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More Details Emerge About Animated Young Justice

More details have emerged about Cartoon Network’s upcoming Young Justice animated series in an interview with producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti posted at ComicBookMovie. Warning: This contains spoilers for Young Justice and, presumably, for DC Comics’ Brightest Day miniseries.

Announced in April, the cartoon is loosely based on the DC Comics series by Peter David and Todd Nauck (David revealed last month that he’ll even be writing several episodes). We already know some details about Young Justice — the premise, the lineup, etc. — thanks largely to a video released during Comic-Con International by Warner Bros. Animation. But in this new interview, Weisman and Vietti dole out more information:

• Aqualad — Jackson Hyde, who’s introduced in DC’s Brightest Day #10 — is the leader of the team. Like his comic-book counterpart, the animated Aqualad will be revealed as the son of Black Manta, archenemy of Aquaman. Fans of the previous Aqualad, Garth (aka Tempest), should take heart: He, too, will appear in Young Justice.

• The cartoon’s Robin and Kid Flash are definitely Dick Grayson and Wally West, not Tim Drake and Bart Allen. “We went through and made the decision fairly early on that this was going to be a young DC universe,” Weisman said, “that Superman will have only shown up ten years ago, put on the cape ten years ago, Batman would have only put on the cape nine years ago, that the heroes haven’t been around that long, and once you’ve made that decision, then the idea of starting with Dick Grayson and Wally West, the original side kicks, they’re still young …”

• Superboy is Conner Kent, but somewhat different from what we now see in the comics. “… He’s newly cloned, he’s 16 weeks old — he looks like he’s 16, but he’s 16 weeks, and this is a new interpretation of the character,” Vietti said, “but we feel it really stays true to the origins of the character and is a very honest portrayal of him, but I think he’s going to be different from what people expect.” The producers wouldn’t say whether is DNA is that of Superman and Lex Luthor, as in the comics.

• Vietti identifies Miss Martian as the Martian Manhunter’s daughter (which I think differs from the comics?). Update: Weisman has since corrected this, saying that Miss Martian is Martian Manhunter’s niece.

• There apparently was some confusion in early reports, but the female archer is definitely Artemis, not Arrowette (a former member of DC’s Young Justice). “It was a mistake online — someone assumed she was Arrowette, but I announced that she’s not Arrowette, she’s not Speedy, she’s not Wonder Girl, she’s not an Amazon, but she is an existing DC Universe character,” Vietti said. “We did not make her up.”

• The world of Young Justice is part of DC’s multiverse. “… We’re set on Earth 16,” Vietti said, “so we’re actually a part of the DC Universe – you know they have 52 earths now and we’re Earth 16, so we’re part of the multiverse, and the comic book that’s based on the show is going to be in continuity.”

• The producers compared the setup of Young Justice to that of Mission: Impossible. “Batman is kind of their Jim Phelps, if Jim Phelps didn’t go on the missions with them,” Vietti said. “So he chooses the team, and he sends them out on these covert missions.”

Read the full interview for more. Young Justice debuts in November on Cartoon Network.


  • Robert J. Wilson

    “True Blood” successfully deviates liberally from its source material, so I'm willing to give this mish-mash Teen Titans/Young Justice/Brightest Day combo a shot…

    What am I saying? If it's DC, I'm onboard. Period.

  • Chris Buckley

    Earth-16? The world of the Super-sons post 52? That makes no sense.
    I would have assumed it was Earth-12, the home of the DC Animated Timm-verse.
    Would have fit in nicely there BETWEEN the animated Batman/Superman/Justice League run and Batman Beyond.


  • Lando

    So wait, they are choosing two old characters that are now their mentors (Dick being Batman now and Wally The Flash…well Wally has barely been seen outside events since his comic was canceled anyways and Johns brought back Barry Allen. Am I confusing the non-comics fans yet?) And a brand new Aqualad is ok?

  • Chris Katrev

    I don't like the Dick Grayson and Wally West change, but what the hell it's Weisman and Peter David.

  • Palmer

    So what, this show is basically the Teen Titans series that should've been, instead of the anime inspired kiddy crap-fest we got? Also, in the comics, Miss Martian is a white martian trying to be more like a green martian. Other than that, not genetic relation to the Martian Manhunter.

  • mmeans68

    Sounds interesting….especially since it's an alternate earth. It makes the mashup a bit easier to swallow.

  • Leo_darkheart03

    I'm just happy they are finally, finally, at LONG LAST animating SUPERBOY! To hell with everyone else they've got on the team. Superboy's NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE OF THE COMIC BOOK PAGES! Bout time he gets his Justice.

  • Daredoll

    I still wish there was a Wonder Girl in this line-up. Donna or Cassie, I really don't care which.

    And I HOPE that Artemis isn't named Mia…

  • Scavenger

    Other than the 10 year long Smallville series…or the 4 year long Superboy series from the 80's…or the Superboy cartoon in the 60's..

  • Jason Fleece

    The character on Smallville and both Superboy series is a young Superman/Clark Kent.

    Leo's referring specifically to the Kon-El/Connor Kent version of Superboy, who in fact hasn't been outside of the comics pages.

  • Jason

    Who is this Artemis character that they did not make up?

    The only one in the DCU I'm familiar with is the Amazon that stood in for Diana as Wonder Woman for a short time.

  • Guest

    New black character introduced as the leader of the team? And this is not politically-correct liberal-mongering HOW?

  • Mson

    Wow. Talk about over reaction. My mind didn't even remotely go there and it says more about you than anything that yours did.

  • Crballentinedesign

    so the only way for a black character to be a leader of a super-hero team is to be “politically-correct liberal-mongering”? And that's not racially, shortminded and ignoratn HOW?

  • Michael

    I'm gonna have to stop reading these articles. The more I read from them the less I am inclined to watch this disaster in the making. No, no by all means it's a “young DCU” but we'll still insist on Conner Kent. OH! And that's not Arrowette, we're just using her costume and likeness. Geez…

    Can you in the press stop saying it's “loosely based” on the YJ comic? It's not even close. And that pinhead in charge of this show Weisman or whatever…he seems to think the Teen Titans cartoon was based on YJ too! I have news for you. You're going to ruin our chances of having a REAL Young Justice cartoon (or a return to the real thing in comic form) because this is what people are going to perceive YJ as. In one statement Weisman says how great the comic is and in the next paragraph says how they just didn't want to do stuff with it. And how they couldn't use the name “Teen Titans” because of the other cartoon. I quote “It was already TAKEN!” so, by his logic we can't ever have another show titled “Batman” or “Superman” since those are taken. I somehow get the feeling, though I could be wrong, that DiDio had a bigger hand in this than we've been told.

  • nik

    Well, he's kind of right, just in a jerky-jerk way. The new Aqualad just happens to appear right before the new cartoon series, isn't that good timing? But who cares? It's not a big deal. I take issue with the fact that Aqualad is leader of the team. The creators already said Robin is the most experienced of the side-kicks, so how is Aqualad in charge? Oh, wait, cause he's the only black guy. Forgot.

  • Dave

    The Artemis they are probably referring to is the current villain Tigress. She first appeared in Infinity Inc. as the daughter of the original Tigress and Sportsmaster. Her full name Artemis Crock and originally went just by the name Artemis. Now she goes by Tigress and dates the second Icicle.

  • A_engmann

    Wow, overreact much? I guess if he was a new non-ethnic character it would be okay, huh? Keep your sad and pathetic attempt to race-bait and divide out of this forum. It's a new DC cartoon by Greg Weisman! Why are YOU complaining?

  • Kathy Maddux

    No, it's BASED ON the comic series by Weisman and Peter David…

  • Squashua

    Well, they did make her up. Artemis in DC Comics is an Amazon. Arrowette is the archer girl. So I guess this “Artemis” is a renamed Mia (Speedy II)?

  • RunnerX13

    I don't seeing it fit with the DCAU; Dick become Nightwing before Batman even met Superman.

  • Comic Book Prophet

    More fanboy-oriented GARBAGE.

  • Chris Buckley

    Agreed, but it fits better than with Earth-16 as they've established it already.

    In the fun but forgettable Countdown: Arena, we met Superman from Earth-16, a highly evolved superpowered boddhisatva, whose meditative control of his superpowers approached godlike abilities. On this earth, the heroes had become spiritual paragons and transformed themselves and their world into a near paradise. Almost like a benign version of “The Authority.”

    Seems COMPELTELY unrelated from the old-school premise of the young heroes in Young Justice. Sure there's a timeline hiccup, but it really shoehorns in a LOT better into earth-12, between the end of Justice League and the beginning of Batman Beyond.

  • RunnerX13

    Don't be surprised if something from a Countdown spin-off is out of continuity.

  • Ghobbs

    Well other than that

  • Absherlock

    Just wondering if I missed an issue of Brightest Day because I don't remember the new Aqualad's parents being mentioned yet…

  • rasx

    Sounds good, I would be watching this.

  • jumpnett

    The only thing that seemed weird to me was that Dick wasn't the leader. ANYBODY else seems weird, without even considering skin color.

  • Cbuchhe

    Hence the spoiler warning…

  • JMJones RTBolts

    Actually, the cartoon is produced and written by Greg Weisman, who had nothing to do with the comic series, and Peter David is writing a little for the cartoon as well as having been the sole author of the ongoing comic series.

  • Gyrorobbo

    With all the character mixing and matching, it seems pointless to try and put it in any existing DCU.
    That sounds like DC wanting to make a tie in comic that doesn't have to fall under the Johnny DC label.
    Would've rather seen Impulse and not Kid Flash.
    I will check it out though. Once I got over the anime style of Teen Titans I found it to be a lot of fun with surprisingly well fleshed out characters.

  • Bdcool0

    Looking at the picture, it is a completely misleading. Aqualad leader? Robin on any team like this is the leader. And making Robin and Flash Dick and Wally is just pure stupidity. Tim and Conner is a better dynamic. And why does DC always got to change things either Earth (whatever) or characters not making sense. I'm disappointed that it could be better than route they are going but I will watch either way I don't see it lasting long.

  • Pleaseenteravalidemail

    sounds like shit

  • JovyBond

    Hey there, just wanted to clear up some misunderstanding. Miss Martian is NOT Martian Manhunters' daughter, but his niece. Greg Weisman said so himself.…

    Anyway, I'm excited for the show, it looks really cool. I'm gonna back it up, no matter what!

  • Mr_Wayne

    He never said it WASN'T, Kathy. So Why are you telling him “no”???

  • Mr_Wayne

    I guess since it's an alternate Earth I wont ask why Aqualad looks like a white guy with a tan as opposed to his very much Black looking counterpart from the DCU (Brightest Day). With the obvious premise and theme they were going for I wish the line-up was more like this:


    Robin (Tim Drake or Dick Grayson if they must)

    Wonder Girl (Or new a amazon because of licensing BS)

    Jade (Since it's legacy/side kicks why not have the only GL legacy character? Make her young on the alternate Earth like they did with Dick and Wally)

    Kid Flash (Bart Allen or Wally West)


    Miss Martian

    So that it mirrors the Big 7 completely.

  • Kevin Melrose

    Thanks for the correction.

  • doctorfunk

    At first, I thought Teen Titans (the animated show) was the silliest sh*t but towards the end of the series I thought the show became really cool. As a die hard fan of animation I'm all in for Young Justice.

  • DaisyJane

    I really really want Donna Troy as Wonder Girl. Since it is an alternate universe then she can be the straight up sister of Diana, make from clay by her mother Hippolyta. Simple origin. I just really hope she finds her way to the show and they work out all the legal BS.

  • batfan86

    As long as the stories and characters are good, I don't care which Earth this is set on. Looks good so far though.

  • Guest

    It just reads to me like they are trying to put Obama in the cartoon.

  • Dreamreaver

    And about the whole “young universe” thing (this Age of Heroes being in its 9th or 10th year), didn't mainstream Wally become the Flash EIGHT years after mainstream Superman appeared?

  • Dark Spark

    Hopefully its better than all the recent direct to dvd movies, they seem to have the formula for tv down pretty solid. Still conflicted about the team roster but a previous article said that there would be a death in the team at some point. I'm hoping either Artemis(replaced by speedy) or Aqualad(replaced by Tempest).

  • gzapata

    soooo if Aqualad was white it would look like they are trying to put Bush, Mccain (add lots of other white politicians into here)?

    It just looks like they're trying to make Aqualad cool and conncet it to the new comic character. I'd change his name though

  • exgoalie

    For God's sake…this is a cartoon!! Comic book characters getting animated! Enjoy it for what it is!! And, again…it's a cartoon people!!! Leave the politics out of it!!! watch it…enjoy it…hate it…whatever but, get a freakin life!!

  • Will

    Very cool! It's always fun to watch these characers progress and I'm glad it'll be Dick Grayson and Wally West. I hope we get to see them evolve into their adult roles!

  • pDUB

    cuz she dum.

  • Comicsaredead

    “I don't seeing it fit with the DCAU; Dick become Nightwing before Batman even met Superman.”

    Maybe in post-crisis new earth continuity, but I think present day, post-final crisis earth-0, the silver age is in continuity again.

  • Will

    So you know, thinking about it, Superman and Batman having worn the cape for 10 years, doesn't make them that young, it kind of puts them right in line with how old they are now (35ish…)

    I wish they had said it was more like 5 or 4 years that they put on the capes.

  • Ibfiybf

    I really can't wait for this, and knowing Tempest is going to be in it makes it even sweeter! Hmm… I wonder if Garth is going to be coming back in the comics any time soon…

  • abassi

    i wish they stop making black characters look like Storm clones, but other than that I thought the animation was based off of the young justice comic book

  • Baines

    It isn't based on the comic series. It just takes the name of the comic series.

    One character from the comic makes it to the cartoon, really?

  • Robin4ev

    well…they got Robins costume wrong…since that version is supposed to be Tim Drakes costume…who was pringinally in the series cuz he was the leader, and Aqualad is black and the leader for some reason but ok, it won't be all that bad if that's just it. It IS an other earth so i'll give it a shot, who knows…maybe i'll like it!

  • Noel Blanco

    Sounds cool. It's really very different from the comics version, but I'm a big fan of most of the DC animated projects, so I'll definitely be looking forward to this one.

  • Jeremy

    Are you sure Miss Martian the niece of the Martian Manhunter name is not Megan Morse?

  • Axt113

    No Tim and No bart means I'm skipping this crap, I look forward to its early cancellation

  • guest

    Yes. It will surely be cancelled because it doesn't include two characters that the mainstream audience has never heard of.

    Jesus christ. The bitterness over this cartoon is ridiculous. It's a kid's show for god sake's.

    And my favorite part? It's “fanboy-oriented garbage” for not sticking to the comics. I would think a show that slavishly sticks to an obscure cult-classic comic book would be “fanboy-oriented”.

  • Daunt

    UGH. I am so ready to see them actually use TIM DRAKE and BART for something instead of Dick for every freaking Robin appearance. It's incredibly annoying. I've been excited about this for months and again they drop the ball. Really freaking disappointing. :/ Dick is in EVERY show as Robin. Frankly he makes a better Nightwing.

    Thank you for just REMAKING teen titans and ganking the Young Justice name. This is ridiculous.

  • Bleh

    That's silly? Dick Grayson and Wally West? WTF, Superboy isn't older than Dick.. they should have done the time line correctly… I can't stand inconsistency

  • Zen Strive

    So this is basically Teen Titans – Outsiders bastard child?

  • Zen Strive

    Remember, there is an event called Final Crisis where Darkseid's tinkering and the Monitors hungers messed the overall energy of the multiverse. Things might be different now on those 52 universes. Heck, an entire universe were obliterated and then reborn (Universe 51, I think)

  • Lucusjer

    she may have the name of the comics villianess known as tigress but the storyline with ties to the league of shadows sounds more like the storyline of the amazoness Artemis.