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Underworld 4 Is Happening, Apparently

Missing the latest in the non-Twilight ongoing fight between vampires and werewolves? You’ll finally be able to catch up in January 2012, when the Underworld franchises returns from the grave.

Sony confirmed a January 20th, 2012 release date for Underworld 4 yesterday, according to Bloody Disgusting, which also reported that the new installment is likely to be in 3D (Of course), directed by Len Wiseman (Again, of course), and feature a return for Kate Beckinsale, whose Seline missed the third installment in the series. This time around, the site claims, she’ll return to “pass the torch” to one of her two children, so expect some unconvincing make-up to age the actress to acceptable parenting age.


  • Voodoo

    Hmmm. Now why would Selene need to be aged if she's a vampire?

  • Mhalteman

    Yeah, that joke kind of falls apart with the whole Selene-Is-A-Vampire thing, Graeme.

  • DaVeO

    Maybe make-up to COVER up her age. :P

  • AirDave

    That's probably more like it…wouldn't the kids be a Vampire-Lycan mix?

  • pDUB

    isnt it in fact a vampire-lycan-vampire mix?