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Guillermo Del Toro & James Cameron Succumb To Madness

As Guillermo Del Toro departs one high profile novel adaptation alongside an equally high profile producer, he finds another similar project in the form of H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness with producer James Cameron.

A long discussed favorite project of Del Toro’s, the Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth filmmaker is set to finally bring the Lovecraftian horror tale to the big screen thanks to the support of Avatar director Cameron and Universal Pictures. Pre-production is expected to commence shortly with shooting to begin next year. Del Toro is currently revising his and Matthew Robbins’ former screenplay, with an eye to shoot the film in 3-D thanks to Cameron’s expertise.

Mountains of Madness is expected to be Del Toro’s first project since announcing his departure from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. He’s also announced his participation as the director of The Haunted Mansion for Disney.

Source: Deadline


  • demoncat_4

    yes. I have been waiting for Del Toro to get around to do doing his dream project. for not only will it be unique and cool but also the first time Lovecraft has ever been made in film. plus with James on board hopefuly Del Torro will have little studio execs interferance.

  • shawn

    Cool, I thought he said at the panel a couple years ago he wasn't sure if Lovecraft was really filmable, but I'm still excited for this.

  • Coryjameson

    Finally, Something to get excited about.