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Why Isn’t Ant-Man In Avengers?

Despite persistent rumors that Nathan Fillion would play Ant-Man in The Avengers movie, when the cast was introduced Saturday at Comic-Con International, the actor was nowhere to be seen.

That’s despite a misunderstood comment on Friday by Joss Whedon that led many fans to believe they’d see the Firefly star don Henry Pym’s cybernetic helmet. “Nathan Fillion is Ant-Man,” the director said during “The Joss Whedon Experience,” adding, “Unfortunately Ant-Man isn’t really in the movie.” Fillion later clarified on Twitter: “Joss’ comment: Funny and very clearly a joke. People hear: Whatever they wanna hear.”

“Unfortunately there is no such thing as sarcasm at Comic-Con,” Whedon explained to “That’s why I explained that he’s not actually Ant-Man — although, by the way, I think he would be great — Ant-Man does not appear in The Avengers. I just like to play with Nathan. And if you ever get a chance to ask him to do his Ant-Man audition, you will not be disappointed.”

So the question is, Why isn’t Ant-Man in The Avengers? After all, Pym was one of the founders of the team, along with Iron Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk and the Wasp. He was also one the original members of The Ultimates, the modern reimagining of the Avengers that so prominently featured Samuel L. Jackson cast in the role of Nick Fury.

The answer lies with the script for Edgar Wright’s much-discussed Ant-Man movie.

“I talked to [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige about that a while back where we just discussed about whether he would be in The Avengers,” Wright told Cinema Blend at Comic-Con. “The thing is, the script that I’ve written, you know, whether it’s next or not I don’t know, the chronology of it or the way it works wouldn’t really fit in with what they do. And my film is very much an introduction to that character, and so it wasn’t something where it felt right to introduce him in that film. Maybe if I do the solo Ant-Man film and maybe there’s a later Avengers then they could draft him in later. But it didn’t work with the kind of the angle that we were going to do with the origin that I’d written.”

So what about the Wasp, a character whose history with the Avengers extends as far back as Ant-Man’s? If she is in The Avengers, she likely won’t be played by Eva Longoria, the name most frequently mentioned in online gossip.

“I keep hearing about that,” Longoria told SuperHeroHype on Tuesday. “I think it’s an Internet rumor as of now. … I love comics stuff. I do, I think it’s fun, but I don’t know anything about that character. I don’t know who or what that is.”

We do know, however, that The Avengers will star Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner and Clark Gregg. The film opens on May 4, 2012.


  • Minor Annoyance.

    Antman is not a founding member of the Avengers.

  • TOTS

    You might want to get your facts straight buddy. Ant-Man is a founding member.

  • Worldbreaker1980

    Yes, yes he is. Have you seen the cover for the (original) Avenegrs #1? There he is, in all his tiny glory. Do a bit of research, eh?

  • Ant-Man was a founder

    Yes he is. The founding members of the Avengers in Issue #1 of “The Avengers” (dated September 1963) are:

    Iron Man (Tony Stark), Thor (Thor Odinson), Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner), Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) and Ant-Man (Henry Pym).

    Hulk left after Issue #2 and when Captain America (Steve Rogers) was revived in Issue #4 he was retroactively made a founder by the remaining four Avengers.

  • Comicsaredead

    Ant-Man is more a member of the Avengers than Hulk! Pym is certainly more important to the Avengers than Bruce Banner.

  • tomdaylight

    Hawkeye and Black Widow weren't founding Avengers, this stuff doesn't matter too much. I am expecting Whedon to round the cast out with some, err, strong female characters…

  • Lando

    umm….yes he is. Hank Pym was a founding member.

    Regardless, Edgar Wright must now make Nathan Fillion the Hank Pym Ant-Man. I heard Adrien Brody name come up, he make a good O'Grady Ant-Man.

  • Westlake

    you live up to your name.

  • ryan

    I was under the impression that Edgar Wright's Ant Man movie was a separate project, not really included in the continuity set up by Iron Man/Hulk/Thor/Captain America movies.

    There will be more than 1 Avengers movie, so there is plenty of time to include Ant Man on the team. However, of all the quotes on this subject, they've all said specifically that Ant Man is not in The Avengers- nothing about Hank Pym being included/excluded in any way. Whether he's in it or not, I just want the movie to be good.

  • Randy Watson

    Because it's Antman?

  • Ken

    I don’t see why they couldn’t include Hank Pym in this film as a scientist only (or as Giant Man) and have the Ant Man in Wright’s film be someone else.

    With that being said, why didn’t Wright pursue Ant Man before Scott Pilgrim so he could make The Avengers’ dead line? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have seen an Ant Man film this summer in preparation of The Avengers?

  • Mike B

    I’m hoping that although Joss says “Ant-Man” isn’t in his Avengers, that the scientist Hank Pym is and is portrayed by whoever Wright wants in the role. Then, after “Ant-Man: the Smallest Avenger” film, we can see him in “Avengers 2″ (maybe even as Goliath) as some people have already hoped for. Although a beloved character, I think introducing Pym in the Avengers will help generate enough interest for an “Ant-Man” movie.


    Maybe it's because Ant-Man sucks ass?

  • Fred

    Yes Ant-man is a founding avenger..But i bet this Movie is going to borrow more from The Ultimates Than The 616 Avengers. So maybe Giant Man Hank Pym will be in the movie.

  • Adamh12110

    One of two founders who actually contributed the most to Avengers canon (Ultron, etc) and he isn't in it? Well, that's great. Part of me kind of wants them to ignore the whole continuity thing and just put him in there anyway.

  • Cross

    I think that was the point.

  • Slyfer

    Giant Man is the Founding member not Ant Man

  • Slyfer

    My bad he is the original Ant man and founding member in the 616 MARVEL universe, in the Ultimates Universe he is Founding member Giant Man

  • Carlton

    No, seriously, Ant Man is a founding member. Just look at the original Avengers 1 cover, OK?

  • ThunderMonkey

    I'm still hoping for a Scott Lang's Antman (far better character than Pym's broody moods). Although, a Pym YellowJacket would be cool to go along with Antman.

  • Themonkeybarry

    if you want to get technical Cap (isn't) a founding member, he was given founding member status but he joined a few issues later. it really doesn't matter though as the Movies don't follow continuity if they did they would fight the Master's of Evil in the second movie….. Actually that wouldn't be a half bad idea, get on that Whedon.

  • AtomicKommieComics

    Henry Pym as Giant-Man/Goliath (preferably in his purple-yellow Goliath costume) would add a visual “kick” to the flick.
    (And he could always pull an Ant-Man-style shrinking trick at a critical plot point!)

  • Poop

    id be cool with them adding him in in a sequel..theres probably too many characters to focus on rather they have a tie in with edgar wright's movie than just throwing in the character and itcontradicts Wrights movie. will make for a good leadup movie to an avengers sequel..maybe give an oppurtunity to hint at vision and ultron as well.

  • Sonofspam

    Yeah she was just seen carrying comic books out of Marvel studious.

  • V-Nom

    Hulk is more well known and he is a founder too.

  • TonyStark1

    Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym invented the various methods for someone to reduce their size and assume the identity of Ant-Man, armed with a helmet that can control ants. His final transition from physician to combatant was said to be symbolized when he laid down his medical supplies and picked up a box of ammunition dropped by a fleeing comrade. Hank became an integral part of the rebel army and convinced Castro with competence, diplomacy and patience. Although he maintained a demanding and harsh disposition, Pym also viewed his role of commander as one of a teacher, entertaining his men during breaks between engagements with readings from the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson, Cervantes, and Spanish lyric poets

    Over the years he has adopted other aliases, largely based on his size altering discovery: Pym Particles. These include Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and currently Wasp.
    Edgar Wright plans to direct an action film with some humorous elements, insisting that Ant-Man will not be a comedy like Fantastic Four or a spoof. The script has been written by Wright and Joe Cornish, who plan to include Henry Pym and Scott Lang as major characters, with Pym as Ant-Man in the 1960s in Tales to Astonish style, and a flashforward to Lang as Ant-Man's successor in the 1980s/1990s.

  • HumanKimberly

    It's just not The Avengers without Ant-Man. I'm disappointed. Pym's always been my favorite.

  • redvector

    There's another reason why Antman was'nt included. The shinking/growing would eat into the effects budget.

  • redvector

    And he could be a cameo appearance at the end of the Avengers like Nick Fury was at the end of Ironman.

  • TonyStark1

    Labeled “Earth's Mightiest Heroes”, the Avengers originally consisted of Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, and The Hulk. Captain America joined in issue #4. The rotating roster has become a hallmark of the team, although one theme remains consistent: the Avengers fight the foes no single superhero can withstand — hence their battle cry, “Avengers Assemble!” The team has featured humans, mutants, robots, gods, aliens, supernatural beings, and even former villains.

  • redvector

    And he could be in the Avengers at the end as a cameo appearance like Nick Fury was at the end of Ironman.

  • Invasionforce

    I'm a little disappointed that Ant-Man and the Wasp are not going to be in the first film, although it sounds possible that Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne might appear without their superpowers. I am particularly disappointed because I was hoping that Ultron, the ultimate Avengers villian, would show up by the second Avengers movie. You need to have Hank Pym before Ultron, since Pym creates Ultron.

  • Invasionforce

    I think it would also be cool if Marvel included Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in the first couple of Avengers movies, but the studio making the X-Men movies might have the rights to those characters, since they were originally X-Men villains.

  • Ken

    I don't see why they couldn't include Hank Pym in this film as a scientist only (or as Giant Man) and have another character behind the mask in the Ant Man film.

    Or even better… why didn't Wright have Ant Man primed for release this summer instead of Scott Pilgrim? If he would've released Ant Man this summer, the character could've been used in The Avengers flick. Scott Pilgrim could've easily been pushed back a year to 2011. I mean, I'm looking forward to it and all, but I'm quite certain it's going to be a box office bomb.

  • axonrey

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Mangetmonkey

    ant man? the real question is where is ms marvel?
    right now it's looking like natalia and the dudevengers>

  • Pbloome78

    everybody else in the avengers also didnt beat ven as jarvistheir wives or husbands which they dont need pym and his baggage. the avengers are to alot of people cap thor ironman hawkeye scarlett witch and black widow now and wasp. pym is a very confusing character to have in a movie when you look at his history and how would you protray his character? as a purist he should be there but as a fan he better not weigh down the rest of the movie. if he was fullion would rock e

  • Cyberv

    You DO realize that Ant Man and Giant Man are the SAME GUY, right?

  • J-So

    Wow tell me more about this fascinating character I've never heard of!

  • Beef

    Maybe they didn't want to overload the movie with characters like in any one of the X-Men movies where you have a large team of great individual characters all sharing screentime. What's left is four minutes of scenes featuring Angel in X3. I'd rather have no Hank Pym than a crappy, flatly written two scenes of Hank Pym wedged in the middle of scenes trying to establish characters like Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and whatever other ancillary characters they decide to add in. And the reason to add him in is because “in the first issue Ant-Man was there too!” C'mon folks.

  • O.

    That's too bad (if it turns out he's not in it in any way). I thought the Avengers movie would've served as a good way to introduce everybody to the less popular characters. Basicallly, after seeing Avengers, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye would have a built-in audience for their own features.

  • Rufus Firefly13

    Nathan Fillion would make an excellent Ant-Man, especially the Ultimates version that was released on DVD. The Ultimate DVD Pym was slightly different than the Ultimate comic Pym.

  • zatarasson

    The Scarlet Witch HAS to be in it.

  • Room1oh1

    I'll tell you why Ant-Man isn't in the movie: because Marvel would prefer that when the mainstream makes fun of someone as the lamest superhero ever, they stick with DC's Aquaman.

    Seriously…a guy who shrinks and talks to ants?

  • NatDuv

    Guys I'm sorry but really Ant-Man doesn't matter. I mean come on First if Wasp is in the movie, why would you need him, what can he do that she can't? What tell ants to crawl up The Kingpins pants? Comeon. Ant-Man would be too hard to make anyway. It's not easy to put a superhero who shrinks into a serious action movie and make him seem useful. Really I didn't even expect him to be there.

  • NatDuv

    The most you can do with him is have him as a beat down ex-superhero who's an alchohalic and takes out his aggresion and pain on his wife, Wasp, an avengers member, looking for a way to get away and save the world. Than at the end like in all movies he somehow redems himself, like War Machine did in Iron Man 2.

  • NatDuv

    Wouldn't be a little more important in an X-Men movie, I mean come on without Magneto and Quick Silver, her story line is pretty dull and unexplained, plus her life is a little to complicated, which makes her perfect for an X-men storyline.

  • NatDuv

    I guess there having trouble with a girl who can fly, display super strength and fight crime with an E cup breasts size. You don't find to many of those these days I tell ya!

    Seriously tho she would be a cool character, chances are though you wont wan't her, she'll probably were storms costume with a big Z.

  • JTMaxwell

    yeah, bring him in after the Wright movie maybe…or just have Pym as a staff scientist. “look, everyone…i've built a cybernetic body to harness Tony's JARVIS program. I call him my Ultimate Robotic Node…though i'm thinking of shortening it. it's fool proof!” :p

  • Krysmo

    Sucks that Ant-Man or even Giant-Man Pym isn't in the film even as a supporting character, and Hawkeye is. I mean, I'm sure it's cheaper putting a “Green Arrow” type in there that has a bow instead of a guy that shrinks or grows, but AM and The Wasp are freakin' great.

  • Krysmo

    plus adding to the legion of replies before: Annoyance, Ant-Man mos' def' IS a founding member of the Avengers. He even beats Captain America who's more associated with the Avengers than probably anyone.

  • Eva Ginger

    antman and wasp will be in his own movie then as giant man in avengers 2.


    Being 55, I read the 1st issue of the Avengers at the time. While very happy to see my childhood Marvel heroes coming to life, it is a shame that Ant-Man and, therefore, Wasp do not appear to be included in the line-up. In the last panel of the 1st issue, it is indeed Janet van Dyne (Wasp) who comes up with the name of the group in the first place, so, in my opinion, deserves her place in the cinematic history being created.

  • Wilburpenguin

    Let me get this right – Hawkeye and Black Widow are in it but Henry Pym isn't? That's ridiculous. Black Widow was less than useless in Iron Man II and Hawkeye is a Green Arrow rip-off. What could be more impressive than a sixty foot Hank climbing over New York skyscrapers?

  • Opinionated

    Alan Tudyk would be a better much choice for Pym than Fillion.

  • Opinionated

    “much better” heh

  • OhNo!

    Wow, it sucks that they're so attached to this Edgar Wright script that they're willing to ignore Pym as a founding member of the avengers, while I understand that a guy who can control ants and shrink down to their size might not seem like much next to Thor or Iron Man in Marvel's more “realistic” film universe, it still sucks, and he could be used in many different ways.

    Specially because Wright's script depicts Pym as the 60's Ant-Man, and Scott Lang as the modern one, which means that we'll probably never get Hank Pym as an avenger.

    Quite disappointed.

  • Taughe

    Avengers 101….Yes Antman is an original Avenger.

  • Madmike

    The reason Ant-man isn't in the movie, is because unless you need a dude to talk to ants, he's pretty much useless. Sure he comes in handy answering the phone and making coffee and stuff, but honestly? You've got Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor! Hell, the only reason they got Hawkeye in there was so that Captain America wouldn't feel like tits on a bull.

    Ant-Man should call Aquaman and form “The Legion Of Occasionally Useful Heroes.”

  • Wilburpenguin

    Why the **** doesn't Edgar Wright get on with it. He's been talking it up for years. If he doesn't want to do it, pass it up.


    i`m mad that the avenger`s movie won`t be true to the comic book!!!!! REALLY MADDDDDDD.



  • Jdd1369

    Who's Ant-man?

  • cago

    you read ultimates dont you? cause thats not the real Pym

  • Plotkin Joshua

    What the fuck! Ant man and the Wasp are not only founding Avengers, they are also the ones that beat Loki in the first issue of the Avengers. The pointy hat wearing fool was so distracted by the big hitters (Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk), that he did not notice the army of ants until they trapped him in a container.

  • Plotkin Joshua

    What the fuck! Ant man and the Wasp are not only founding Avengers, they are also the ones that beat Loki in the first issue of the Avengers. The pointy hat wearing fool was so distracted by the big hitters (Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk), that he did not notice the army of ants until they trapped him in a container.

  • Argus

    Antman is a founder member. Captain america is not. Did ya even read the article above before you posted Minor annyoance? atleast your appropriately named lol

  • Argus

    Well they were until Hawkeye became Giantman for a while in the comic lol

  • FlashAtomRoguesAntmanWasp

    I’m guessing–that along with what was stated as evidence in the above article–they just didn’t want to have to mess with all of the special effects required for small people on screen. ESPECIALLY in action movies with lots of people all over the place.

  • Howardkd

     Actually, he was.  Check the classic Marvel books that had the Avengers start up with Iron man, Thor, The Wasp, and Giant Man.  Also recruited was the Incredible Hulk, but he didn’t stay.

  • Howardkd

     Point of fact: It was Hank Pym as Giant Man helped to found the Avengers.  He later assumed other super powered persona’s: Ant Man, Yellow Jacket.

  • Suarezdaniel25