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AT&T Drops Hallmark

If you’re an AT&T Uverse customer, you may be forgiven for wondering what happened to the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel today. The answer is, of course, an argument over money.

Attempts to reach a new deal that would allow the carrier to continue running the two channels before their current deal ended at midnight last night failed and both channels have disappeared from Uverse listings already, replaced by previews of programming from Starz Kids & Family and Turner Classic Movies. Obviously, both sides are blaming each other. AT&T’s statement on the subject includes the lines “We offered to extend the current deal while talks continued, and Hallmark rejected that offer. We don’t want customers to lose their programming, but we believe strongly that our customers should not have to pay more than their fair share for Hallmark’s channels, which is exactly what Hallmark is demanding,” while Hallmark’s president and CEO Bill Abbot said, “I was stunned by the apparent disregard for the facts in AT&T’s recent statement regarding our negotiations… However, if they are really serious, my team and I are ready for truly fair negotiations.”

The real loser in this breakdown? Martha Stewart, of all people; her Omnimedia family of programming moves to Hallmark in less than two weeks. If a deal can’t be reached before then, it’ll be an unhappy debut for the former queen of nice.


  • Terri Lewis

    I am so upset about ATT dropping Hallmark Channel. I have u verse, home phone and cell phones with ATT. I pay lots of money to ATT. This is so wrong to cancel this channel.Cancel HBO/SHOWTIME..WHERE ALL THE DIRT IS… I am thinking about changing EVERYTHING….I AM MAD!!!!

  • Patsy

    I am very disappointed in the fact that U-verse and Hallmark could not reach an agreement. These two channels are watched in this household more than any other as they are good family shows. Frankly, it is hard to find something to watch that is not violent, scary, trashy or just plan poor quality. As much as I have enjoyed being with U-verse, I will be contacting another company to see if they carry the Hallmark channels. I will miss U-verse, but do not want to miss Hallmark.

  • Mitchellcharlotte

    I like the other customers of ATT Uvers, am very unhappy about Hallmark channels being dropped. I have ATT moblie, Uverse, land line phone and internet for 2 homes. I also pay a lot of money for ATT. If ATT cannot coem to terms and provide the HAllmark channels which we watch all the tiem, then I also will change carriers for all my business in both of my homes.

  • Cftrudo

    We are thinking of changing cable companies because of this hallmark thing! That was the only channel we watched. Now we have 300 channels of nothing!

  • Karendave

    You are now offering many channels of uninteresting programs. Get Hallmark back. With all the money you collect from all your customers you should be able to negotiate a deal with Hallmark. It looks like you are willing to sacrifice all the promotion & progress you have made with your Uverse.

  • Martytope

    Since Hallmark is about all I watch in the evening, I am very disappointed it has been dropped. I, too, may be looking for another service. We pay too much to have to watch “trash”……

  • Marypoorman

    I am as upset as the other customers listed. You would think with all of the money spent monthly on internet, cell phones and cable that some of the customers could have a little say on what stays or leaves. I love this channel and watched it for hours and then I rewatched as their is very little even on some of the other channels that is decent, family related, shows real life situations. There of course are romantic, early historic times and such a wonderful variety that I can not fathom why more channels aren;t doing what Hallmark is and You take it away from me and your other customers! Please return it asap! Customers will be waiting to see if it is returned or we can always take our Monies elsewhere.

  • Gabvictory24

    I can believe ATT dropped Hallmark, One of the best channel. I'm very upset with ATT. I'm thinking of canceling the service. I already canceled the cell. The others channels are only violence and violence. Many people are thinking the same like me.

    Shame on you, ATT!!!!!

  • Susan veld

    It's disgraceful that neither side could reach an equitable agreement. There should be more family shows on cable and neither side should hold their viewers hostage. We dropped our former cable provider for AT@T thinking we were getting more channels.

  • Susan

    I totally agree with you. There are times when, being “empty nesters” that I watch other pay channels, but for good clean family viewing there is no other like Hallmark. I looked forward to all their new movies and holiday shows. I called AT@T customer service about a month ago when I received a postcard that they may not be carrying this channel and called them. They didn't seem to know anything about it.

  • DangerWoman

    I do NOT like it when AT&T is doing this type of BIG No-No by taking away our constitutional right to watch the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movie Channel!

    If I was you, my fans, I would switch to either Comcast, Dish or Direct TV to get these channels!

    And if all else fails, sue AT&T for a gajillion dollars, a public apology and make it a class action status, for deprivation of these channels and our legal right to watch them!


  • Rabigsr

    I am upset in the lose of the Hallmark channels, 90% of the many channels is garbage I would be happy er with fewer options and better quality such as Hallmark. Please think hard and long on the lose of these two great entertainment channels

  • Linda

    AT&T needs to understand they are not the only cable provider around. I pay AT&T a lot of money which they evidently don't care about since they are obviously not listening to subscribers. It's like everything else that is happening in these times – GREED! They want more and more from their customers while they provide less and less. Maybe if everyone cancelled their AT&T overnight, it would make them listen!

  • Sally Albitz

    Hallmark is trying to greatly increase the fees that AT&T have to pay for their channels. This will then have to be passed on to AT&T customers. I hope that Hallmark will be reasonable with their new fees, in a time when the economy is so devastated, and understand that this is not the time to increase rates. I may just stop buying Hallmark cards or shopping at their stores. AT&T is still in negotiations with Hallmark, but Hallmark doesn't seem to want to be reasonable.

  • 1234

    A LOCAL cable company would have never let this happen. AT&T is so big and money hungry they don't care!

  • Stephani

    There are actually good shows and movies on these channels (unlike all the “Reality” garbage) I notice that AT&T keeps adding all these new sports and foreign language channels which I could care less about. When will I be receiving my credit on my bill now that Hallmark is gone? I'm paying for a ton of channels that I don't even watch.

  • mary emerson

    I feel the same as everyone else you all want us to pay high prices, but you won't pay what they want you to pay.I'm really upset as well because those re the two channels I watch the most,so take off some of the channels lie spike and other channels that have the dirt.

    Mary P.Emerson

    P.S. I expect my bill to be less until problem is resolved

  • Marilyn

    I also am very upset with ATT U-verwe for dropping Hallmark. I have all ATT services; phones, TVs and computer. As much as we pay for ATT service I believe they should be able to eat the incrase. If they don't bring Hallmark back without raising our rates I will be looking at other providers too.

  • Jane

    Please put Hallmark Channel back on uverse. We have everything with ATT and will certainly consider changing AGAIN . I can do without HBO – but our children, my aging mother and all of us in our family LOVE this channel. Work it out people. Shouldn't be too hard.

  • Jude

    I have tried to complain to AT&T online, but I find that there is no way to contact them except regarding service and repairs. They are not interested in hearing my opinion. I really enjoy the features of U-Verse, but now I have had it. They provide all of my services…but that will be changed.

  • Kathy


  • Unhappy in Avon

    Wake up ATT&T, the one thing we enjoy – you drop. We'd like to have rates too on our multiple services we have from you, but you seem to only want the new customer and not the ones that have been with you for awhile. Pay Hallmark what they deserve and get on with it or we will get on with moving to someone who will.

  • Judy

    I too am very disappointed that ATT no longer has the Hallmark Channel. It is the only channel that has good clean movies that the whole family can watch. We have had ATT for several years and I am considering changing to Direct or another cable carrier. Most of the 300 channels that we receive with ATT are not worth my time to watch.


  • Tom

    There are two sides to each story. AT&T and Hallmark needs to reconcile their differences. Brighthouse cable dropped CBS in the Indianapolis area for several weeks during the football season and many people could not see the Colts play. I cannot remember, but another cable provider almost dropped Fox network and movie channel, but a settlement was made. I noticed all of the posts beating up on AT&T. Comcast and Time Warner have the worst customer service around when it comes time to resolve cable reception problems or repairs. Lets give AT&T a chance see if this can be resolved. I see it as greed on both AT&T and Hallmark's part. Why would Hallmark ask for an increase in terrible economic times anyway? I rarely view Hallmark, but do notice they have plenty of family entertainment. If that is true, AT&T is not the only bad guy, what about Hallmark? If they care about family programming, why increase the fees to unreasonable amounts.

  • Wait and see

    According to an earlier article, Hallmark was wanting to charge AT&T more than other cable providers. I think the deal needs to be fair. Other cable companies have dropped major stations and networks for the same reason and both sides worked out a deal at a later date. The channels dropped were added back after the issue was resolved. I am sure AT&T and Hallmark will work it out. It appears that both were playing the game of chicken, see who give in first, neither side did.

  • Marie

    I looked at the Comcast Xfinity packages. Direct TV is high as well and their packages do not include internet and phone. Comast and Direct TV both have Hallmark at this time, but wow the prices are high after the promotional period ends. People may want to wait it out with AT&T and see if a compromise is reached. We did not have CBS for several weeks and switched to uverse. CBS returned to Brighthouse.

  • Ann

    Time Warner and Comcast was in the top ten list for worst customer service in 2009. You may not want to make too quick of a move because Hallmark and AT&T may reach a deal. It is a hassle changing services as well. My advice is to give it time because a deal will likely get reached.

  • Ginny Cox

    Hallmark (176) is my FAVORITE channel of all. We record the movies and all of the Touched by an Angel series. I hope you can reach an agreement that doesn't raise our prices on the U100 Family package. Thank you for trying

  • Carolynbohannon

    All I know is I am trying to contact ATT/uverse now to change to comcast because they have hallmart and I am not paying more to stay with uverse

  • Firebug23832

    I am upset that they removed the Hallmark Channels. I was planning on watching one of there movies this evening and the found out the they have been removed. I hope that ATT Uverse and Hallmark can try again to find a reasonable solution to their differences and put the channel back on.

  • Flustrated

    Options, then, are switch the cable television aspect of your AT&T subscription over to Comcast, Time Warner, DIRECT TV or DISH Network.

    Since there is still no news about renewed negotiations with HALLMARK CHANNEL, I guess that's the only option to make the wife happy, now?

  • Kip Wilson

    The Hallmark Channel has been our go-to channel when we wanted decent entertainment for the entire family…we were never disappointed. Many, and I mean many of the the channels currently available are not family friendly and we'd prefer you deleted some of them instead of Hallmark. I just read that ATT U-Verse has added 19 Spanish-language channels bringing the total Spanish channels to 56. Come on, most americans at least understand English, and I bet even the spanish speaking customers would prefer Hallmark over many of the other offerings.

  • Helen Chumley

    Ditto to all the posted comments. Hallmark is one of my favorite channels. I will definitely look into switching carriers (which is a royal pain) if Hallmark does not come back. Shame on AT&T U-verse for hooking us all in and then dropping Hallmark. We pay way too much a month for cable. We often comments about having 300 channels and “nothing” to watch. Please bring Hallmark back!!

  • Nanbenham117

    I am very disappointed in not having Hallmark channel no longer. It is the only channel that has good shows and I am already missing them today. It is hard to believe that an agreement cannot be solved. As far as I am concerned you can do away with HBO, it's nothing but trash. I cannot believe that at&t.u-verse shows such trash. Please keep Hallmark because the holidays are coming and the shows are wonderul. Thank you for all of the hard work in other areas of at&t u-verse programs. Nan Benham, Allen, TX

  • Sunkleepspirit

    The nerve att has! Promise everything in a wonderful bundle, and then start taking away. Hallmark channel is the only non- violent movie to watch! I doubt the 6 MTV channels, all the jewelry channels,12 kids channels, reality channels galore would be missed if they were at least cut down. Hallmark is the only movie you can watch with positive story. You'd think ATT would get their priorities straight. Add quality, positive shows ( in english) and get rid of the trash. Also, don't take away what we signed up for and PAY for!

  • Dan B

    I am so happy I left att U verse TV before they dropped the ball oh I mean Hallmark !!! SUCK IT UP ATT pay for the descent programming and pay less bashing your superior Version wireless competition !!!

  • Kolbrun Helgason

    Those channels were the only channels that you could let you children watch without being there. I really enjoyed those channels. Dont do what comcast did either got rid of the channels or made you pay more to watch them.

  • Sami Helgason

    that channel played alot of shows that were fun to watch. Alot of Good Christmas shows.

    Mainly good shows.

  • Karen

    I too am very upset that U verse and Hallmark can not work out an agreement to keep Hallmark on u verse, it should be a give and take on both sides. As others have commented this channel is watched most of the time in our home. I would not want to change carriers but if we lose Hallmark on our U verse all together I will consider that. I also feel it would be unfair for U verse to pass expense onto us if they do make an agreement, some things are just cost of doing business expenses that we should not be responsible for.

    I hope for all U verse customers this matter is resolved soon and we get our channels back I do not want to watch cartoons all day!!

  • MissyAnne39

    I called ATT after I seen a notice being scanned across my TV and was told not to worry, it is in neg otiation but would not be interrupted. This morning I get up, ready to enjoy a day of hallmark and NO CHANNEL OR HALLMARK MOVIE NETWORK, I switched to phone, cable, and internet to ATT. If I cant get Hallmark , I will take my services back to COX. I'm furious and of course no one is answering calls, I only get voice messages. This is poor customer service on ATT.

  • Ceglady

    I tried to call Att U Verse about dropping Hallmark and couldnt get anyone to talk to but there was plenty of help on how to pay my bill. Wish they could be responsive to customers as Hallmark is about the only family friendly channel to watch. Maybe they want me to drop all four services I get from them.

  • Hstier

    We watched the Hallmark channel a lot because of their fine programs. Please settle the squabble and return Hallmark to us.We may have to look into a differant carrier.

    . Herbert Stier

  • Archie McQueen

    Please contact Att request and ask for discussion, please. Hallmark channel is my favorite channel and I want it back even if it would be a premium channel. I believe we need to have the same serve that customers of the other area cable companies.

    Finally, I beg you to contact Att. plus. Please stop the finger pointing, because you said they said is no help for the customer of either company!!!!!

  • Robin

    The real people who will suffer if Hallmark isn't put back on air,is the viewer. The Hallmark channel is one channel where the viewer can count on good clean family movies and shows.

  • Rcalla1979

    Comcast has done that for years, drop channels from an existing package and charge make customers pay more to get the channels back. This was one station and it was over price. Comcast did it with no pricing problems between the channels and them, Comcast just simply did it.

    A lot of the programs on Hallmark does come on other stations. On the AT&T system, you can use the search feature to find out what time and other stations the same programs come on. I think both AT&T and Hallmark need to work it out. Hallmark should have accepted AT&T's deal and grant an extention at the old price keeping Hallmark on the air until a deal was reached.

    If a deal is never reached, shame on Hallmark because they could compromise on the price. AT&T did not say they would not pay more, but a fair compromise.

  • Kimmikuma

    I am so upset that there is no more Hallmark on AT&T on Uverse and if Martha Stewart is the greedy B that is the one that is keeping us from having it I say drop her and bring the channels back. It is a shame that GREED is once again at the head of all this especially at this time of economic time that we are experiencing at this time WHY????????

  • Ljg1954

    please bring it back, like other ATT U Verse subscriber's it's one of the few good channels out there


  • Nancy Klein

    Please restore the Hallmark channels for AT&T customers. Martha Stewart is my favorite tv show. No Martha in St Louis is a sad scene for us.
    Nancy Klein

  • Tom

    The first thing I noticed is that AT&T added 7 Spanish channels immediately after dropping Hallmark. I don't speak Spanish, so this doesn't do anything for me! I wouldn't mind them adding a Spanish Hallmark channel, but don't take away my Hallmark and think that I will be okay with it just because of the added Spanish channels. If Hallmark doesn't return to AT&T, I will drop AT&T, no question. On the other hand, shame on Hallmark for not letting them continue during the negotiations.

  • Louise L

    There is practically nothing at all worth viewing – that isn't violent or super religious or rediculous – and removing the one chanel that had some enjoyable, clean, amusing shows leaves us with precious little to enjoy ! It seems like the more chanels are added, the worse the shows. – My husband loves sports which is the only saving grace for TV, it seems.

    At least we have BBC news, CNN, Rachel Madow , Rick Sanchez, and Jon Stewart. But we're definitely missing any light entertainment that isn't brain dead.

    So sad.

  • Nolagregory

    I just got At&T and was assured by the salesman that I had Hallmark. Well guess what? I was obviously lied to. I had it the day they came out to install on Comcast and then I didn't with AT&T. So I believe I was mislead and lied to. I asked specifically about Hallmark as we watch it an awful lot. Correct this AT&T..this is not good PR for your company.

  • Ann

    It is now September 26, 2010, and the Hallmark channels have yet to return to AT&T U-Verse. I can't believe it! Are these channels ever coming back? We have everything in our home connected to AT&T. We even changed from Comcast to U-Verse because they would take away the Hallmark channels from a specific package and then we would have to pay more for another package in order to have the Hallmark channels. This seems to be even worse. We don't know what we are going to do yet, but continue to hope that we get those channels back.

  • esther

    i want hallmark channel back if we dont have it back by november we are packing it up and going back to cablevision, this is ridiculous cant you see how many people want this channel isnt the customer always right and should come first. we pay alot of money a month to just watch regular channels now hallmark is a great channel especially around the holidays and i and alot of people i know wont be without it

  • Twinsis

    ATT if it was the Dallas Cowboys who wanted more money that would not have been a problem you would have shoveled it out. It was only “the little Hallmark Channel” which you probably think is watched by women only. Well, big business ATT, we women have more money and influence that you think. Bring Hallmark back to U-Verse. You may think you are the company in town…..and you are dumb enough to act like it…….still!

  • Jkfreeman33

    Going to miss all the great Christmas movies on Hallmark. How much more would it cost to have Hallmarak?

  • Meraviles

    I would like to see if Hallmark can still work with ATT U-Verse to find a solution and allow the Hallmark Channels to be again part of the U-Verse lineup. This, I assure, will make lots of costumers happy not mentioning that many families will be able to watch a suitable programming. Thank you.

  • Sallykono

    Please, bring the Hallmark Channel back, it been to long now. Hallmark Channel is one of the best Channel and also AT&T your having us miss the holiday movies that come once a year. Martha Stewart rating are low may this is a factor. Just please could both side sit down and come up with a new deal for Hallmark & the AT&T Network. I’d hate go else-
    where but I will. Thank for you time

  • Billie

    I presently have Dish & was considering ATT Uverse until I read they don’t carry the Hallmark channels. That made up my mind for me. Guess I will stay with Dish even though I don’t like it.

  • Bobbie

    Oh poor Martha,come on Hallmark, you have just managed to put a black mark on your famous name. Calling yourself a family channel, right . now you need more money because you think you need Martha! really. So you take it out on your publc, your families???????? In any case you are a dissappointment, did you do this on purpose, right in time for the Christmas. Millions of people watched the Hallmark channels. It was a house whole name, now you have the joined the ranks of the money mongruls!!! SHAME ON YOU.

  • Ali

    Hallmark Channel needs to be readded to U-Verse!!! Its the Holidays, I want to watch their Holiday Movies. Hallmark is a Wonderful Family Network. Work It Out you guys!!!!

  • Joannerosetti

    Dear At&T customer Service
    I just found out on the Internet that you people dropped The Hallmark station will it come back on? because I enjoyed the movies on that channel this also happened on the food channel it came back on. I do not like what is happening concerning these channel’s please e-mail me at
    Mrs. Joanne Rose Rossetti

  • Joannerosetti

    Dear Customer Service
    I am very upset at At&T for canceling The Hallmark channel hope it comes back on. I enjoyed the movies on that channel. Please e-mail me and tell me if it will come back on.
    Joanne Rose Rossetti

  • Wanda Simpson

    I am so sorry tat AT&t dropped the hallmark channels, it was good family orianted movie and show information. One of the reasons that I chose AT&T uverse was bwcause of Hallmark. I am very fisapointed. Shame in you

  • Andy

    Bring back the hallmark station it was the best station you have get rid of HBO & Showtime you only play repeats over and over. A&TT dosent care what the custumers like or dislike because they make you sign a contract and they no if you cancel your account you will be penalized and charged for it.

  • Brendag

    This is take away a clean movie channel and act like you are protecting your viewers from higher costs!!  That is bull!! At least let us have the option to pay extra. As soon as my contract is up Im going back to Charter!! and I know many that will do the same!!

  • Bcrpr_1

    Well it is now   October  2011 and still no Hallmark,   my contract won’t be up until June 2010
    but I will think very hard about not renewing it.     The only channel I  want is Foxnews and that
    they have and Hallmark.   I will search for the Hallmark somewhere else.


  • Hrobi

     i just recently got Uverse thinking I would get Hallmark Channels & then discovered I didn’thave them. I am telling them if I don’t get them in the next 3months with them I will switch services on all of mine. I really like Uverse but like Hallmark Channels more.

  • Paula

    I only chose to switch from Charter to Uverse because a representative at att told me I would have all of the same channels. I do not have a lot of channels that I had with Charter and I am considering going back to Charter. I would like very much that you would come to terms with Hallmark, there is no substitute for other channels. I am very upset that I was lied to. I have my land line, cell phone, internet and tv with ATT, but I am considering cancelling