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Darkseid Finally Comes To Smallville

He’s been rumored as the bad guy for at least two years now, but as the tenth and final season of Smallville prepares to debut, it’s been confirmed: Clark Kent will be facing off against Darkseid.

Confirmation came at Comic-Con International 2010, where it was also confirmed that John Schneider will return for the show’s 200th episode. Also returning for the final season blowout: Supergirl and the JSA. Of course, if Smallville‘s Darkseid is anything like the comic version, Clark will need all the help he can get to make it to the end of the series…


  • Scarletspeedster7

    So let me get this straight. So far this season we have Ma AND Pa Kent, Perry, Booster, Beetle, JSA, Supergirl, Chloe leaving, and now Darkseid? This show should just be called DCUniverse at this point.

  • Palmer

    Like I said before on another website, Ed Asner should dress in drag as Granny Goodness and Michael Ironside should be dolled up as Darkseid.

  • Squashua

    Have they been setting up Darkseid as the villain for 2 years? I haven't noticed anything to point towards this at all. Are they not going for the New Gods angle then, and just having Darkseid be an entity?

  • Punjeb

    And Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Star Trek DS9) as Desaad

  • demoncat_4

    can not wait to see how the producers pull off a live action version of Darkseid. with out him looking cheesy.

  • Niteman

    I saw a video on that the producers made stating it would be Granny , then Desaad, and finally Darkseid. A gradual reveal of the Big Bad, instead of the season long appearances we have had the past few seasons.
    Personally, I wish they would end with a two hour blowout featuring the uniform , the JSA reunited, the JLA in full costumes and a promise of Welling and company in a big screen movie event.

  • nZombi23

    I have complete confidence in the Smallville creative staff, i know they will do an excellent job bring darkseid to tv.

  • Esean1124

    Might have to start watching this again!

    I hope we never actually see Darkseid. Maybe a sillhouette on a monitor screen or something. I don't wanna see Morrison's “Club Dark Side” version with, say, Michael Clark Duncan in an Armani suit and shades. His voice however…

  • Shaun

    I haven't watched this show regularly in years, but I did catch an episode (the season finale, I think) last year, where the Green Arrow was captured by beings originally assumed to be Kryptonians, but were not. Para-demons, perhaps?

    As much as I like the idea of Darkseid, it's hard to believe that Clark Kent can survive an encounter with the dark god without his full powers. So, will CK finally start flying? It's ludicrous that Supergirl can fly and Clark can't.

  • ProfHeff

    Hi – in one episode, Pam Grier (as Amanda Waller) mentioned Apokolips (at least that's the way Kirby spelled it!)

  • Comicsaredead

    One episode Clark said “anti-life equation.”