Werewolves Apparently Allergic To Rented Trailers

It’s not unusual for actors to tell interviewers that stardom hasn’t changed them at all, and that they’re the same happy-go-lucky people they always were, just with infinitely more success. As evidence of that clearly not being true: Taylor Lautner.

The Twilight star is suing an RV rental company in California for delivering his private trailer later than agreed to his movie set, which led to – and I quote – “displeasure, annoyance and emotional distress” because he was, instead, forced to use the rental trailer already provided by the studio. It’s a hard life, Taylor, but seriously: Man up. This is not going to do your reputation as a budding action hero any good whatsoever.

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  • gnort

    WAIT! ……HE'S a “budding action star?!?” Why didn't I get the memo!? ;)

  • Gina

    It was not him who filed the suit. It was his dad. you could try reporting all the facts, it's not hard.

  • CaseyJustice

    Dad or no, my deep, DEEP well of respect for Taylor Lautner and his rich body of work (pun only partially intended) has vanished. A shame to see such a genius talent struck down by hubris, so early in what was surely to be a long, multiple Oscar-winning career.

    Fall not, noble star. Your place is among the heavens.

  • http://twitter.com/tomdaylight tomdaylight

    He got his daddy to do it for him? Even worse!

  • redvector

    After the Twit-light mania goes away so will his career.