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R-rated Photos From The Set Of Conan

Actress Katarzyna Wolejnio, who plays Valeria in director Marcus Nispel’s upcoming adaptation of Conan, has released a handful of, well, not-exactly-safe-for-work pictures from the film’s set.

The Conan the Movie Blog notes that the photos, which feature star Jason Momoa front and center, “in some sort of tavern environment: possibly where Conan meets his ally, Saïd Taghmaoui’s thief.” They’re candid shots that appear to have been taken during shooting, or between takes. Also, they feature bare breasts.

The sword-and-sorcery film, based on the barbarian created by Robert E. Howard, also stars Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan. Filming concluded on June 5; Conan is set to open sometime in 2011.

(via Blastr)


  • Randy Watson

    Which one is Conan?

  • Glennsim

    The one in the middle of each photo.

  • Flip Maker

    Jason Momoa is one lucky young actor.

  • pat is way fly

    i was really hoping this was R rated photos of Conan O'Brien :(

  • Clayton Emery

    If he’s smiling, he’s not Conan.

  • smarter than this guy

    Are you serious?

  • Aadvark

    the more breasts the better ;)