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Smallville’s Isis Isn’t (Quite) The DC Comics Character

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the 10th season of Smallville.

A few more details have trickled out concerning the introduction of Isis in the final season of The CW’s Smallville. It turns out she isn’t the DC Comics character — Adrianna Tomaz, introduced in 2006’s 52 — but rather “the Egyptian goddess Isis with a nod to the DC Isis.”

That information comes from Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, who learns from Smallville executive producer Brian Peterson just how actress Erica Durance will end up playing both Lois Lane and Isis.

“It’s an inhabitation story,” Peterson says. “Lois is actually going to be possessed by the spirit of Isis.” In other words, it’s pretty much what you’d expect, probably having something to do with that necklace, which bears an uncanny (and certainly not accidental) resemblance to the mystical amulet from the 1970s Isis television series.

The “Isis” episode is scheduled to air on Oct. 22. The 10th season of Smallville debuts on Sept. 24.


  • Karl

    As my sister said why don't they just let Lois/Erica be stranded in the desert and be lost.
    You know this is just bullshit…this Isis crap…
    Chloe can't be the true Lois lane that we all know she is..But Lois/Erica can become Isis?
    Help here her BP and KS..What are you smoking?
    Put down the ganga..
    Stop with the crap..
    Please stop making us miserable with this fake tits Lois lane/Erica Durance..

  • Rpintor1

    And you don't like “tits”?

    Well I guess you like cock bro? You know it's the writers that writes the story that comes on Smallville not the actors or actresses like Erica Durance. Chloe the “true” Lois lane?
    I think you've been sucking too much COCK my friend.

  • Cinnamon

    Erica Durance did actually play a character who was stranded on a desert island in the Lifetime movie “Stranded.” That's Erica Durance, the actress, and the human being who I feel it is unkind to wish such a terrible fate. It is very important to separate the actress from the character, because you don't know Erica Durance, and I would hope that in your every day life you don't actually wish harm on individuals that do things you dislike. Erica isn't making any decisions related to her character, so would you kindly refrain from utilizing her in your hate filled rants about Chloe not being Lois? I really would appreciate it.

    As for the spoiler itself, I think it sounds very intriguing. Erica was brilliant as Lois (as possessed by Faora) in the Season 8 episode “Bloodline.” I'm sure she'll be able to play the Egyptian goddess Isis in a way that will be powerful and regal. Erica is also a naturally beautiful actress, so I'm sure whatever costume or make-up they might use to achieve some kind of Isis look will only highlight her gorgeous features.

  • Sam

    Mehn…. you really do have issues. Chloe Sullivan is good enough to be Chloe Sullivan and not someone else. The actress playing the role invested 9.5 yrs of her life building up the character as “Chloe Sullivan” I mean unless you leave in a deluded society, why would you want an individual to have a multiple personality. It shows the inner working of the mind when you are not happy with yourself and who you are that you wish to be someone else.

    Can't wait to see smallville's take on Isis. Since it looks like they might be going the “Egyptian” route.

  • MKF30

    Karl, you're retarded and that comment makes no sense…if you're going to have that ignorant, immature attitude hating on Smallville characters for retarded reasons then please go take a long walk off a short pier please….

    Your Chloe/Lois comment is as ridiculous and stupid as the Hulk fanboys out there who actually think Hulk can beat Superman….please. Chloe is nobody, she's a Smallville introduced character not important to the Superman saga. Lois is….Thank god you don't speak for all of us because you're not a Smallville fan…you're a Chloe fanboy…go wack off to her comics coming out…