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Who Should Replace Smallville‘s Superman On The CW?

With Smallville ending this year, the CW is actively looking for a replacement superhero series from DC Entertainment. But does Blue Beetle really have it in the bag?

CW boss Dawn Osteroff has admitted that she’d love to have another DC Comics’ super character to fill Clark Kent’s decade-old boots when Smallville finishes, telling reporters:

So many fans have said, ‘Don’t leave us hanging!’ I’d love to say, ‘“Smallville’s” coming off the air and something else (from DC Comics) is coming on.’ But we don’t want to put something on that we don’t believe in. You have to make sure the execution is excellent.

It’s that execution that’s proven to be the problem before; WB television has developed Smallville-esque spin-offs for both Robin (The Graysons, about Dick Grayson’s life in the circus before the death of his parents) and Aquaman (which made it to pilot, but wasn’t picked up for a series), but neither passed muster with the network. Add to that that all DC characters aren’t exactly available to television, with Smallville famously the result of a series based upon Bruce Wayne’s teenage training being scuppered by the people behind the Batman movies and needing quick replacement; now that Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, Superman and Green Arrow all having movies in various stages of development, who’s available for the small screen?

Well, Blue Beetle, for one; DC has already unveiled test footage for a live-action project that’s as-yet unknown. A Smallville replacement would make a lot of sense (He’s another teenage hero who can mix soap opera with superheroics, after all), but for all we know, he’s already been promised elsewhere. There’s the possibility of properly spinning out characters from Smallville itself – Green Arrow makes an obvious candidate, but there’re also the members of the JSA and Legion of Super-Heroes – as well, and I can’t be the only one who thinks that JMS’ reboot of Wonder Woman sounds tailor-made for a small screen series, even down to a more realistic costume and less need for a Paradise Island set. But what do you think? What character would fit into the CW’s demographic and Smallville‘s timeslot? Leave choices and reasons in the comments section, as ever.


  • Betts

    Stop trying to make JMS' Wonder Woman happen.

  • Chris

    Blue Beetle/ Booster Gold
    Birds of Prey- with Chloe as oracle

  • Caanan

    How about the Legion of Superheroes? And just to make it different from the comics, (and to cut down on futuristic landscape costs) have them time travel back from the future and get stuck here. Then they have to learn to deal, and fit in to, a with a world without superheroes, where the future they come from has tons. Some embrace normality. Some don't.

    Smallville worked because it was a “re-interpretation” right? It was its own beast, and not a direct adaptation of anything. If they WERE to adapt something though, the first 40-odd issues of Impulse would be a great jumping-off point.

  • Sijo

    The problem with Blue Beetle is that, unlike Smallville, they can't get away with not having costumed characters since Beetle's costume IS his source of powers. Besides it might look terribly like a Japanese Live Action TV series ala Kamen Rider and might remind viewers of Power Rangers. Although I'm all in favor of Jaime Reyes and his supporting cast getting his own show, it would probably work better as a cartoon.

    As for Wonder Woman, that would work better as a TV show (following in the legacy of the original series, plus Xena and Buffy).

  • Washout

    Nightwing should get his own show.

  • cartoonboy09

    JMS Wonder Woman already happened. It will be awesome, just like his Superman looks like it's gonna be. I will probably add it to my pull-list. But as for a show, could we give a show to “villain”. I can't think of one right now, but I think a DC villain with a cool upbringing would be cool

  • KO


  • Elizabeth

    I would love to see a proper second try at Birds of Prey, or maybe Secret Six – basically I want a Gail Simone show. :D I can't think of anybody else that does character driven superhero (and anti-hero) stories as well as she does at the moment. Which makes it ideal for a series.

  • stealthwise

    Red Tornado

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    I've got it–POWER GIRL…yeah, that's the ticket. Female superhero with big boobs–something to bring more male viewers to the CW. :P

    Either that or DONNA TROY…

  • Derek Ruiz

    Kyle Rayner as GL in a series titled Emerald City

  • Josh

    This conversation begins and ends with Gotham Central.

  • Jon Stump

    This man is thinking with Lazers! Seriously Gotham Central would be an awesome show, you know I hear some of the writers from Law and Order are looking for jobs…

  • Time4bedlam

    The Question, either version, Zatanna, Vixen, Mr. Terrific and Checkmate, Catwoman or the Gotham City Sirens

  • nik

    I'm sorry, did this article just say Wonder Woman's costume was “more realisitc?” LOL. No woman I know would ever wear a half jacket like that.

  • Mark Clapham

    They've already done Birds of Prey once. It was a bit of a mess, to say the least.

  • Summer

    I wish that The WB hadn't screwed up Birds of Prey, because had they done it with Black Canary as the older hero and Helena Wayne/Huntress as the fledgling teenage hero (who doesn't yet know that her father was Bats, etc…) it would have worked out REALLY well, I think.

    I would say Zatanna, but after Buffy/Charmed/Supernatural and every other supernatural based tv show out there…it's been done. A lot.

    Blue Beetle's not a bad idea.

    An Atom series would be really interesting.

  • Jason

    Nothing. Smallville wound up as mediocre crap, and any follow-up will be doomed to follow that.

  • Tomfitz1

    How about …. GLOBAL FREQUENCY???!??? Tah dah…. ;-)

  • Steve

    Everyone thinking DC show. But why not marvel show. or Image or hell GI JOE.. give it some real grit and drama.. of course sex… At times Smallville was alot soft when it came to the romantic side of things , only in the later season there was so heat. Or maybe they will go a different direction all together. A villain show, Sinister Six, Suicide Squad, Check Mate, The Hand.. whatever it is just hope they come correct.

  • Lm

    Given the CW's demographic it seems as though they're primed to launch a successful Wonder Woman series. You get the Gossip Girl fans and the Smallville fans. The JMS thing is kind of pointless overall because the “costume” has been used/seen before in WB's Birds of Prey. A jackets and black pants isn't really a “costume” and remember how AWFUL Witchblade looked in her normal “street” clothes and then used her powers and had this clunky suit of armor tin can arm/sword. What a visual snoozefest that was. WW makes sense because she's super-powered, great back story and doesn't NEED the costume but every now and then would add some visual wow!

  • Danny

    Green Arrow

  • duuuuude

    and you know a lot of women who would fight psychos in their underpants, I presume?

  • TGC

    Starman based on the Robinson run. With some minor tweaking it could easily be done for the CW. It also has a very rich cast of characters to play with. Opal City is every bit as expansive and interesting as Metropolis or Gotham.

  • Coryjameson

    PLANETARY with Executive Producer WARREN ELLIS

  • Lion_okitkat

    Why not look in adapting a Vertigo title or maybe a lesser know DC character. Like that girl with Golem, forgot the name of that title. Would love to see a live action version of American Virgin, now that would rock and deserve either tv or movie treatment. It's fresh and original. The CW needs some original programming, stop all the “let's try and recapture the magic of 90210 heyday” bullshit programming. Young people are smarter than you think. Hire people who can act. I've seen gossip girl and that show is awful. Horrible stale acting. Ok sorry bout the ranting. lol

  • Mike and Kristi

    I like the idea of a Checkmate series. It has it's roots in Smallville already, and it gives access to a lot of 2nd and 3rd tier heroes/villains to pull from, plus the everyday life of spies/regular folks, etc. Think a super-powered Alias….

  • Rob


  • LGBoex

    The TV viewing audience at large doesn't know the Blue Beetle, so they probably won't watch a Blue Beetle series.

    I think the CW's best bet would be Justice League (had a cartoon that ran several seasons and live actions versions of the characters were already introduced in Smallville) or Teen Titans (also had a cartoon that ran several seasons, plus it's all about teens, and CW does like teens)

  • JC


  • demoncat_4

    i would love to see the blue beetle spin off happen. or green arrow get his spin off since he is already established from the show. wonder woman would be cool back in her own tv show since she was not allowed to be used on small ville. or cw could really go all out for a replacement and try a suicide squad show .though think the censors would have a fit over some of the violence in sucide squad.

  • DTO2865

    To me, I think that either the “Justice” team (Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman, Impulse & Black Canary) that's been a part of “Smallville,” the JSA, or the Legion would be great. All have already been established and have been sort'a given “backdoor pilots.”

    However, I think that a “Smallville” style taken on Wonder Woman would be awesome! I mean, it could just be about Diana's being a person who's trying to live/work/save “man's world” while dealing with her Amazonian heritage at the same time. And, just as “Smallville's” mantra has been “no tights, no flight,” the same could be said for Diana. She wouldn't have all of her Amazonian equipment at the start of the series, especially the Invisible Jet. As she learns & grows as a person, she would earn each item one at a time, much like how Clark began to gain & control each of his super-abilities.

    I also think that a “Suicide Squad” series would be really cool! It could be “The Dirty Dozen meets the A-Team.”

  • AnakinFlair

    How about a Birds of Prey series based off of the comic books? That's what I never got about the last BoP series, and why I never quite liked it- I wanted Helena Bertinelli, not Helena Wayne.

  • Mobindc


  • Hypestyle

    I'd like to see: Static, Black Lightning, Blue Beetle (Jaime).. Especially with Static, you have a teen hero, very popular, already has had a cartoon show, and potential for the greater Milestone universe to pop in as guest stars, no problems with DC editorial on not using someone because they're tied to a movie project..

  • Paine1416

    Marvel would never have a show on the cw. Disney owns marvel which means any marvel show would show up on ABC.

  • Kicka

    How about the The Adventures of KryptoLana? I think Kristin Kreuk could do with the work.

  • nickprc

    who is DC Entertainment and The CW Television Network

  • Mr. Schutte

    I seriously like the idea of a series surrounding either Question. Plain clothes, mystery, intrigue, etc. They all scream easy for a network tv show to handle. I worry about the vidsuals on Blue Beetle, but agree a teenage superhero provides drama.

    I half wonder if they couldn't re-work some of the teen heroes and work out a show called “Titans.” It would focus on a group of teenagers, each with powers, who have come together to figure out how to make their lives work while dealing with the responsibilities of those powers. You could hint at other mentors or groups wanting to exploit them. You don't need to make them based upon Robin, etc., but you can mix some existing models to make an interesting “team.”

    Back in the day (yes I'm old), I loved the old Checkmate comic where their were different ranks and armors to suit the needs of those agents. I like the idea of a spy series with the potential to have specialized characters- especially if they keep ending up with situations that force those special characters to grow beyond those roles.

    I love Green Arrow and can accept the GA that has come off on Smasllville, but without some work, I'm not sure I'd buy into a series focused on him alone. Now age him and make him more of the GA from the end of the series before last (that's Hester's run, not the GA/BC series and not the current JT Krul GA series). It's Ollie struggling to build a family- Conner, Roy, etc. after too many years of playing too footloose. We'd have the drama of seeing him want to succeed, but also know he's going to fail. Temptations are a great source of drama (and sexy women NEVER hurt a tv show.)

    Since Birds has been done, why not try Gotham City Sirens? Reformed villains trying to live a “normal” life (or as normal as they can). Taking “jobs” kinda like Michael Weston along the way to a creater picture. Infact, I'd probably start witht he idea that they are looking for a “missing” friend from Arkham or a missing family member. Along the way, they take charity cases to fix things the cops and the “do-gooders” just don't see as important or just don't have time for. Sexy heroines, borderline heroes, action, intrigue, and you'll always wonder when one of them will snap or go too far to get what they want.



  • Mwedmer

    At the top of the list, Fables should be made into a TV series. It has everything necessary to be an awesome show. Also since the CW likes to hire good looking people, they could have a field day casting immortal fairytale characters.

    Gotham Central would make for a good cop show but without Batman or Gordan, I don't know.

    Wouldn't mind seeing a Nightwing show. It could even have flashbacks to earlier cases with Batman or even some of his training.

  • gnort

    I actually do! Went out with a female wrestler. And no she wasn't manly. Had a build like Jennifer Garner, not James Garner! LOL!
    On the topic at hand?
    Challengers of the Unknown—Like a group of hi-tech Indiana Jones-types getting mixed up in adventures of all sorts. From the super-powered, to the mystical, to the most sci-fi.

  • gnort

    The Linear Men—Group of time travelers going across time and space (and the multiverse?) getting mixed up in adventures. Kind of like a team version of Quantum Leap led by Rip Hunter. Throw Waverider in the mix and Extant as the main villain. Could also be like a time traveling C.S.I.
    Challengers Of The Unknown.

  • Neil J Uk

    Hmmm. One of the things that i loved about the first few seasons was Clark's innocence. Starting off the series as a teenager, we grew with the character as he came to terms with his friendships, loves, and family. At the same time discovering his abilities which very correctly the makers spread over the whole series. If Clark had all of superman's powers from the start the series would have got boring very quickly. Also with the exception of Chloe, everyone knew the others characters, The Kents, Lara, Lex etc etc.

    I think most other DC characters would have a hard job using this format to keep us compelled to carry on watching.

  • Michael Sacal

    Manhunter, the Kate Spencer version.

  • Blackfel

    Why not do one about Supergirl?

  • lead_sharp

    I understand the rights thing, in the same way I understand playground politics, ie. it makes no sense whatsoever.

    WB OWN the rights to the characters and because one group doesn't want the other group to play with it's toys it makes them look like a bunch of knobheads. A young Bruce Wayne series wouldn't have been hard for an audience to get in the same way that Smallville wasn't hard for everyone that went to see Superman Returns to get. There 'different' see? Not hard.

    The animated stuff does it's own thing and mixes it all up and they must have agreed on SOME rights issues to have spent upwards of 20 million on developing that JLA thing that almost happened.

    The're debating what to do next while Marvel are going full steam into The Avengers for better or worse.

  • Blackfel

    Or how about John Constantine?

  • lead_sharp

    my wife?

  • lead_sharp

    this was actually in reply to duuuuude's comment about psychos in underpants but because the stupid carriage moved…

  • Paul Anthony84

    Aquaman pilot was awesome! Too bad the CW blows and passed on a sure hit.

  • Bee219

    You are right, Aquaman had great potential I was looking forward to the series. But I'm sorry I would love to see the journey of a young Bruce Wayne.

  • Frank

    If it's a direct spin-off of “Smallville,” then I'd go for Supergirl, Green Arrow/Black Canary, Aquaman, or Blue Beetl

  • Anxy

    I like the idea of a Justice League series building on what was developed in Smallville. They could keep the DCU as it was established in Smallville while bringing in new characters and rotating older ones. I think calling the series “Justice League” or “JLA” would be the kiss of death, though. Maybe call it “Metropolis” and have Supergirl carry the first season or two? I think Smallville's supporting characters could easily carry a spin-off without Clark Kent (or with limited references to him).

  • Easantgd

    If handled the proper way any character can be used. I think Alan Moore proved this with Swamp Thing, at best a 2nd rate character until he took it over. Look what Morrison did with Animal Man and the Doom Patrol. Let's put some faith in the creative teams selected to bring these characters to the small screen.

  • nik

    Actually, yes, yes I do. But that's not the point. I'm not compairing the two costumes, I'm simply saying that no women I've known or will probably ever know would ever wear an outfit like the new one. That's all.

  • Rileyatc13


  • rasx

    Suicide Squad or the Teen Titans, if handled right can make a great TV series.

  • Storyist2005

    Robin The Boy Wonder starring Tim Drake. You put in the ultra-realistic world of the movies except a few years down the line. You rarely – if ever – see Batman, making it more like the Robin comic.

  • Storyist2005

    Robin The Boy Wonder starring Tim Drake. You put in the ultra-realistic world of the movies except a few years down the line. You rarely – if ever – see Batman, making it more like the Robin comic.

  • apersonwhoexists

    Why not go obscure? Ragman! While, like Blue Beetle, the costume is necessary, its one of the most visually interesting ones in comics, in my opinion, and the character lends well to being made younger. Plus, there's the bonus of having a Jewish character on your network, then there's the benefit of a change to an urban environment, since he's a Gotham based character. Overall, I just want to see the Ragman costume used.

    Of the big ones, though, I'd go with Wonder Woman. If they want the JMS version to latch on, they need to use it. Plus, its not like the origin that this Wonder Woman has is at all different than Superman's, other than the shiny new vagina and swapping super-science Krypton for magic Themyscira, so that works in keeping in the Superman crowd. I mean, its not like JMS Wonder Woman differs from Superman pretty much at all, so you have the ability to solidly keep to that wheel house.

  • Mr_Wayne

    JMS' Wonder Woman is basically Smallville w/ Diana.

  • Rod G

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned a live action teen titans.

  • Mr_Wayne

    Amen! TV now a days is littered with gritty cop dramas. Gotham Central would be AWESOME!

  • Bassmonster

    What about BATGIRL???
    With Robin or Nightwing frequently guest-starring – that would be a promissing combo.

  • Mr_Wayne

    JMS' Wonder Woman (with a costume tweak meaning no jacket), Gotham Central (as mentioned by Josh), JSA, Green Arrow (w/ Chloe as his Oracle and Black Canary as a reoccurring guest or co-star), Supergirl or Powergirl, Smallville's JLA (Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman, Impulse, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, and Zatana, minus Clark).

  • Yul Espinosa

    I think it's time to reboot the Birds of Prey TV series. I don't think that a Blue Beetle series for television would be good unless it had some really fantastic writing. I think The CW or WB should revisit the concept of having Bruce Wayne traveling around the world learning different things. it would make for a much better series. Green Arrow would make a fantastic TV series. Set the series five years later with Queen losing his entire fortune and/or traveling the world setting things right. You can even use the JLA throughout the series peppered throughout some of the episodes as it was done on Smallville. The idea of using no costumes wouldn't work with any series developed by DC entertainment.

  • Trcarter1

    i think the best choice would be to do a supergirl/ linda danvers story line with it beginning with her interaction with teen titan characters. She could begin as a secret weapon for superman who would be missing for a time . The first year would revolve around her development while pursuing the mystery of superman's disappearance. I cannot think of a better fit that could help to bring her a long way back for movie development.

  • bigdick

    A Booster Gold “mysteries in time” show. Each episode he goes to a different era to fix something that got ****ed up in time by the Time Stealers.

  • Jason Tippitt

    I believe Millar and Gough worked on a Starman series a few years ago — that may have been even before the doomed Birds of Prey series, but definitely before Aquaman. I'd watch a Starman series — or a Stargirl series tied to the Justice Society mythology from Smallville.

  • Jason Tippitt

    The Question would be my favorite option outside Gotham Central … Smallville could even give it a backdoor pilot, having mentioned Hub City several seasons ago.

  • David Arroyo


  • Mr. Saxon

    I hope Blue Beetle isn't a CW drama. It works better as a superhero action show. I'd probably want Green Arrow (spin-off of Smallville), Booster Gold (America's Doctor Who), or Legion of Superheroes (V with superpowers).

  • Flyguy

    martian manhunter, that would be epic!


    Should be Green Arrow, The Flash, Aquaman or Batman who take Smallvile's timeslot.

    Do it in the same format basically and make it about how they came to be the great superhero they are today!

  • E103530

    Why no option for a Superman or Metropolis spinoff? I don't understand their thinking!

  • Mad Tom Cash

    POWER GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Howard Down Under

    What about replacing 'Smallville' with 'Metropolis' – bring in a new cast, and new stories?

  • Uncle Stan

    B'Wana Beast or Ultra the Multi-Alien. Both are cash cows.

  • TouchyRogue

    Except it isnt, at all.

  • TouchyRogue

    They might not wear one in leather, but the shrug does exist, and lots of women wear them.

  • TouchyRogue

    I was also thinking a Check Mate show would be cool. But a Suicide Squad or a Secret Six show would be awesome.

  • Miko

    Any of the characters would work- but there do need to be more Asians on tv.
    Rather than have her simply be inspired by Batman- she is inspired by him, but her has gone missing for some months (years) and things are getting bad.

    Put her in a high school. If you are feeling bold, make her close to mute. Maybe have Robin return at season finale time with some clues as to what happened to Batman. Conspiracy, mystery, and crime to solve- like Veronica Mars but she is also a martial arts expert and an acrobat.

    Wow, I just pitched a show.

    The Question idea is also pretty good. Lots of ways to make it work- though a paranoid psychopathic Randian is a little more interesting.

  • Geekgazette

    Personally I'd like to see Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Capt. Marvel, Mr. Miracle, The Atom, The Question or Powergirl get a series. But realistically I think Birds of Prey(or a similar concept), Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Huntresss, Zatanna, JSA, or the Legion would be the most likely choices.Personally I think the Legion and JSA would be very short lived series. I just don't think there is enough of a mainstream draw for a regular series for those characters. I also think it would be great to see the Creeper or The Demon get a series.

  • Cory Streeter

    Marvel is owned by Disney yes. WB and DC same thing.

  • Geekgazette

    Animal Man would be another good choice.

  • Jeff Stanson

    They'll want a superhero who's a household name — Blue Beetle ain't it. Wonder Woman seems to make the most sense, with a teenage Diana sent to the US. Where does she live, how does she blend in, what does she think of American youth culture… these are concepts that will fit in well with CW shows.

    Flash would be great, but with movie coming soon, probably won't work. Green Lantern belongs on the big screen as well. Supergirl wouldn't be bad, but she'll need a new angle, as we've already seen her Smallville incarnation and she couldn't go backward. How would you keep Aquaman from having an “oh, no, he's turning blue, what can we do?” moment every week? Zatanna might not need household recognition if the magic angle is done correctly, but still might not draw enough viewers. Batgirl, now that has potential… but won't most people be expecting Barbara Gordon?

  • Openyourthirdeye

    The Question, Red Robin and Exiles

    I think the Question would be a great choice simply because it would be practical, which is exactly what they want. CW isn't known for sinking big budgets into things and as far as DC characters go; a show about the question could be a great detective series with a bit of super hero undertones built in. The only real problem is that the Question doesn't have the presence that superman and batman or the other big DC characters do and that is where the problem of selling it comes in.

    Red Robin, the current ongoing comic is a great take on the Batman franchise that could easily be adapted for TV. It picks up after the “death” of Batman his mantle being taken up by Dick Grayson. Tim Drake however refuses to believe Batman is truly dead and sets off to prove it. He goes off the grid, he aligns with Ras Au Goul (i know i spelled it wrong, silence you internal dialogue) and eventually proves Batman is out there somewhere. This would be a great way to feed off the Batman Franchise and explore the darker side of heroes. What do heroes resort to when they have to go off the high road. I'm not saying follow the comic exactly but Yost's run was fantastic.

    Lastly I mention the Exiles, it is a Marvel Property but when talking TV I always must go here. To sum up briefly it was Sliders meets Marvel and was the most fantastic Marvel book I have ever read (until Claremont took over). Blink (from the Age of Apocalypse) and several “exiles” from other alternate realities must hop dimensions and repair damage done to the multiverse. in doing so sometimes they are asked to do impossible things and sometimes evil things for the purpose of good. It was brutal and the core cast changed several times due to major deaths eventually culminating with the invasion of the crystal palace inside the M'Kran crystal which has it's own place in marvel lore. Since the story always involved different characters from marveldom from different dimensions their were infinite ways to explore and reintroduce characters of old and that in itself make this a valuable property as it would be an easy way to explore potential characters on the audiences before committing to something larger. It would be way too massive for CW and the adult themes and sheer brutality would have be done on a network HBO. This would be the most epic series ever.

  • James T. Tynion IV

    They -should- do a Dick Grayson series, except they should put it directly after he is fired from being Robin, but before he decides he wants to be Nightwing. (Hell, even make him Nightwing eventually, but it's not really necessary). Have him be about 18, so you cast somebody easy on the eyes, and leave him ripe for

    Have him join a circus and hit the road, solving strange crimes across the DCU. First season could end in Gotham with Dick discovering that Batman has replaced him with a new Robin… Then we get a younger, surly, Jason Todd… Barbara could hunt him down at some point. And so on! There's plenty you can do with a tangential relationship to the Bat family.

  • Terje

    Can't believe nobody mentioned JSA. im sure michael Shanks would be up for a Hawkman series

  • Krysmo

    oh yeah, Challengers! Great idea. I also like the Gotham Central idea above.

    If they do Challengers I bet Prof ends up as a woman though. Not that there's anything wrong with that…

  • Krysmo

    OK, aside from Challengers of the Unknown, Gotham Central and The Question (the latter would be great but I'm not sure it fits the demographic) – in that order probably – I have a dark horse candidate which addresses the need of the network and TV in general to represent the multicultural landscape of the US –

    The Outsiders, starring Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, Samurai and El Dorado:). They don't even have to wear their costumes, anyone under 30 doesn't know who they are anyway!

  • JD

    Doom Patrol could be the show. It has some X-Men potential and IF the WB wanted to maybe they could make it a compelling series. The other stuff sounds silly like Blue Beetle. What is that show going to have that we haven't seen? Secret Six is another possibility along with a Titans show that could include villains like Deathstroke. OR if they want to really be brave, they could go for an adult style cartoon like the recent trailer for the DC Universe online. In fact, maybe WB should think about a cable channel like F/X for more edgy shows and do some Vertigo stuff there. Seriously, what are these suits thinking? With some effort this stuff could even be done on the cheap.

  • Imchup

    Billy Batson + Captain Marvel. No brainer!

  • Jani

    Blue Beetle will guest star in Smallville this years , that was announced ages ago.

  • Audiocomics

    Shazam. And the ORIGINAL Secret Six from the 1960's – 6 strangers forced to work together for the mysterious Mockingbird only to discover one of them is Mockingbird. Pure suspense/conspiracy thriller.

  • Captain Sigma

    I want to switch gears for a minute…I want Bruce Timm to make Smallville into one of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, with the cast as the voiceover actors. They could make it as Clark's first adventure as Superman set after the series ends.

    As far as who should be the next heir apparent, I think that could go a few ways. Doom Patrol, Adam Strange, Starfire of Tamaran or The Atom could be great shows that couldn't be made last century because of the limited special effects.

  • Hugo Sleestak

    While it's a long shot, how about Walt Simonson & Archie Goodwin's “Manhunter.” Think of it as a thriller in which we have a young adventurer from the 1960's injured and put on ice by a secret cabal bent on taking over the world. Revived with strength and healing augmentations, he escapes and is on the run, outwitting the secret society and battling his own clones. Sell this to WB by painting it as “Kyle XY meets meets Salt.”

  • mdk

    The Jack Knight version of Starman. It'd be perfect.

  • comic relief

    Blue Beetle

  • Redhawk

    what should follow Smallville? Metropolis of course..with Superman, and tights and flying, and super-villians

    If you want the same style as Smallville, I think a Wonder Woman, learning man's world would work.

  • Cj253

    i can see zatanna working as smallville spin off – they havent gone into too much detail with her and her costume is her work outfit lol

    id love to see catwoman ala brubaker years but thatll never happen

    jms ww might work as a girl version of smallville i guess then again could Kara go it alone?

  • Lassooftruth

    It is happening. It's starting out great.

  • lassooftruth

    Except, it's actually turning out great. None of you guys attacking JMS' WW are actually reading it.

  • Fanboi

    I'd LOVE to see wither the Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes or JSA

  • Brian from Canada

    Say no to anything Smallville-spun off. Sorry, folks, but if any of those characters were strong enough then we'd see them already being talked about. Blue Beetle gets the talk because of the Brave & Bold buzz, but let's not forget that the title died on the shelves.

    The likely candidate is Wonder Woman. The only hitch may be her inclusion in the JLA film that will come out next season past sometime never, but if the rights are caught up….

    I say SHAZAM! (And, thank you to the two who posted this before.) Captain Marvel has enough name power to pique interest, could easily have a good cast with mild emphasis on superheroing, and offers up a wide cast possibility with Mary and Freddie. Plus, nobody seems to be able to do something with the big red cheese — and a new comic could launch out of this.

    Challengers would be my second choice, but how cost effective would it be to have every new crisis being built from scratch? It would have to be real-world based. Which is why Fables is a much, much, much better option. And it would fit into the “real world, honestly” fakeness that Gossip Girl and 90210 portray. The supernatural elements would link into Supernatural (which will be left out in the cold) too.

  • Keithallen785

    What about Cyborg? He's already been on smallville and he's a exciting character with a great history. He's been with the titans and JLA.

  • Russellbuzz

    How about “Dial H for Hero”?

    An excuse to exhibit new powers every episode without necessary needing costumes. Could put a spin on the “freak of the week” syndrome the first season of Smallville suffered from.

  • Catman90

    My first choice would be a “Teen Titans” show. Imagine it being done sort of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer except they'd be fighting supervillains instead of demons & vampires.

    There was talk a few years ago about a “Starman” tv show which could have been good. He's a young guy around 20 who owns an antique shop. His costume is jeans and a leather jacket with an old sherriff badge. He's also a legacy hero who comes with a gentleman bad guy “Shade”. What more could you ask for?

    I also agree with others that I'd like to see a properly done “Birds of Prey”.

    DC has so many potential hits, yet doesn't seem willing to put any effort into developing them.


    Rons Comic World
    Armory Plaza – 1690 Rt 38
    Mount Holly, NJ

  • Dewayne

    How bout a buddy show with Lobo and Ambush Bug? They could start the show with Lobo crashing his bike in a small midwestern town right it the middle of a small washateria owned by Ambush Bug. Bug tries to help Lobo find his way back to outerspace, while they both try to stay out of trouble.

  • Jackschnerk

    i go out with a female wrestler now, (and appreared with her on a reality tv show on the we network two years ago), so on that point, we're in total agreement!
    what was the question again? (lol)

  • Sageshinigami

    They did that in the 90's and nobody liked it then. They should do a cartoon. Only this time, STOP WITH ALL THE SUPERMEN. They had like, three?

  • Sageshinigami

    Unless he starts posing, somehow I doubt it will remind people of Power Rangers. And having a series on like Kamen Rider would seriously be infinitely better than Smallville.

  • Raja-Man

    Manhunter Fom Mars!!!!

  • DeclineToState

    None of the above (or below, as the case may be).

    It won't work. Storytelling MUST come before “fill the timeslot with an available character”.

    Babylon 5 worked (mostly) because Straczynski had a story to tell. What was neat about Kick-Ass (the novel) was that Millar had an origin story to deconstruct: non-super hero finds himself.

    Anything with a slot-to-fill will FAIL. Period.

    Instead, ask the question: What will appeal to CW's teen audience? Superman … no. Batman … no. Wonder Woman … no. Blue Beetle … h*** no (to quote John Boehner).

    Maybe a brand new mythopoetic tween-resonant wish-fulfillment cape like Moore's Promethea, where one learns the value of writing one's own future? (OK, I'm pushing it a bit, but the concept's sound.)

    Look: Smallville was pretty darn teen-angst lame. Do we really need another decade of mope?

    Superheroes are all about projection. What worked in the 40's worked less in the 70' (Clark Kent meet Peter Parker).

    Who can fight Omni Corp., our era's Big Bad Evil, and their corrupt political enablers, the New American Whigs? A strange visitor from another planet (the original illegal alien)? Or Sophie Bangs, who comes into her own by going within and discovering her past?

    How many Dracula/undead variants are … um, alive … in our fiction media these days?

    Taking a DC “property” to fill Smallville's demise will earn a quick demise itself. And if TimeWarner (at least they're not Disney) were smart – cough, snort – they'd task DC's premiere storytellers to tell us a new story, not regurgitate something from the deadhead 1900's.

    CW: Tell us a story. Tell us a NEW story. Tell us a wish fulfillment story which captures our imagination. Tell us a a story which captivates us. Sell it to TW/DC if you can, but stop being corporate muggles and start being Joseph Campbell storytellers.

    Or at least, Brian Bendis storytellers.

  • AGL2812

    we would only get two shows a season

  • AGL2814


  • Dick Grayson


  • Chrisvanryckeghem

    It is just to bad that we cant see a spider-man series I think t5hat would be great and i totaly think it would kick on the small screen i know that spider-man is Marvel and we are talking DC but I think it would be great anyway. As for DC the only one i would be really stoked to see would be a Batman series I know the artical says it cant be done but they could totaly tie it into the smallville buy having a young Bruce Wayne show up. Oh well I did not offer much to the main topic but thats what i think anyway

  • Janmugar


  • Lex Combs

    A Justice League show featuring Green Arrow, Impulse, Aquaman, Black Canary and Zatanna would be nice, but I don't know about Cyborg being in it because Lee Thompson Young's on another show they'd have to replace him with another superhero.

  • Csa0027

    Only young batman has the mix.

  • superheros

    I no they said DC but if you cant come up with something that works maybe you sould go to a Marvel comic like Spiderman or a story about the Dare Devil something like that might work but really i would perfer DC comics like Batman but Marvels cool to

  • Nij-t

    They should make a series where Clarke has just turned into Superman, but is still young and makes the odd mistake. That would be different than the polished Hollywood films we have already scene, where Superman does not make any mistakes

  • Dgartewolf

    I want Metropolis to replace Smallville!!!!!!!

  • Eonprez

    I would love to see Firestorm on TV. There's loads of potential there.

  • Gsjs1980

    Smallville has been amazing for 10 seasons. I think any superhero would be good with the CW. Would be cool to see a whole new show featuring superman after he becomes the superhero.

  • Gsjs1980

    Im all for that

  • Steve

    I don’t think any super hero can top Superman! Only other character I can think of is Batman growing up as a boy just like they did for Superman (Smallville). Whatever they do, this person needs to have supernatural abilities just like Superman to really succeed. But whatever they end up doing, I don’t think you could surpass Smallville! Surprise me please!

  • jsa

    fuck all the other shit they need 2 make a superman wen hes really superman. n not the fucking blurr

  • Jpsimpson

    i think they should make something about dick grayson as nightwing. that would be cool.

  • Black24

    Just change the name to Metropolis and put Tom Welling in the Superman costume and continue the series. I love the show and don’t want to see it go.

  • C Cookman

    Hi my name is Carl i have been a big fan of Smallville for a decade but it’s a shame that it had to end. But i do have some choices to fill that time slot, i was thinking how about superboy, supergirl,batgirl, batwoman,Blue beetle, Green Arrow, Hawkman,JLA, or a spin off like Metropolis or even the legion of super heroes, The flash, Green Lantern,or how about team ups like batman & superman,Green arrow & green lantern,or how about steel,Robin,teen titans. I have made some choices and because i thought i would give  a chance to see if one of these choices would be good to make into a series depending how well it would go over and see one of these characters in their own tv series. This is just some ideas hope it was a help.


  • Alexander Penciu

    well, in my opinion the best show to replace smallville is superman or metropolis or whatever it would be called.this lineage for the superman legacy can be and must be continued.yes,clark embrace his destiny,becomes superman,but as clark kent was a teenager in development so is superman a superhero with much to learn.with a liitle imagination we can have another 10 seasons.i think that the fans who waited for ten years deserve ar list two or three with a superman series and,who knows,maybe even a movie with tom welling,whom i believe can be the best superman ever because of all the experience he has untill now.thanks,i am alexander from bucharest,tomania

  • Clown305

    Super girl in the future would make a betetter sence of a spin off since it ended with her doing her own future.

  • Chox11

    they should make a spinoff of smallville and call it metropolis it wont be replaced easily by a different character (superhero) so why try, use the same one.

  • Twocylman

    thats easy, the Martian manhunter, he is a police man from another planet with really cool powers
    He would be my first choice, then Adam Strange, how cool would that be, or Hawkman, another police man fron space. The Challengers of the unknown one of the best teams ever , they risk their lives because they are living on barrowed time , no special effects ,because no super powers.

  • Contrattos

    Bring back the cast of Smallville, only fast forward 10 years.

  • Gg

    Spider Man

  • Shazam

    How About Shazam

  • Cool

    Seriously Shazam

  • Abejundio

    Why can’t we have a Nightwing series. Nightwing is a name that has been used by several fictional characters in the DC Universe. It was conceived as a Kryptonian analogue to the character Batman, with Nightwing’s frequent partner Flamebird based on Robin. The Nightwing persona originates with a Kryptonian vigilante taking the name of the “nightwing”, a bird native to the planet Krypton. When the fallen city of Kandor falls to earth during Smallville, Kara is the one to deal with the incident. In original comics Superman shrinks the city and places it in a bottle and sits it on display in the fortress. The Bottled City of Kandor becomes a great place for Superman to study his people because it was such a massive hunk that people were living on it as it drifted though space because it kept an atmosphere of its own. The inhabitants went buck wild and there was a major increase in crime. Superman put on a special suite that drew in the suns powers so that it could keep him energized giving him his powers while on in Kandor. Jimmy Olson took on the persona of Flamebird and since Jimmy originally lives on Earth, the artificial sun for Kandor gives him superhuman powers. They could try to get Tom Welling to play Superman in the Pilot episode.  In comics Dick Grayson was essentially fired from his duties with Batman. Superman doesn’t feel it is a job that Bruce has the right to fire someone from so he when Dick goes to Superman for advice he tells Dick about his role as Nightwing and leaves the kid to his thoughts after an epic speech. Dick picks up the mantle and becomes Nightwing. Nightwing never joined the Justice League or anything else for a while there because Bruce paid money to each of these organizations so that they wouldn’t accept him. He is misunderstood by some of the DC heroes for a while. It would be easy to do a series on him without having to show Batman because the contact was very limited. An opening scene with Tom Welling giving a speech to young Dick dressed as Robin would be epic. Superman could be hovering above Robin who is sitting on a ledge. After the speech Superman could fly off never to be seen in the series again. This could open into the wardrobe change and his new found purpose and from there lead to the drama that is Nightwing. The series can be called Blüdhaven, which is the backdrop for the Nightwing comics. It is pronounced “Bloodhaven.” This would be my suggestion for a replacement series.

  • Jandad32007

    Why not let Superman now be Superman to the point where DC killed him and then brought him back, not a Lois and Clark