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Thor Comic-Con Trailer Leaks

The extended trailer for Marvel’s Thor that won over so many attendees at Comic-Con International has found its way online, and … wow. It’s so much better than I imagined.

The teaser clearly lays out the movie’s plot, with Thor banished to Earth (of course), leaving Loki to succeed Odin as ruler of Asgard. Better still, it offers a good look at the Destroyer in action, and plenty of footage of Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson.

Now if we can just figure out how the Infinity Gauntlet fits in.

NOTE: The trailer has been removed by the host site.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the epic adventure “Thor” spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Jamie Alexander and Anthony Hopkins, Thor opens on May 6, 2011.


  • nickmarino

    well filmed. really confusing, though! i get the Thor is cast down to Earth thing, but the whole Loki rises to power wasn't really making any sense in the context of everything else.

    i hope the Infinity Gauntlet is just a nod to fans in this and it gets saved for something featuring Thanos (like The Avengers, maybe).

  • Greygor

    Thor is banished and so no longer in line for the throne of Asgard, it looks like Odin dies which leaves Thor's half brother Loki as next in line.

    Not too confusing

  • Jason

    I think I can look forward to this now.

  • Gaston Latorre

    More relaxed now…

  • gnarlybole

    I was really hoping that Asgard would be more norse and more godly. Instead it looks like an off-the-peg alien homeworld from Babylon 5 or DS9. And didn't you just know that the movie would have to be 'dark'. After all, after Nolan every super-hero movie has to be dark, right?

  • Krysmo

    not too shabby! gotta admit as a DC guy, Marvel's doing some interesting stuff with their films, with good talent. Still haven't seen Iron Man 2 and don't feel like I missed it though. one's enough for me.

  • Jason Fabok

    Kinda reminds me of a modern remake of Masters of the Universe…Mixing the fantasy realm with earth, and dudes with swords running through city streets.

  • GodIsABuddhist

    With the Infinity Gauntlet on display at SDCC we can assume it will make an appearance. I agree with nickmarino in it being an awesome Avengers plot. It would make a lot of sense too considering that the original Avengers united under a threat posed by Loki. And we know that Loki has had the gauntlet at times.

    I heard to tie in Captain America with Thor the rumor is to have the Red Skull trying to get the Cosmic Cube which has been ret-conned of sorts to be Asgardian in origin.

    Avengers 2 – The Banishment of the Hulk? anyone?

  • Timmy


  • akachris

    Great trailer. Lots of teases and quick moments.

    I'm guessing they're going with the Chariot of the Gods/Stargate SG-1 route with the old mythological gods being based upon extraterrestrials/aliens.

  • Mark

    Liked it, but ridiculously heavy on spoiling the plot (as are most trailers). Thor does something dumb (probably beats up some ice-giants) and is a dick. Get's banished (probably with some help from Loki). Loki next in line which wouldn't be so bad but wu-oh, ODIN'S DEAD (again probably with some help from Loki). Meanwhile, Thor meets some people on earth including a hot girl, thinks “I'll just get my hammer back and I'll be fine” can't pick up his hammer as he's not worthy. He has a cry, rethink, agent coulson has a chat with him. The Destroyer turns up (probably Loki), he acts all brave protecting his hot girl and her friends, he's declared worthy, MOJLINAR to the Destroyer's face! Back to Asgard, deposes brother, but then probably chooses to stay on earth and puts the Asgardian lady in charge. Credits role. Then Stark / Fury / Romanov turns up to say “hey, wanna be an Avenger?”.

  • Redvector

    I was a little concerned about this until the trailer. And looks like agent Coulson will have a larger role in this.

    I'm just wondering how the easter egg/cameo after the end credits ties Captain America and Thor together.

  • Sijo

    Thor was doing that that stuff LONG before He-Man was even conceived. :)

  • Sijo

    I admit it: it looks good, and the Destroyer moment had me going “Oh CRAP!” So right now I'm buzzed. The only thing I don't care much for was Thor's voice, but then again we heard very little of his dialog., maybe the rest sounds better.

  • Sijo

    Marvel's Asgard has looked golden from the start. That's the least of the liberties they took with the myths.As for being dark, Thor has had epics like this before. I'll bet it'll all get awesome once Thor recovers his powers.

  • Slyfer

    People ODIN isn't dead, he is in the ODINSLEEP , don't you guys read Thor ??? lol

  • Slyfer

    Dude , Odin is in the Odin sleep, stop saying he has died. When in the Odin sleep whosoever is next in line for the Throne takes over, usually it would be Thor, so Loki now has it.

  • Galitigator

    Good synopsis, although you missed “Loki has Infinity Glove, siphons Odin's power.”

  • the one

    I agree this looks more like a He-man movie, especially the whole magic and science stuff lol

  • Largo161

    Well…one doesn't want to get too excited, because after all, Hollywood has perfected the art of making interesting trailers from mediocre movies, but nevertheless…this looks GOOD!

  • the one

    Yeah that may be true except his story was not modern and it was not science version magic.

  • Sandblast

    Nice? Don't understand why people are confused about the plot line?
    I mean, it is a “movie trailer” — not the “movie”

  • the one

    Nope, Im a Dc fan lol

  • Rufus Firefly13

    Yup, IIRC the Odin Sleep only last a month though.

  • lead_sharp

    Thor fan here.

    Kinda generic trailer Hemsworth looks ok (why did he say Earth instead of Midgard?) The costume looks bloody awful and do we need plucky little sister? OH and Sif (pic 7) is Heimdall's (pic 12) sister, that's some interesting parentage going on there.

    Agree with Mark, the plot looks like a no brainer. Also agree with gnarlybole, couldn't figure out what annoyed me until you said that.

    I also have a problem with Thor seeming to beat a guy into the mud, I know he doesn't have his powers there but, dude you're a trained warrior built like a brick shit house who can still clearly throw helpless medical staff across a room, why the pounding?

    I hated the X-Men trailer and was really pleasantly surprised by the movie, hope the same thing happens here.

  • khiaao

    Sweet, can wait to see it on the big screen

  • Mallettes

    Oh boy!
    They managed to fit a black guy in there…
    Hollywood is getting ridiculous with this.
    A black Norse god!?
    Before everyone jump at me as a racist, I am not.
    I just find stupid to insert a black guy as a Norse god (Heimdall?) just for the sake of having a black guy in the movie.
    They could have made one of the US Agents, or even Dr. Jane Foster as a black girl.
    But a Norse God??? Come on!

  • Eric Salvo

    Simply awesome!

  • Excaliburfoundation

    Wow, that looks good, very Iron Man quality.

  • Rishijoesanu

    Looked sort of gay….. not their fault, Thor is a tough on to be made into a movie.

  • Mark

    Completely not racist, and completely valid. If they're Nordic they should be white and majority of them blue eyed. I think that's valid. Likewise, if they make a Hercules film and some of the pantheon are pale white guys who've never seen the sun, they're doing it wrong.

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    Not racist, but they're gods. Who's to say that they don't chose the form they want? Maybe Heimdall always felt like a black guy in a white guys body. ;)

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    They're just following the Jack Kirby school of design.

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    His story's been modern ever since he was joined with Donald Blake in the comics. Thor in today's world is nothing new.

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    Again look at the comics this is based off of, not the old Norse tales.

  • Solowooke

    It's not like they were created (at least not in most versions) by the Norse in the image of themselves, they are god/aliens, they could be any color at all. Just because most people who believe in a religion are from a specific racial makeup, that means that therefore their gods must be of that same race? Doesn't make sense to me.

  • Beow101

    Actually, history shows that Africans and Vikings (Scandinavian types) had much more interaction than we believe. West Africans built some of the first long range ships back in the old days (Columbus used African sea maps to reach Florida on his second trip over the pond) and traded with Vikings, who also made their way down to Africa from time to time. There is even an Egyptian account that bears a striking similarity to Beowulf. So, in theory, it's possible for there to be a black Norse god.

    Also, did you catch the Asian dude looking all badass in there? This movie looks really good so far.

  • xaos

    Loki did have a nasty habit of doing things like banishing Odin to places with “of No Return” in their name whenever Daddy O laid down for a nap

  • Gcrump

    Norse Gods are not real ass, hence they can be any color they want.

  • Lando

    nothing wrong with that at all

  • Kajtech

    Trust me when I say this movie is going to be very lack lustered and watered down like the X-Men movies nothing much like the comic version but you fools will eat this crap up and call it great I will wait for bootleg this trash can join DareDevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Ang Lees Hulk, all X-Men, Punisher, Elektra as watered down unfaithful trash.

  • Ben

    Since you've apparently seen the movie and are also a complete expert on entertainment and what makes film accessible and enjoyable for everyone ever, please lend me your copy of Thor because I'd really like to see this movie before May. Thanks!

  • Jack Derunk


  • Kajtech

    Love your snide comments do I know you? then why in the hell are you sticking your dopey nose in my comments? piss off loser!

  • Jack Derunk

    I swear, the bitchier replies to this make me want to reach through the internet and choke some people. STUPID PEOPLE!

    Anyway, looks pretty good, wish the video was cleaner, but anyone bitching is a fool. This looks as good as the Iron Man trailer did.

  • ingenuus

    or a kirby like asgard…

  • Kajtech

    Now what will you do when you get chocked back in return? eye for an eye.

  • Rootbeer500

    nice trailer but i agree with lead_sharp. im only 14 and haven read all the old comic books so cant be a big critic with these movies as much as some people but i am a big fan and have some room to talk. hemsworth needs more muscle he would be ok if he was playing a football player but come on he's supposed to play a god make him look like one.and come on that cosume was pretty weak (at least take off the sleeves) i wish these movies would stay with the original costumes, imean you wouldnt change supermans costume would you. the destroyer looks awsome and i have no comment on the sif heimdal thing. i love the hammer though and i think its still gonna be a good movie

  • Miken3717

    seriously. the trailor for Ghost Rider looked good too. Look how that turned out.

  • Spawnomite

    Thor is so hot.
    I loved buying the JLA comics that he was in.
    Easily my favorite.

  • Drew_p01

    Looks better than I thought. I'm still nervous about this movie. Thor is my favorite and I feel that they will wreck it somehow.

  • brucelovesdck

    Kajtech = troll.

  • brett1368


    Very impressed, it looks like a winner!

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    Except they DID change Superman's costume.

    And Thor's had many variations since his Kirby classic.

    As to why Thor doesn't need to look like a bodybuilder, he's a god. His strength isn't just from his muscles. It's his godly essence. It's like how all Marvel Asgardians can lift at least 30 tons, even Loki and he's probably the scrawniest adult Asgardian around.

  • Acerbic68

    How about after the credits: Fury/Stark-maybe Romanov turn up to help a man regaining his consciousness,after being frozen.
    And then saying: Welcome back Mr. Rogers, or should we say Captain America!
    These movies have a habit of doing that.

  • Patrick the Ostragoth

    What's up with the ethnic diversity? This is Asgard, home of the Norse Gods. There should only be Norse-looking people here.

    While Asgard is epic, and the backdrops and models look very nice, they seem a little too modern… a little too much like a “city of the futre.”

  • Philipe

    I liked it but I noticed 4 things that annoyed me:

    1) Thor is speaking in a very coloquial manner. I don't expect him to get all Shakespeare but he IS a prince and he IS regal. I was expecting something a little different.

    2) Not feeling the outfits. Thor's looks good but the rest…especially the Warrior's Three, seems too much like costumes.

    3) I still say that Idris Alba was wrong for this. Really wrong. And the asian guy too. Hogun to me was always more of an eskimo type of guy than asian.

    4) Loki is a character that, supposedly, has a lot of presence and I'm not feeling it from this guy. His Loki seems weak, which is the worse thing for this movie. Imagine if the Joker in both Batman movies didn't have screen presence.

  • marvelprince

    you realize this isn't a literal adaption of the comics right? its possible Odin actually dies, or at least appears dead.

  • Beow101

    True. In some ways, it's similar to the way Tim Sale depicts Superman, as a farm boy who is muscled, but not muscle bound as opposed to Batman, who needs muscle to do what he does. That said, Hemsworth's muscle is perfect for a live action Thor. Thor is a warrior and needs to be strong and fast. Hence, he'd have a lot of muscle, but be built like a football player, what's known as a “power” body type (made for fast outbursts of powerful action). If he were built like a body builder, any guy whose under 200 pounds could move around him really fast and break his knee caps. Trust me, I've seen it happen. Biggest dude you could imagine, like 260 pounds of solid muscle, dropped by a 5' 6″ guy who was maybe 165 soaking wet.

  • Leethario

    RE: Philipe.
    You seen Loki for maybe two minutes in a trailer where he hardly said two words. For christs sakes, at least wait until you've seen it to dis his performance.

  • Philipe

    Think with me for a sec: if the guy gave this hell of a performance, they would have given him more screen time on the trailer, am I correct? I rest my case.

  • OhNo!

    The problem is if Odin dies Thor has to take over as ruler of Asgard (after getting Loki out of the throne) which would mean that he couldn't be a part of the Avengers on earth as he'd be too busy ruling Asgard.

    But maybe they work around that somehow.

  • Zerlock

    I was really concerned about this movie when I heard the writers were
    replacing Magic with some sort of Advanced Technology in order to make the
    movie more palatable to movie goers (and to some extent, I'm still concerned about
    that). However, after seeing Asgard, I believe they will be able to make this movie Epic
    regardless of the Magic vs Tech issue..

  • urbaneturtle

    I don't see anything “dark” about this movie at all. It's not as playful as Iron Man, but dark is not an adjective I would use do describe it. Dramatic, maybe?

  • urbaneturtle

    This looks great. Even more excited about this. Hard to believe, considering this is the next comic movie I was already looking most forward to.

  • Beow101

    Not necessarily. In a lot of trailers, they don't want to spoil the villain, so they keep them in the shadows or do less with them until the big screen (or the final theatrical trailer).

  • Opium340

    What happened to one, two and three?

  • DannyRand

    Freakin' hilarious. That sounds like it exactly. Good post!

  • DannyRand

    Agree with you on these points (basically), but I do think “Thor” will be entertaining, in the least. Anthony Hopkins has real presence, and Ray Stevenson looks great as Volstagg, IMO. Natalie Portman is good in EVERYTHING she does, the Destroyer is not only a nice surprise but he looks ferocious, and I like the seemingly increased role of Clark Gregg (as Agent Coulson), a solid actor.

    The tie-ins with other Marvel movies is really nice for those of us who have been longtime fans and waiting for movies like this for what seems like an eternity. Here's hoping this is more “Iron Man” than “Ghost Rider,” but either way it should be fun.

  • Vlaad

    Lo and behold Heimdall, “the white god” – “the whistest of the Aesir”! LOL

  • Volmansmg

    I'm feeling better about this movie now. Baldur and Sif look dead on. Liking Captain Kirk's dad more and more as Thor

  • Max

    Neither Scarecrow nor Ras Al Ghul were in the Batman Begins trailer

  • Max

    What's dark about it? Seems like huge amounts of fun for me – Anthony Hopkins chewing scenery

  • Kajtech

    Trust me when I say this movie is going to be very lack lustered and watered down like the X-Men movies nothing much like the comic version but you fools will eat this crap up and call it great I will wait for bootleg this trash can join DareDevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Ang Lees Hulk, all X-Men, Punisher, Elektra as watered down unfaithful trash. Some people respond you dont know this may be a good movie yeah right I do recall everyone saying all these other movies are gonna be so great then when they come out they all end up as trash trust me Thor will disappoint the masses that really are familiar with the character as once again a superhero movie is moved so far from it's source material this Thor and lame trailer are nothing like the character in the comics thanks for the screw up Marvel you strike again.

  • Madcattv2

    Minor detail…but wouldn't Thor say “Oh no, this is Migard, isn't it” instead of “this is Earth”?

  • Scavenger

    “(why did he say Earth instead of Midgard?)”

    Because having an Editor comment box in the bottom of the screen explaining Midgard is Earth would just look silly.

  • Scavenger

    In the comics, whenever they say “Midgard”, you'd have an editor box in the corner explaining Midgard = Earth.

    Unless the Stan Lee cameo is him doing pop up editor's boxes, that'd be silly.

    (I agree though, the bit caught me too…but I'm not overly concerned)

  • Sdff

    Well the trailer is over at Superhero Movies News if u wanna watch it.

    Direct Link ::

  • lead_sharp

    They changed it for Returns and that was a big gripe across the fandom. I could accept the costume if it actually looked good and well made, but it doesn't. On the trailer it just looks like foam rubber and biker pants.

  • lead_sharp

    How about having one of the two people who find him going


    'Earth, this is Earth!'

    Simple and in character.

  • lead_sharp

    I am trying to balance my love of Thor with as much objectivity as I can but as the trailer doesn't exactly enthuse me it's hard to stay objective.

  • lead_sharp

    I missed Baldur…bugger.

  • lead_sharp

    Yeah but…(I know I know it's a niggle but…) It's a film, not a single issue picked up that may be new to the reader. You only need to sneak in an explanation once and ta daaa people aren't (necessarily) thick they'd get it.

  • PD

    Shouldn't Baldur be next in line though?

  • Thorsman

    Baldur is Frigg's son, not Odin's.

  • PD

    I thought Frigg was a woman and Baldur was Odin and her son…idk, lol

  • Eddie

    I'm not going to see this movie until Marvel releases the comic con trailer to EVERYBODY. This is ridiculous.