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What Marvel Characters Will Get A Post-Avengers Movie Push?

Wondering what Marvel heroes might be getting their own movies after The Avengers? Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been naming names, and it’s not just Runaways and Ant-Man

Talking to MTV’s Splash Page blog, Fiege dropped some hints about who might be getting their own big screen debuts in the future:

I think what Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have done with ‘Iron Fist’ lately is exciting. I think ‘Black Panther’ and Wakanda has some amazing potential to be a feature film. ‘Doctor Strange,’ as you’ve mentioned. There are some obscure titles, too, like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ I think they’ve been revamped recently in a fun way in the book… I think S.H.I.E.L.D. could be it’s own franchise. I think, frankly, ‘The Avengers’ is going to be told from that point of view more so than any of the other films at that point, so we’re going to get an inside look [at how S.H.I.E.L.D.] operates.

What’s interesting with these choices is seeing Marvel spread their genre wings a little; each of the above plays outside of the superhero genre to some extent, and if Matthew Vaughn’s concerns about the superhero genre being on its last legs for awhile turn out to be valid, it’s a sensible move if the studio wants to stay an asset to Disney.

With that in mind, what Marvel characters do you think could best be stretched outside the superhero genre to survive in a brave new cinematic world for a post-superhero Marvel? As ever, suggestions in the comments, and remember: We all know that Howard The Duck won’t work if Craig Ferguson isn’t playing the lead role.


  • percane

    i think the genre can go on for a long time…with the caveat that they have to be careful and not overdo it. there's 2 things they need to be wary of

    1) quality. as long as they make good movies like iron man and the dark knight, the genre can go on indefinitely. like the sci-fi genre, quality films in the super-hero genre almost always do exceedingly well. if, however, we get a rash of movies like elektra, enough of those will kill it.

    2) quantity. this one is harder to control because companies want to make as much money as they can as soon as they can. humanity in general is not good at long term planning. if we get 2-4 super hero movies a year, it'll be fine. if we start getting 8-10 people will get bored with it. 2 in the summer and 2 at the holidays is a good number imo

  • loki4ever

    i think that werewolf by night or the living mummy can be a good horror movie.

  • Pms Escb

    I'd love to see a Killraven movie, and Elektra:Assassin done faithfully to the book(s). Strikeforce:Morituri would also be an intriguing choice, also Stray Toasters. Typhoid Mary, as originally envisaged by Ann Nocenti could be very dark and sophisticated if done right. And for pure shits & giggles, Sabretooth and Mystique.

  • Treble252

    I would love to see an Iron Fist movie. Granted, it would need some careful work but done well…it could be fun. Besides, if we can get a good Marvel Comics movie AND a good kung fu movie in one sitting, I mean…that's the dream, in my opinion.

  • percane

    killraven would be awesome! maybe if john carter warlord of mars does well they'll develop that.

  • Tffan

    As long as Luke Cage has nothing to do with Iron Fist I am 100% for it. It would be a great film.

    And really, Black Panther is the last thing we ever need to see adapted from Marvel. Horrible in every way imaginable.

  • David T. Allen

    Shang Chi.

  • Ken

    Whatever happened to that Sub-Mariner film that was supposed to be like an underwater Star Wars? I personally thought that sounded awesome (and I've never been a huge Namor fan).

    Also, even though this would be with Fox, I'd really like to see that JMS-penned Silver Surfer film come to life.

  • Sijo

    The superhero genre is in its last legs? Hah! Maybe the costume-wearing is, but the concept of superhuman beings fighting for good is older than print. Heck, the whole point of the Marvel Universe is that it's full of people who are only nominally superheroes -gods, robots, monsters etc.- but still mingle with them. There's certainly material there to exploit in all genres and media- they didn't call it the House of Ideas for nothin'. All they need to do is be careful about how they use them- some characters work better as cartoons than in live action,for example.

  • Invasionforce

    A lot of Marvel concepts would actually work better as films than as comics because they are so visual. Ghost Rider is an example of a D list character who really looks great on the screen. Nova and Iron Fist would be good choices for a movie adaptation. Marvel also have some female heroes who could do well at the box office, and would actually be easier to adapt than Wonder Woman, for instance. I think Tigra and Spider-Woman could be successful film concepts.

  • Jaded Devil

    All of the choices Fiege mentions are good ones…I know that I, for one, would love to see the Disney Stores filled with plush Rocket Raccoon toys. As for characters that he didn't mention, the big one for me is Ka-Zar. It's a more sophisticated Tarzan on Jurassic Park. That alone should get butts in seats, regardless of whether it's a comic book property or not. And with no real progress on the proposed Tarzan flick that Stephen Sommers is attached to…now's the time to strike.

    Oh, and Howard the Duck HAS to be voiced by Paul Giamatti. That is all. :)

  • Akirajak

    you really dont like black superheros

  • dannyrand

    matthew vaughn should not be allowed near any comic book characters. let's give the attention to someone who has confidence in, and actually cares about the medium.

  • Summer

    I still think they could brush off some of their other unique stuff. Do a movie based off of Millie the Model and such.

  • Mcbar0321

    Incredible Hercules movie.

  • Axonrey

    Guardians of the Galaxy could be totally rad if they made it more akin to a sci-fi epic and not necessarily try to marry it to the wider universe, which is pretty much how the comic is working anyway.

  • Rick

    Red Wolf… could help revive the Western


    they can make plenty of movies with their properties but in terms of casting, its all about saving money. some of the recent choices are real head scratchers. Buts its the Marvel Studios avengersverse, created by the very same people that bring you low quality comics each month. And some also now work at DC. #COMICSANDCOMICFILMINDUSTRY

  • Sylar Wesker

    well if they want to save a franchise, HULK, no question


    Brubaker and Fraction haven't been on Iron Fist for years.

  • Tffan

    Well considering most of them are real life criminals in America yes I do have a problem with comics being all PC for no reason

  • demoncat_4

    doctor strange could work as not only a movie but as a tv series including the defenders for that way the hulk is still going. plus power pack and cloak and dagger have been talked about as maybe animated tv series. iron fist and luke cage as a buddy type dective tv show.

  • Michael M

    I think it is high time for a big screen take on the matial arts characters. To do it right you keep the Fu Manchu plotline, use Shang-Chi, Iron Fist and the Daughters of the Dragon and set it in 1970's London & NYC. Get Guy Ritchie to direct and you have a hit!

  • comic relief


    I want to agree with you.

    As much as Vaughn’s statements are provocative his own performance needs to be really stellar before he should start playing guru of the superhero genre. I could more easily accept these predictions from the super successful Kenneth Nolan. He’s a proven game changer in at least 3 different genres and has produced two ground breaking and excellent superhero films.

    I’m not dismissing Vaughn; it’s just that genres don’t stop because they or the audience get exhausted. The dynamism of artistic vision produces great movies and audiences. Just ask Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, John Ford, Akira Kurosawa, Federico Fellini, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, etc. Obviously we can't ignore the multiple successes of Sam Raimi or Jon Favreau either.

    Given that all of these directors are authors in one genre or another and many are still making wonderful films; there is little evidence to prove Vaughn correct.

  • Karlos

    Michael M, you are a genius!

  • Mwedmer

    Master of Kung Fu; starring Tony Jaa.

  • Lex Combs

    Angelina Jolie would be (no pun intended) electrifying as Elektra.

  • Sillysili2010

    perhaps they could concentrate on the street level heroes like Iron Fist and Luke Cage (Terry Crews! or that guy from Old Spice).

    Add Daredevil and the Punisher to the mix. Heck, they can actually make one movie featuring all street-level heroes! Call it Marvek Knights.

  • JTMaxwell

    i want a trilogy…Iron Fist, Luke Cage and then a Heroes for Hire movie with the two of them. that friendship is such an integral part of their characters and histories, it's hard to imagine NOT having it as some element, or at least having the films cross over in some way.

  • RomanColombo

    I have a dream about Christopher Nolan directing Iron Fist….that would be the best movie ever.

  • ryan

    This may have been suggested, but they should pair up Hawkeye with Mockingbird, or Black Widow and Winter Soldier, and make an espionage movie .

  • Rattwap

    Terry Crews is the perfecy Luke Cage, and I think if they made a film with him, it would have to be Heroes for Hire. It would be wrong not to focus on his partnership with Iron Fist. And, with their current relationship, I would also have Jessica Jones included within the movie as well. And despite not actually using them in any film, it would be great to see flashbacks to Luke and Jessica in there old costumes. As silly as it is, the tiara must be seen on films.

    As I said for Cage, he must be Terry Crews. As for Iron Fist, I can't think of anyone. For Jessica, it would be great to see someone like Ann Hathway in the role, just to see her wearing the Jewel costume.

  • darthtigris

    Now you're talking!

  • darthtigris

    Now you're talking!

  • JaredXIII

    Moon Knight. It would be bad ass. I also like the idea of just a Marvel Knights movie! That would be sick! Have all the street-level heroes together in one movie.

  • JaredXIII

    Moon Knight. It would be bad ass. I also like the idea of just a Marvel Knights movie! That would be sick! Have all the street-level heroes together in one movie.

  • Robbourgeois

    sign me up for the brubaker/fraction iron fist

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    Seriously, the Crews for Cage casting choice makes too much sense. All of the other actors people mention are, in my opinion, too pretty to be Cage (no offense to Crews). But he can bring that physical prescence, charisma and occasional humor that the character is known for.

    How many guys could really get away with saying “Sweet Christmas” without looking stupid?

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    True, but they really made some great strides in establishing the current IF mythology of the Seven Cities and historical IFs.

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    Marvel really has A LOT of options. They have many characters that span a wide array of genres, from sci-fi to horror to straight up superheroics. The problem is is that they have to be willing to take a chance on older properties that may not have the pull they did in the past.

  • Tffan

    So apparently it is racist to state I don't like Black Panther or Luke Cage. Sorry PC monkeys if they are terrible concepts for characters

  • munsonfan

    2 words MARVEL ZOMBIES!

  • comic relief


    If you keep making derisive comments about African American characters and African American actors after awhile I think it’s logical for people to assume you may be a racist.

    I remember your…

    “I am guessing he is in the cast for “diversity.” More PC hollywood CRAP”,

    statement concerning Edi Gathegi getting cast for X-Men: First Class. Your current statement isn't as nasty as the last but there appears to be common grudge.

    C’mon Tffan is this just a coincidence?

  • Raskal67

    Marvel seems to be reaching into the well already by making a Thor movie. It could be good (and in all respect probably will be with a capable director and a studio that know what it wants instead of cheesing it up with Speed Suits and people named Witwicky and his zany parents), but outside of comic fandom, Thor does not have a big audience. After Thor's got a movie, anything goes. ROM, Daken, aneyone in the Avengers Academy….here we come. Next Summer…The Skullface Guy Thing From Avengers Academy Team Up With Hulkling and Wiccan!!! Rated PG-13.

    I wouldn't mind a Doctor Strange movie.

  • comic relief

    I meant Christopher Nolan. Sorry Kenneth is my brother in law.

  • Stuaker

    Iron Fist would be great. I really think a movie with Luke Cage as a main character, especially with the popularity and depth to his character he's got in New Avengers, and the fact that not too many black superheroes have made it to the screen should make him a priority. Plus, he's been in so many awesome series to make a movie from. Alias, etc

  • Doodle0320

    Let's see Pixar do a Marvel property! That's whats up!

  • ryan

    I like the idea of Terry Crews as Luke Cage, but I also think Quinton “Rampage” Jackson would be a good choice, too.

    And I think that Tahmoh Penniket (from Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica) would be a great Iron Fist. He's not really well known, but I think he can pull it off.

  • ryan

    I think it's strange that it's continually mentioned how Iron Man and Thor were considered b-list, compared to Spider-Man. For example, there were a lot of times it was noted how Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. made a blockbuster movie out of a b-list superhero. If Iron Man is b-list, what do they consider Agents of Atlas to be?

    That's a long way of saying I think Pixar should tackle a live-action project with one of Marvel's lesser known characters/teams, like Agents of Atlas

  • AAB

    *** Longshot ! ! ! ! ! ! >>> Mojo and Spiral on the silver screen!!!! -Make it a part of a virtual reality (Mojo's media world) and sci-fi genre.

    Spider-woman – Spy
    Alias – Detective / Spy

    Black Panther – Sci-Fi w/Dynasty / Empire / Kingdom fantasy genre
    Namor – Sci-Fi w/Dynasty / Empire / Kingdom fantasy genre

    Silver Surfer – Sci-Fi space battles

    Cloke and Dagger – City streets Pulp/Noir

    Sharkman!!!! – sorry not Marvel, but damn its SHARKMAN!!!!

  • Aaronandrewbrowne

    Strikeforce: Morituri would be sweet… w/out the testicle chin aliens tho… (please!!!)

  • AAB

    Wow… thats really nice and all. -So, which heroes do you think should be silver screen'd?

  • AAB

    Johnny Depp will be Doctor Strange.

  • AAB

    Daredevil and Punisher:

    Enough half-stepp'n on the cats please. Sink the teeth into the jugular on these already….

    Wachowski brothers on Daredevil – Matrix flipn off fire escape slinging the billy club swinging into somersaulting onto Hells Kitchen roof tops …

    Scorsese – Punisher = Mean Streets = Taxi Driver

  • AAB

    Uh-oh Tffan, looks like your getting labeled a racist. What is your color? Do you have a registered driver's license? Do you wear a watch or use your cell phone?

    What super-hero should be silver screen'd in your world… 'The Black Power' I hear he's an up and coming Marvel character-based asset Feige feature… should be in the Avengers Academy and all… 'Anti-PCman' now he's D-listed, if that. Get with the program Tffan.

    Im Stirring it UP!

  • AAB

    More han 2 words: Peope's need to know who all the zombies are to appreciate and got off on the xombification of 'em and all… Give it ten years -if Marvel does not screw up their franchises like others had w/FF, Daredevil, Electra, Punisher, Spider-man3, Ghost Rider -just OK/if not lame films Do not a fad-busting franchise Make, then YEAH: Pixar and any other bad-ass media comany is gonna drool over these gems. People dont know who they are in an 'appreciating it as a gem' (yet), …collectively linked as a MARVEL brand even. So yeah, man Marvel Zombies will be an after thought at that point … The world as we know it will change drastically in ten years. Online Communication devices / Quality of Entertainment access…

  • AAB

    Thats a good one. Ka-Zar. Maybe have FF be all aobut visiting it so as to link it with a major Marvel character… get the brand association in on it? Or not… ?

  • Count Beardfist

    original Human Torch.

  • Wdouglasmorgan

    Remake Howard the Duck. It would do very well. Power Pack. DP 7. Dazzler. Longshot. Micronauts. Moon Knight. ROM. Groo. Submariner. Werewolf by Night. Morbius. Speedball. Ka-Zar. All are themed. All would find their niches. DC…do Captain Carrot and his amazing Zoo Crew as a computerized 3-D!!!

  • Dmgallagher

    I don't think Marvel Studios owns either Punisher or Daredevil; those properties are likely still owned by whichever studios made their most recent films (Sony? Fox?). Same for Elektra.

    And Terry Crews IS the Old Spice guy.

  • Unexpected

    “but outside of comic fandom, Thor does not have a big audience”
    Except for, you know, anyone who's ever been interested in Norse mythology. I'd say that Thor has a wider potential audience outside of comic fandom than the vast majority of characters.

  • Unexpected

    Silver Surfer, like the Fantastic Four, cannot be a Marvel Studios property because the film rights belong to another studio.

  • comic relief


    I‘m glad you think what I said was nice. But following my post I think Marvel should really stick with characters that have not been filmed yet and pair them with excellent directors. Marvel’s list of emergency reboots is too long and encourages lack luster director’s like Vaughn to make these ridiculous statements. I’m a little bit more envious of DC's marketing hesitance in that respect. They accept that they are in the comic book business and they have produce and protect characters. They really protect their iconic characters and don’t release their properties to inferior hands for the sake of excess publicity.

    The benefit of this strategy is few of their properties have been poorly presented, exploited, or exhausted (at least in comparison to Marvel’s stable).

    If you use Blade as an example, the silver screen sometimes makes comics losers into big screen winners. That character still doesn’t have a book and I have always thought of Ironman as a 3rd string character. Director Jon Favreau proved and demonstrated differently.

    Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Deadpool, Sub-mariner would all be fine. Now all they need to do if figure out when Nora Ephron, Kathryn Bigelow, John singleton, Martin Scorsese, Stephen Soderbergh, Danny Boyle, Spike Lee or Steven Speilburgh are free or are willing to do super hero movies. The answer is the director, there is no problem with the genre.

  • comic relief


    Thanks again. LOL

  • comic relief

    Boy, I wish I mentioned the Wachowski brothers in my previous reply to you.

  • comic relief


    Sorry, but Isaiah Mustafa is the Old Spice Guy.

  • Dmgallagher

    He is one of them. Terry Crews does the Old Spice commercials that end with him yelling “Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-power!” to the Old Spice theme music. Here he is:

  • comic relief


    Sorry. Now that you have showed and reminded me, I know I have seen those commercials. I never paid attention long enough to figure out whose product Crews was selling. Thanks for the link.

    I like the actor in some things (for instance “Everyone Hates Chris”) but usually ignore his more manic comedic work. I guess everyone can see why some fans would like to see him lend his brawn to a “Luke Cage” movie.

  • AAB

    They are going to call him the Sterling Surfer tho… maybe… not. The Sterling Surfer!!!! 7.5% of Cosmic Copper!!!!!

    OK -then how about … will probably be Iron Fist… (sigh) It should be a totally new re-vamp of Machine-man. That Ghost in the Shell type o virtual reality bit. Could work for Deathlok as well.

    Moon Knight would be soo nice.

    All in all Im gun'n for Black Panther. Thats a gold mine right there. He's in Africa -its bad ass just there alone.

  • AAB

    Afro Samurai animation crew w/the Riz again creating a Luke Cage or Iron First or Cloak and Dagger -they can combine Soul/Rap/Hip-hop/Mixing with the anime of Afro…. That would be soo sweetl Afro Samurai is kick-ass. Why not siphon that beauty into a Marvel asset? Black Panther like this?

  • Stereo99_99

    I think a film could be made of the first part of Annhilation, just the part in Alaska.

    That would be great.

  • Lex Combs

    Wasn't Ray Park supposed to play Iron Fist?

  • Alex

    The problem with Avengers nowadays is you have to base the adaptions on old stories, becuase I doubt anyone will really see stuff like Secret Invasion or whatever the Sentry was supposed to be in a positive light when looking back. Everything in the 'New' Avengers was extremely forced in my opinion.

    The old Marvel have a lasting vibe that I think that stuff took a big chunk out of. I was reading Avengers #3 and realized that these characters are pretty much interchangable and Iron Man and Spider-man are not the same characters from a couple years ago.

    Thanks, Bendis.