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Smallville‘s Final Season Gets Another Familiar Face

Who isn’t returning for Smallville‘s final year? We already know that Hawkman and Supergirl will be making reappearances, but now another superhero is coming back for another chance at television greatness.

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello has the news that Aquaman will be appearing again for the first time since the show’s eighth season in the tenth and final season’s ninth episode, handily airing during November sweeps period. No news as yet as to whether he’ll have a major role, or merely be cannon fodder for the series’ final big bad, Darkseid – but I have to admit that I’m hoping for the latter. What can I say? Darkseid is.

Smallville returns September 24th on the CW.


  • JoshB

    What about Bart?

  • Klark Cent

    Darkseid? Let me guess, he will be a state senator who is really mean and then turn out to be an alien with grey skin and a big forehead that wants to destroy the universe.

  • Jimmy

    more Aquaman is fine by me…

  • Crimsonrain

    only one character is not up for appearance and that's Sam Jones aka Pete Ross since he's doing time in the big house. I also really hope that Lana doesn't return although she can appear.

  • demoncat_4

    figured given its small ville last hurrah they would no doubt bring back certain characters to help wrap up things. even aquaman. even though would rather have flash and cyborg return to help in the fight with darksiede.

  • Alex

    Gene Hackman must play Darkseid.

    Wasn't there a football player in the first season who left to fight in Iraq? They should bring him back as a villian… then kill him. It's always fun when they do stuff like that on shows.

  • Me

    It's not just who's returning but also who's making a first appearance…namely, Isis.

  • JoshB

    Whitney….he died. I think maybe they already did bring him back as a villain(?)