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New Hellraiser Movie Not A Reboot

It’s been years since the last installment, but that doesn’t make the new Hellraiser movie a reboot, according to new reports. Instead, expect a “balls to the wall” sequel to Pinhead’s original adventures.

The news comes via Bloody Disgusting, who also reveal that Victor Garcia will be directing the movie, titled Hellraiser: Revelations, from a script by Gary Tunnicliffe, for Dimension Films. Casting is underway, and good thing, too; the movie starts production next month. No news on a release date yet.


  • Truth Master

    Anything beats a reboot but are they really gonna make this movie without Doug Bradley?

  • Alex

    I thought the second Hellraiser was best.

  • Thomascadensmith

    I hope they can get Doug Bradley to do this movie because he adds class to the movies.

  • Jamstrings

    YES! No matter how cheesy the sequel may end up being, I would rather have a sequel than a remake of something that was perfect to begin with.