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Remember That Authority Movie Rumor? Well, Never Mind …

Just yesterday afternoon the Internet was atwitter with the possibility of a movie adaptation of The Authority, the well-regarded, and highly influential, superhero series by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch — based on a comment made by Castle star Stana Katic at an Emmy Awards event.

Well, it turns out it was all a misunderstanding.

“Re: confusion about ‘The Authority’,” Katic tweeted this morning. “By ‘looking into,’ I meant looking into READING the comic books. Was not cast or offered role in movie.” Or, as Ellis so succinctly put it: “No, There’s No AUTHORITY Film.”

Sure, a Warner Bros. adaptation seemed unlikely, considering the content of the hyper-violent, no-holds-barred comic (not to mention the studio’s inability to put together a Justice League film). But stranger things have happened in Hollywood — just not this time, apparently.


  • Servando Gomez

    It would have been nice to see a animated adapted feature of it instead of a live action in my opinion.

  • The Giggaheim Museum

    The Authority would be nightmare fuel to produce and recoup investment on. Comics have come a long way in the film industry, but not far enough for The Authority.

  • Sbtalal

    DAMN!! This could've been good.

  • chudleycannons

    And don't forget that the Batman and Superman analogies are a married gay couple. We can accept hyper violence, but that would be a problem if the movie ever got made (even if they cut it out of a movie, people would find out about the comics and then witch hunt the movie).