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Marvel’s Avengers Teaser Leaks … For Now

An animated logo presentation that’s the closest thing we’ll be getting to an Avengers teaser trailer for a good long while has cropped up online. As the 35-second clip is actually hosted on the website of animation house Imaginary Forces – who cut together the spinning logo along with some choice Samuel L. Jackson voiceover work – maybe this can’t quite be referred to as a leak, but we’re guessing it won’t be online long, so now’s your chance to get a taste.

In case you miss it, the trailer is a pretty standard animated logo reveal with Jackson declaring in his most intense Nick Fury voice:

“And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat…to fight the foes no single superhero could withstand. On that day, The Avengers were born.”

The variation on the classic Marvel caption that’s led off most every Avengers comic since 1963 should come as no surprise to fans. The only surprising thing is that the brief glimpse that premiered at Comic-Con made it online at all.

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  • AirDave


  • TOTS

    I hope the villain isn't Ultron or someone stupid like that. NO SKRULLS EITHER! Bring on THANOS!

  • Shomy

    Thanos is a bit too much for the first movie…. But I must agree about skrulls and Ultron…. Maybe Kang the Conqeror?

  • Sneakysnickers_14

    HULK!!! I 'd like to see hulk as the main villain! To bad Edward Norton is no longer playing the part of Bruce Banner.. But I'd really love to see an “ULTIMATES” storyline where in the Hulk is the bad ass.

  • TOTS

    But the Infinity Gauntlet was said to appear in Thor. Maybe it falls into Thanos' hands…? Eh?

  • TOTS
  • Ronbolivia

    Even if this movie (and Thor and Captain America) suck, I still give them credit for attempting something this bold.

  • Volmansmg

    Goosebumps…Credit to Marvel for having the guts to try to build a universe for the characters on the big screen

  • cookepuss

    Without Pym, it won't be Ultron. They could alter his origin to have him be the product of Stark, but that'd toss away some of the juicier Ultron stuff (eg. the oedipal plot points.)

    If we're to be (mostly) faithful to the Avengers' origin, the villains will be Loki and a manipulated Hulk. Given the recasting of Banner and the rumored involvement of Tom Hiddleston, that seems to be most likely. That'd have to really build Loki into a force to be reckoned with, as well as making the Hulk much more invincible.

    Who would I like the villain to be? Well, seeing as how this is the 1st movie and Thanos would be overkill as a team origin villain, I'd think that we may end up some version of the Masters of Evil. We need a bigger reason for banding these heroes together. I mean, if Thor beats Loki and the army can take down the Hulk, why do we even need a super team? HOWEVER, if Loki were to team up with Red Skull, a turncoat Hulk, and another super villain or two….. No conventional force or single hero could stand against them. The Avengers would have to be born.

  • Madmike


    A comic book logo with a voice-over, and fanboys are getting a boner? COME ON!!!
    Is this really all it takes?

  • Andreas


  • Sidnums

    As I understand it, it will be The Skrulls

  • Shomy

    Good point…. :)

  • lead_sharp

    Totally agree.

  • RunnerX13

    When the movie was first rumored, it was said that the Hulk would be the villain.

  • Emeraldcityarcher

    The trailer was followed with an introdcution of the cast so you're only getting half the effect…guess you had to be there.