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Fox Releases New Bones, House Images

Here’s a sign that the new fall season is just around the corner: Fox has started releasing promotional artwork for returning shows. First up? Bones and House. Pictures and speculation after the jump.

Both images debuted on Michael Ausiello’s Entertainment Weekly blog yesterday; while House‘s promo both continues the show’s trend for arresting images and is metaphorically as subtle as a punch in the head – House is coming to terms with his emotions! It’s like open heart surgery! – the Bones one is a little more interesting, considering the end of the last season: “Chemistry keeps them together”? Really? After the last time we saw them, they were going their own separate ways? And should we be reading anything into the body language – or the skeletal hands? I mean, sure, it could be a Bones pun, or something more subtle…

Both shows return to Fox next month.


  • demoncat_4

    the house one could mean house change in persoality is almost like him having a total personaltiy transplant plus the characters skills including house will be taken to the limits for the new season bones maybe brenan and booth get back togehter over the first case of the season the hand could mean some one they both know winds up as one of their cases. or returns

  • DrakeGraham

    Wow, that House photo has been air brushed by an expert. House looks 20 years younger. No wrinkles, perfect skin.