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What New Show Are You Most Looking Forward To?

The start of AMC’s much-buzzed-about Rubicon tonight (After two sneak previews of the pilot earlier this summer) has me wondering: Now that we’re beginning to see advertising for next season’s shows appearing on air, what show are you most excited about?

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As ever, feel free to leave your reasons in the comments.


  • Thompson500

    I'm a Walking Dead fanatic. This looks to be something thoroughly true to the source material and unique to television. Here's hoping for at least a decade's worth of shows or more. Hell, let's give the Simpsons a run for its money.

  • Redman61583

    invalid survey, your population is skewed, we all love comics, that's how we got to the survey

  • Daredevil99

    Have to agree LOL…this is going to be one of the most skewed polls ever LOL

  • Niels

    The Walking Dead.

    Really want to see The Cape too, but where Walking Dead seems a safe bet for quality by now, Cape (despite having Summer Glau) could still go either way.

  • The Dragon

    I know nothing about The Walking Dead going into this. Hopefully the show will inspire me to pick up some trades. It looks amazing so far. I cant wait.

  • JK

    No Ordinary Family

  • VanGoghX

    Looks like The Walking Dead is gonna be a breakout hit. The booth at SDCC was pretty cool and the people involved seem really excited, just like the fans.
    A&E's boldness with their choice in series development is refreshing and can only mean good things for us, the audience.

  • Skapunkboi19

    No Ordinary Family

  • Squashua

    I saw a Rubicon preview a while back and it looks terrible. No interest.

    Walking Dead has my full interest.

    I will probably watch the super-hero one with Chiklis, but not the one called The Cape.

    The Event is probably going to be complete crap seeing as how they haven't shown any of it yet. Sort of like a lame Flash Forward.

  • mmeans68

    I'm actually looking forward to “No Ordinary Family” the most.

  • Mwedmer

    I anxiously await every Walking Dead TPB. I cannot wait for October. After the footage I can say I am more exited about this show than any that I can remember.

  • Mr. M

    Nikita! Big fan of Maggie Q, and I did not like the USA series several years back. However, Covert Affairs may have swiped some of its thunder.

  • Tomfitz1

    Walking Dead
    and maybe, just maybe The Event (which I know nothing about).

  • Jrau18

    I don't like Walking Dead, so I'm voting for The Event.

  • Coryjameson

    Rubicon's Pilot seems more interesting than the actual series though.

    Walking Dead has the best buzz and writer pedigree

  • demoncat_4

    all look interesting but have to go with the walking dead. for one amc has the balls to dare make a show with zombies and those trying to survive in a world over run by them. something other networks would never okay with out censoring it.

  • Michael Payton

    Can't honestly think of any new live-action show coming this fall that has really grabbed me enough to be excited about it yet. A few cartoons I'm looking forward to tho.

  • Mistwell

    No Ordinary Family

  • Sijo

    No Ordinary Family among live action shows; among animated ones, “The Legend of Korra.”

  • Sillysili2010

    The Walking Dead will push the zombie genre further into mainstream. It might even contest the popularity of vampires.

    A weekly dose of Zombies? Yes please.

  • The Ed Carden

    I gotta go with The Walking Dead as well. I'm a fan of the comic and from the information that's been made available, it really seems that they may have lightning in bottle. Getting Frank Darabont was huge, and it seems like AMC is really trying to stay out of his way and make the show the way he and Kirkman think it should be made. Don't much about most of the cast, but it's clear that they've gone ahead and hired actual actors as opposed to “personalities.” Really, as far as I'm concerned, October can't come soon enough.

    The Cape and No Ordinary Family look like they could either be decent or really bad. But, I'll at least watch the first couple episodes of each.

    As for The Event, to me it all depends on what the “event” in question is revealed to be. I just hope they don't make us wait a whole season to find out. Especially if whatever they're building towards ends up being pedestrian or underwhelming.

  • JTMaxwell

    the Cape, No Ordinary Family and Nikita are probably top of my list right now. i'm becoming more intrigued by the Event, now that we're getting a little more info than just the annoyingly vague teasers. i love JJ, but the Undercovers commercials haven't been doing it for me…except now i see Gerald McRaney is going to be on it as well, so i'll still give it a try. Hawaii Five-O has an awesome cast and looks to be a pretty tight procedural.

    i love zombies, so i'll check out Walking Dead. keep meaning to try the comics since so many friends swear by them, but Kirkman's other writing has left me cold so it's been hard to shell out the cash. maybe the show will give me the extra push. ;)

    mostly, i just want Chuck and Justified back on the air as soon as possible. :p

  • Derek Ruiz

    Game of Thrones on HBO!