Machete‘s Trejo Keeps It In The Family For Next Movie

Machete isn’t even released until this weekend, but fans of Danny Trejo have reason to celebrate already; he’s just confirmed that he’ll be re-teaming with his co-star from the Robert Rodriguez-produced grindhouse movie, Michele Rodriguez (No relation) in a new indie movie co-directed by Gilbert Trejo (Yes, that one’s a relation).

22-year-old Gilbert will produce and co-direct (with the wonderfully named Frankie Latina) Skinny Dip, starring his father Danny, and Rodriguez, according to the LA Times’ 24 Frames blog. The movie is described as “a revenge picture involving a young woman who kills a policeman.” Rodriguez will doubtless be playing the young woman, but no news as yet what role Trejo Snr. will take.

Machete is released this Friday.

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  • VanGoghX

    Here's a picture of Danny next to his son Gilbert. Definitely a smooth, baby faced version of his father.

  • Seayers

    Killer Man, Robert and Danny are great, Don't know much About Gilbert “YET”