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Sony Can Remember Total Recall For You, Wholesale

Even as MGM’s financial woes end hopes of remaking Robocop, another twenty-year-old sci-fi action movie has taken its place in the line: Sony have hired Underworld‘s Len Wiseman to remake Total Recall.

Recall, the 1990 adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale,” was at the time criticized for the liberties it had taken in bringing Dick’s much-smaller-scale, more intricate and paranoid story to screen – liberties that started with casting Arnold Schwarzenegger as the originally mild-mannered protagonist. So far, there are no details about whether the new Recall will try to be more faithful to Dick’s original story, although considering Wiseman’s previous projects, I’m skeptical.

The script for the new movie will be written by Kurt Wimmer, writer of current Angelina Jolie spy thriller Salt, as well as Ultraviolet.


  • Mr. M

    I like Total Recall a lot. Whenever I pop in the first generation DVD, I'm reminded that, to me, it is one of the last, if not *the* last, great practical-effects sci-fi movies. Don't get me wrong, I like CGI and what has been done with it in a lot of cases (Jurassic Park, for example), but I'm still of a generation that can often think that sci-fi and action films have been taken over by over-reliance on CGI. (Not you, Mr. Nolan).

  • dexter

    Since the entire 'story' could be acted out in person in about two minutes, I'd say SOME liberties would have to be taken. It's about a page and a half long. Not a lot to work with other than “I was a spy in deep undercover and you uncovered me! The End!”

  • Madmike

    Thank God! I was afraid that Hollywood would run out of stuff to remake once they got through the A and B material, but this just shows that they'll keep scraping till they get to the very bottom of the barrel, which makes me happy, cause there's nothing I hate more than going to the movies and having to get to know new characters and follow a plot I'm unfamiliar with.

  • Alex

    That's Arnolds 'thinkpiece' movie! WHY?

    Instead of remaking Robocop, make something Like Robocop.Just use your imagination and the little things will make its own monster.

    I'm sounding like Siskel or Ebert back in the day, here.

  • maths

    Yeah, gotta agree Graeme – Wiseman's hardly the most promising choice for this. I've never managed to sit through all of Underworld, which is a pretty bad sign – what a mess of a film.And Wimmer's not exactly Hollywood's most competent scripter either.