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Thor, Cap Footage On Iron Man 2 BluRay?

For those with the time, patience or just plain cheats to accomplish it, it’s beginning to look as if the Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray package will include an early glimpse as Tony Stark’s fellow Avengers…

The rumor first surfaced on Comic Book Movie, and was then “consolidated” on Bleeding Cool: Apparently, footage from both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger will be hidden on the Blu-Ray release of Iron Man 2 behind unlockable sections of the disc, although it’s still unknown what you’ll have to do to get to see it.

The Iron Man 2 Blu-Ray (as well as DVD and digital download) will be released September 28th.


  • davidscholes

    I guess this will add to the sales of the IM Blu-Ray.

    I had a look at the Thor trailer from the SDCC before it was pulled off most internet sites. It looks very good and is very encouraging for the movie. Hemsworth and Hopkins look the part, Asgard looks magnificent, and the Lady Sif and Jane Foster are none too shabby either.

    As an Aussie science fiction writer I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since the original Journey into Mystery of August 1962.

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