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Black Widow Isn’t The Only Woman In The Avengers

As Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson is the only woman currently announced for The Avengers, but according to director Joss Whedon, she’ll have plenty of female company once the big screen superhero flick rolls into theaters.

“It is true that the movie is only going to have one female avenger,” Whedon told The Sunday Herald-Sun of Johansson’s role. “But she will not be the only female character.”

Whether or not Whedon is referring to established characters like Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) or new-to-screen women such as Janet Van Dyne or Wanda Maximoff remains to be seen. Regardless, the Avengers director is having fun as he reworks the film’s script, crafting a story that borrows from the franchise’s lengthy comic book history.

“It will be a new story that has many things from different arcs of the comics in it,” he said. “There is no one Avengers story that you can just do the way that you can do the origin of Spider-Man. You really have to cull from the original and The Ultimates, which is one of the Avengers titles.”

Source: Moviehole


  • Daredoll

    I'm really hoping for Carol Danvers and Bobbi Morse as SHIELD agents. And an origin for Janet Van Dyne.

  • Deanjsimons

    why not sharon carter?

  • demoncat_4

    i hoped black widow would not be the only lady in the avengers. pepper pot would work given the iron man connecton. jan surprised she has not been confirmed for the wasp was a founding member. and most of the avengers in the film are the founders. scarlet witch would love to her finaly show up in a marvel film. we will learn the answers when the film hits .though a long wait

  • Lex Combs

    Tricia Helfer would be perfect as Carol Danvers.

  • de300

    i everything want you see go to ready love you keep yourself said hot sex 90 vh1 joy watkins pokemon.

  • Alex H

    I'm still hoping that the Avengers will work in an origin for She-hulk and bring her into the team. Plot wise would be very simple if theyre going with an original Hulk sort of setup. Banner is on the run, ends up fighting the avengers, Jennifer is caught in the crossfire, cue blood tranfusion followed by a new avenger.

  • Michael

    I can't wait. Whedon I can trust implicitly. I'm hoping for either Carol, Jan or Jen(She-Hulk). Jan would be great though. No idea who to cast though.

  • Kurumais

    lets not flood the avengers movie with non avengers i mean what do you want to see with a super hero team the super heroes fighting super baddies plus you only have a couple of hours to tell your story lets make every minute filled with avengers

  • projektchaos

    i want to see carol danvers too or better yet, maria hill