lemons

    Sorry, me again.
    Just another point as to why it's probably not Dick Grayson. The Flash they're using in this series, his costume is the same as Wally West's and Wally West was Kid Flash when Dick Grayson was Robin. So yeah.

  • Lemons

    Oh, I found this.
    For those of you who don't want to click the link I'll sum up the characters.
    Robin/ Dick Grayson will be played by Jesse McCartney. Kid Flash/ Wally West will be played by Jason Spizak. Aqualad will be played by Kari Peyton. Superboy/ Conner Kent will be played by Nolan North. Miss Martian will be played by Danica McKellar. Artemis will be played by Stephani Lemelin.

    I'm a bit disappointed that Dick Grayson is Robin and Wally West is Kid Flash. Partly because neither of them were in Young Justice to begin with, and partly because I like Tim and Bart… Mostly because I like Tim and Bart.

  • Guestemail

    looks like the same animators from the Crisis on Two Earths DVD.

  • Edwardberman

    “thus contributing to the ultra-sanitized world view that everyone seems to want kids to have these days, thus guaranteeing that those children will be totally unprepared for how the real world works when they leave their oh-so-sheltered nests. *sigh*”

    This statement is a bit confusing. If there were only one ethnic group in the show…well, now, wouldn't that be completely unlike the real world? It seems as though the creators actually are preparing kids by letting them know that there's more than just one race in this country.

  • urbaneturtle

    Another reason that, logically, it's probably Tim in the show.

  • Janrius99

    Sorry guys…based on this website:
    Robin is Dick Grayson, and Kid Flash is Wally =( WTH! They said it was modern =.=” Artemis is suppose to be practically the same age as Diana (Wonder Woman), Dick Grayson is suppose to be Nightwing right now….Kid Flash…well The Flash. Superboy is during the Tim Drake, Cassandra Sandmark, and Bart =.=”
    But besides the inaccuracy….(sigh…) Well there is a chance its not, and the person who posted the info on the site could be wrond =D

  • WirednWicked

    I think it's Dick Grayson because the Kid Flash is Wally West… weird!

  • Bo

    This looks great! Seeing those Character designs of the Justice League to see a Justice League spinoff for sure! The Hall of Justice yeah! Looks like they incorporated different parts of DCU history to do this with Dick and wally with Superboy, etc. I do hope Wonder Girl shows up eventually. i love the Hawkman and Hawkgirl designs, although the camera was quick on Hawkman. Looks like however that Zatara and Zatanna is with league. I am guessing that is him between Hawkgirl and Captain Atom.

  • Bo

    I meant to say in that last sentance that it is Zatara and not Zatanna that is in the League. I am assuming that is him between Hawkgirl and Captain Atom.

  • Chambers143

    Robin is voiced by Jesse McCartney hahaha

  • Hello

    This looks like it is set in the same universe as the DTV Crisis on Two Earths movie.

  • kakarot

    finally superboy in a cartoon.he's one of my fav characters

  • flyguy

    sounds like their taking this pretty serious, I love it!

  • PretenderNX01

    I'm really hoping since Speedy became Red Arrow and Speedy was a contemporary of Dick Grayson that it is Tim Drake as Robin because Dick is Nightwing (like in “Red Hood” dvd or even JLU).

    None of the footage here has any secret IDs even in the civilian images.

  • PretenderNX01

    My bad, IGN has the same thing posted as UGO:

    I guess it is an alternate-Earth sidekicks team.

  • Kross29

    the robin in the vid is smirking. the only one i know that might have that kinda of cocky grin is damian.

  • ravenrogue

    I'm sad by the apparent lack of Drake, just because I love Tim and love Dick as Nightwing buuuuuuut it's something new, in a way. Dick is usually portrayed more in a leadership role. While this show has him with the most experience he's still the youngest, the age gap between 13 and 16 can seem kinda huge. It'll be interesting to see how his age will affect his interactions with the others.

  • DudeInBurbank

    Wow. An ultra-sanitized show would be one where every character is white. I don't know what world you live in, but the one I live in is pretty much all over the map. So, a black Aqualad seems pretty cool to me and pretty realistic. And I have to say, it's pretty refreshing to hear black actors voice black characters.

  • Vosmith

    guys!it should be graysonn!!! eventually itll be a teen titans with nightwing!

  • Ashbaker1

    when does it start


    look closely not mary marvel wondergirl!!!!!!!!!!


    4 get it this video is clearer than the 1st 1 i saw….its Mary Oh well wishful thinking*

  • Dee

    Sweet, Can't wait. Just hope its a long running series. Justice League got canceled out of nowhere.

  • Flippinfrogz1211

    there might be- they said by the end of the first season, they'll have killed off at least one of them, and that there'll be a seventh and eigth regular. maybe wonder girl is one of them??

  • Flippinfrogz1211

    yea, same as the teen titans. they just had to end it with a lame movie xp. its like, could they get rid of the shows on cn that nobody watches or the stupid shows? seriously! the titans actually had a huge fanbase/audience. oh well. on the bright side, getting rid of the teen titans brought us this :)

  • Whatever 3337

    Ok… This is stupid, Dick Grayson was never in Young Justice and was already Nightwing by the time the group started. They just substituted two of the groups founding members with people who have their own team. I'm sorry but Dick Grayson and Wally West just don't belong here…

  • Tyleehyori

    well duh its tim drake because damians costumme is way different and so is drakes thats tim

  • Lukelighthouse

    Sorry, they're going with Dick Grayson. (I don't really see a problem with that, he is the best robin, seeing as he actually has taken over as Batman following his poorly timed death) They have to. Since this is just ten years into the justice league, batman still is training Grayson. If not, then you would probably see Nightwing somewhere in there. Also kid flash is wally west, so the current flash is Barry Allen. West is my fave though so no problems there.

  • Liquidsoul13

    this is cool but bull$hit. why is it so hard to stick to the real thing..
    the only original character to the actual comic is superboy.
    i dont want Dick Grayson i want Tim Drake robin, i don’t want Wally West i want Bart Allen. i mean seriously they pulled of Tim Drake in Batman adventures, plus Superboy becomes best friends with Tim not Dick. i mean for one kids aren’t gonna care which Robin it is or Kid flash if its good they’ll watch it and love it.. but fans true comic fans your just doing what movies do taking something good a turning it to a joke.. the series might be awesome but your still killing us withe every show you’ll put out

  • wallywestfan

    But if it’s the Wally West Kid Flash, shouldn’t it be Dick?

  • elcid423

    When is this cartoon supposed to air?

  • Dickandwally

    Actully it is definatly Dick. They annouced it at Comic-Con

  • Dickandwally

    There is a one hour preview on November 26. 20 days from now. And then the rest of the show will air in 2011.

  • will

    dude it is dick grayson, they used him simply because he was the first incarnation of the character, so a larger fan base would know him

  • Iliass_nassibane

    it should be Dick Grayson as he is the original robin and was actually the longest running robin so far until he became nightwing after the teen titans arc.
    So he is the best option to go with.

  • Elderstephenson

    if it is Dick then the question is, will they try to eventually bring in Starfire? i hope not, they beat that to death in teen titans.

  • Elderstephenson

    wouldn’t it make more sence to bring in the robin that dies? they already said they’d be killing characters off. and since when does any DC show follow the actual story lines anyway? makes more sence to me to have 2 robins though the duration of the show, kill the first.

  • 123may

    If they run low on ideas, I have a few for them.

  • guest4534678

    Pretty crazy how this is coming on Cartoon Network this friday. Pretty stoked.

  • Archangel

    This is literally a reboot of the Teen Titans with almost the original team from not that sorry @$$ cartoon series that use to air on Cartoon Network but the original comic book. Original members were Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), Speedy, Aqualad (caucasian kid from the Aquaman cartoon and comic book), and Wondergirl. I like the look of the series and glad they are using the same people who did the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths movie. I was sick and tired of the standard DC artwork/animation from Batman and Superman animated series,Legion of Superheroes, and some of the animated movies done by Bruce Timm and the rest of the regular crew. Andrea Romano could have stayed on to continue her outstanding work with the voice actors and unfortunately most of the original voices cannot do the characters they are well known.

  • PHANTOMshots

    I just watched the first movie thing, and I’m pretty mad that it’s Dick and not Tim. Don’t get my wrong, I love Richard, but the characterization screams Drake not Grayson, and i’d love to see a modern version of Tim (which this practically is) if the creators chose Dick, then why didn’t they keep his outfit?! Dick has no fashion sense, he’s suppose to go around like a traffic light, it’s Tim who wears red gold and black so wtf- it’d like they chose the character Dick, but chose his characterization like Tim’s. Plus Dick grew up as an acrobat so even if he’s not the leader he still kicks ass in flips and kicks, which this version lacks (this I’d more computer nerdy) so whywhywhy can’t he just be Tim!!?!? D: it’s not like they’re even using Dick’s character anyways :|
    Besides the whole wrong robin thing, this show looks pretty cool :/

  • Mjmulroney

    Dick Grayson is personally my favorite Robin. I wouldn’t change a thing about that. And YIKES, if one of the girls dies, it’ll be upsetting. They’re all pairing up, so one boy is gonna be devastated.

  • Airchairmaster

    If justice league still exists then why is kid flash wally… wasn’t it revealed in Justice league unlimited that The flash was wally…? im so confused..theres two?

  • david b conway

    dear  web  site  ,hi  my  name  is  david   conway   and  my    comments   to   here   is  that  ,  i  do  love  to  see   a  new  night  wing   in   the   the  new   young   justince  animated  series  next  as  well  ,, love   david   b  conway

  • david b conway

    how   about  using  dick   grayson   as   the  new  batman   in   the   young  justince   cartoon ,  love   david   conway

  • David b conway

    dear   web  site  ,hi   my  name   is   david   conway   and   my   comments  to  here  is  that i   love   to   see   next   is  kid  green lantern   vervision  ,   and   to  have   the  next  teen versision   batman  , just   like  batman  beyound  ,  terry  gunni ,  the   pepole  behind   the  new   heros   in  the  young  justice    they   should   make   teen  versision  of  the  rest of justice   league   ,  love   david   conway