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Gilliam’s Don Quixote Falls Apart, Again

Director Terry Gilliam might not believe in “the curse of Don Quixote,” but he might be the last one not to. The financing for his long-time-coming movie based on Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel has fallen apart, putting the movie on hold… again.

Gilliam told Variety,

The financing collapsed about a month and a half ago… Robert Duval is [still] Quixote, Ewan McGregor is also there, and we are looking for new financing right now.

The director has been trying to make this movie for more than a decade, at this point, with different actors cycling in and out of the production, and a documentary (Lost In La Mancha) completed about the process. It seems that he’s not unaware about the irony of his own Quixote quest, telling the trade paper:

Don Quixote gives me something to look forward to, always. Maybe the most frightening thing is to actually make the film.


  • Eric

    Good lord, I just want to hug him and tell him everything's going to be alright…

  • portnoy-1

    come on, this is a real cinema artist, a real director, not some micheal bay with million of dollars flyin up his ass to make pyro cgi bullsh!t, i want enterteiment but whit juicy sustance, god bless you terry and hope for you to kick those windmills in the ass like don quijote, arriba hermano los gigantes no esperan la batalla que vamos a darles