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Fantastic Four Reboot Rumored To Be Eyeing A-Team And Harry Potter Directors

Fox’s rumor-magnet Fantastic Four reboot can add three directors to its gallery of unconfirmed details that already includes the title Fantastic Four Reborn and casting choices Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Unsurprisingly, Fox seems to be looking at directors who already have some credibility with comic book readers and general geek audiences, and if they get one of their wishes, the next FF release could come from the same mind who made The A-Team, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I and Part II, or V for Vendetta.

Joe Carnahan, David Yates and James McTeigue are currently the studio’s top choices, according to a report on Comic Book Movie citing anonymous sources at Fox.

A job offer to any of these guys could be a tip of the hat on Fox’s part toward the direction they want to see this Marvel property go. It’s notable that none of them have explicit sci-fi experience, but depending on which — if any — of the batch gets called in, we may see pulpy action and/or dark brooding.


  • K Man

    I wish Fox would just give the property back to Marvel. They had their chance. Twice.

  • Clamcla57


  • mmeans68

    Fantastic Four is already in need of a reboot??

  • Zomburai

    Considering that both of the originals aren't well-liked and, um, “underperformed,” I'd say so, although I think at this point financing another FF flick is just throwing good money after bad. The average movie-goer doesn't care about the Fantastic Four, and only really know the characters by way of movies they didn't much care for.

  • Mattruss108

    If they just dove straight into some insanely huge sci fi, fantastic four story rather than a reboot, than it might work quite well. Like when Mark Millar took over the title.
    It was only really the Jessica alba casting that I had a problem with. They don't need to re-do the origin, just ignore it like the Hulk film did, or just do a great story with these established characters like the bond films have done for god knows how long. The previous films where aimed at a family audience and I enjoyed them for what they were (light hearted comedy and all) But unless they put a lot of effort and time into the comic book to film adaptations then we wont see another Dark Knight for a long time.