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Watch The Teasers For Smallville’s Final Season

Two teasers for the 10th and final season of Smallville have made their way online, one through official channels, and the other, well …

The first is The CW’s official TV spot, which provides us with a glimpse of the famous “S” shield, as well as a parade of familiar faces from seasons past (among them, John Schneider’s Pa Kent, Laura Vandervoort’s Kara/Supergirl and Michael Shanks’ Hawkman).

The second, and far more interesting, teaser is what was screened Sunday at Comic-Con International. The audio isn’t great — it sounds as if the actors are trapped in a well — but the video is outstanding. Here we see the fabled costume (a hand-me-down from Superman Returns), and get some major clues about the direction of the season. I’ll leave the speculation to those who have followed the show much more closely.

Neither gives us a peek at Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, or the season’s big villain Darkseid — unless, of course, that’s who the figure is Clark talks to under the tree. And I’m betting Granny Goodness the person in the hood knitting in a hallway.

The 10th season of Smallville debuts on Sept. 24 on The CW.


  • Kinglee44

    Lex is back? Jonathon Kent is back? Kara is back? JSA is back? bats? could that mean?

    Clark puts on the tights? what the hooey is going on here?

  • Hmmm

    The figure under the tree…think it could be the Smallville version of Deadman? And the clones…Lex clones?

  • Esean1124

    May have to start watching this again. Looks cool!

  • lead_sharp

    I think I like Smallville because it has gone SO far off the beaten track it no longer matters about it's relationship to the comics.

    It's it's own animal and so long as the end result sets up the players for the real deal it will have felt worth it.

  • Squashua

    The cloud shape on the building turned into bats or ravens, but it was a cloud first; I don't think it's Batman. It's probably Darkseid.

    I'm not sure that's Darkseid under the tree – I still don't know how they'll explain the New God concept with just one season.

  • Ratified

    I caught last season's JSA episode. Looks like I'll be back for the full season.

  • Worldbreakbreaker1980

    The “Grant Morrison Method” would work just fine, something like…

    Two Worlds.

    Two Sons.

    Two Fathers.



    Throw in the visuals, and you've got a perfect, distilled “one-page” origin story for the New Genesis/Apokalipse story, plus quick-flash appearances of all the major players. It wouldn't take a season to explain, perhaps MAYBE half an episode, if you want to add a tad more exposition.

  • Mama

    For some strange reason, I could see the little kid as Orion, but I doubt it. Too complex. And the Egyptian stuff? Black Adam and Isis since the JSA are back??

  • Kevin Melrose

    Y'know, I thought Orion, too. The Egyptian stuff, I believe, will be Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

  • Whoareyou

    Egyptian stuff could also be Blue Beetle, as the original Beetle (Dan Garrett) got his powers from what was thought to be an Egyptian scarab, though we later learned it was of alien origin.

  • Alex

    That looks very cool. I was always a Marvel fan so a lot of these references are lost on me.

  • Lionineone

    The tenth season previews look like theis series is going out with a bang!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Thekillerzees

    Did I see a Dr. Fate helmet?

  • Oldgoatgoeson

    the big moviemakers are looking for a SUPERMAN when this ends here is your SUPERMAN!

  • Jam

    Surely that's Lex under the tree?

  • Kozmik

    Figure under the tree: I was thinking Lex/Lex clone or Desaad.

  • spike

    I'm sorry but the drawing in the sand looked a lot like the “MIGHTY ISIS” symbol.
    Maybe we'll get a Black Adam villian.

  • Spike

    Oh. I guess it actually is a necklace and not just drawn in the sand. I still say thats the ISIS symbol. I remember my 70s live action shows from when I was a kid (<:

  • Squashua

    That little kid is a Lex Luthor clone; he even says the people in the tubes are his relatives. It is reminiscent of Lex's conscious from the earlier seasons, the one that Lex eventually killed or something.

    I want to know what the blonde girl at Clark's desk offering cookies is saying. What's her name, and why did they decide introducing her was significant?

  • Bill

    It looks like Clark was expecting Lois, and this is the reporter that replaces her, while she is in Egypt?

  • Bill

    It looks like Chloe is going to don the Dr. Fate Helmet….

  • Bill

    ….has to be Lex…..

  • Bill

    I gave up on last season, may have to catch up, and watch this season….

  • Zeppp42

    I am pretty sure the blonde reporter at Clark's desk is Cat Grant

  • Alex

    I looked at that Superman suit in the box and said to myself 'Hey, that looks like the suit from Superman Returns!'

    …and I was right.

    I think that last season of Smalleville will fair better though.:)

  • Tablekorner

    It doesnt have to be lex, micheal said he had no intreast in coming back. And besides being bald it didnt even look like lex.

  • Tablekorner

    besides being bald the guy under the tree didnt even look like lex.