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Images From The Long-Awaited Venture Bros. Season 4.5

Adult Swim has unleashed a wave of images from the long-awaited Season 4.5 of The Venture Bros., the acclaimed comedy-adventure animated series. Just how long-awaited? Well, by the time the second half of the season debuts at 11:30 p.m. EST/PST on Sept. 12, nine months will have passed between episodes. Ah, well, it’ll surely be worth the wait.

Courtesy of creator Jackson Publick, here’s a rundown of the episode titles in the order they appear (you can try to match them with the images in the gallery below):

• “The Diving Bell Vs. The Butter-glider”
• “Pomp & Circuitry”
• “Every Which Way But Zeus”
• “Everybody Comes to Hank’s”
• “Bright Lights, Dean City”
• “Assisted Suicide”
• “The Silent Partners”
• “Operation: P.R.O.M.”

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  • s1rude

    Go Team Venture!

  • Tytanium

    Billy's gonna get some action? Yeah, it's going to be an awesome season

  • Joe Howard

    From the looks of it, they're probably vampires or something of the sort… I mean, when has anything GOOD actually ever happened to any of the characters? I mean the Monarch so far has achieved the most happiness by marrying Dr. Girlfriend and that's it. Misery throughout.