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CCI: Marvel Reportedly Rushing To Sign Ruffalo By Saturday’s Panel

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The Wrap reports that Marvel is conducting down-to-the-wire negotiations to sign Mark Ruffalo in time to introduce the actor as the new Bruce Banner at the studio’s Saturday panel at Comic-Con International. Ruffalo, star of The Kids Are All Right, would have to be flown from the East Coast to join the rest of the cast of The Avengers in Hall H.

Reports emerged last week that Ruffalo was in “late-stage negotiations” to play the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego, just days after a public feud sparked by studio President Kevin Feige’s pointed announcement that Edward Norton would not be reprising the role.

According to The Wrap, the hold-up with Ruffalo centers on pay and the number of films to which he would commit. According to a “knowledgeable individual,” Marvel wants him to sign on for between four and six films.

After months of speculation, Joss Whedon finally confirmed yesterday that he’s directing The Avengers, leaving the role of Bruce Banner as one of a handful of question marks hanging over Marvel’s 2012 tent-pole film. The others involve persistent rumors that Nathan Fillion and Eva Longoria will play Ant-Man and the Wasp, and a June report that The Hurt Locker Jeremy Renner was in talks to portray Hawkeye.)

If all goes according to plan, and to reports, Ruffalo will be introduced on-stage alongside Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and others. The Avengers opens on May 4, 2012.

Update: Word Friday evening is that Marvel and Ruffalo have reached a deal.


  • nickprc

    Mark Ruffalo is my man

  • Bassmonster

    Outstanding actor… shame to see such unfair treatment of Ed Norton, tho'.

  • Grant

    Probably why Ruffalo is in no hurry to sign on.

  • Person

    Completely stupid, still. It needs to be Norton. Turn this mess around, Marvel.

  • Sugarglid3r

    He's a good actor, but I'm not seeing him as Banner. And yes, I'm still pining for Norton.

  • ArrionShadow

    I just don't understand what the big deal is with not casting Norton! I don't want some hack actor to play Banner NORTON was perfect and had passion for the role, Just get Norton back its not to late for Marvel to say there sorry Im sure Nortons wouldn't ask for to much!

  • Kevin Barry

    This would be amazing. Ruffalo is an outstanding actor. That said, any actor has to think twice about getting in bed with Marvel right now. That Norton stuff was ugly.

    *Am I the only one who thought Norton was boring as Banner. Granted, the script was not much to work with, but I didn't walk out of that movie amazed by Norton, itching for a sequel. Maybe I need to rewatch Incredible Hulk to get why everyone is so upset over the loss of Norton.