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Godzilla’s Return Dwarfed By Con

Here’s a sign that Comic-Con International was very, very big: Godzilla went unnoticed. Or, rather, the first image of the new Warner Bros version of the giant lizard did.

Luckily, was there to capture the image, with the creature’s new “atomic breath” ready to fire…

Godzilla is planned to return to US cinemas in 2012.



    that the gigantic lizard i want to see doing mayhem in new york

  • Cyberv

    I hate to debunk this, but they later clarified and said that it was for something coming soon, but it wasn't a movie.

  • Shaun

    If it' s not a new movie, then I wonder what it is. I hope it does turn out to be a film. God knows, we Godzilla fans deserve something like the real Godzilla after that oversized iguana they foisted on us in 1998. God, that was a crappy movie!

    So, here's hoping Hollywood (if this is a movie) finally gets it right this time.