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Captain America Gets On His Bike In New Pic Leaks

Hey, look! It’s the movie Captain America in full costume, speeding on his bike through the English countryside while shooting Marvel’s second most-anticipated movie of next year*! Click through for more pics.

Be warned: These shots (from the British Daily Mail newspaper) are of a stunt double, not Chris Evans himself. But nonetheless: The costume looks pretty impressive, right? Or maybe I just had really low expectations.

And just for fun, here’re the Red Skull’s soldiers, presumably chasing Cap.

Captain America: The First Avenger is released 22 July 2011.

(* – Let’s be honest, you’d rather see Thor.)


  • Stephen Reid

    Actually, I'd much rather see Cap (than Thor) although Thor is looking great too. :)

    Fantastic shots – well, not great pictures, but great to see the full costume and shield too! Can't wait!


  • DaVeO

    Hmm, those Skullbikes look a little plastic but that's probably due to lighting. Cap costume looks good though, maybe just needs to be dirtied up a bit.

  • ryan

    Wow- Ithought the concept images of the costume had potential, but that's not working for me. The upside is that this is likely the WW2 version and it will see some changes, after he's thawed out for the Avengers.
    However, I'm glad to see Hydra being incorporated into the Marvel film universe.

  • Lando

    Well the Shield is awesome, I recall them saying its like a military outfit from the 40s just more spruced up. So I give it a pass for now.

    Until I see a trailer for Cap, its tough to say I want to see Thor more, but that teaser trailer was epic.

  • Lando

    Well the Shield is awesome, I recall them saying its like a military outfit from the 40s just more spruced up. So I give it a pass for now.

    Until I see a trailer for Cap, its tough to say I want to see Thor more, but that teaser trailer was epic.

  • BrotherUnitNo_4

    For a second, I was wondering when Evans got so doughy.

  • Joshua_Long

    Well, I like the helmet and shield… but that's about it…

    The suit looks horrible, almost as if it's made out of hockey gear. The fabric is WAY too thin… isn't Cap supposed to be a soldier THAT FIGHTS WARS? What is that paper-thin costume supposed to protect him from? It doesn't even look like it'd make a suitable windbreaker. And the padding is absolutely horrible.

    The HYDRA agents look just as bad… what are they even wearing, rubber suits? Paired with those bikes, it just looks like a bunch of cliche GI-Joe bad guys. The vintage HYDRA car looks okay, though.

    Overall, everything just looks far too plastic-y and fake. However, I felt the same way about THOR until I saw the trailer, so I'm willing to give Johnston and Co. the benefit of the doubt until I see some actual footage (and not the blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip they showed at Comic-Con).

  • Bafflegabber

    The costume looks silly… not a great one for live action.

  • DocoOrlando

    Painted-on abs? Please. It really is enough for Cap to be well-built; it's not necessary to outline his musculature to make him look Schwarzeneggerian. WW2 Era Costume fail.

  • redvector

    It's a stunt man so of course the suit's not going to look as good as it does on Evans. As far as the bikes go it's an action shot taken with a long range camera. So of course they won't look as good as they will on screen in live action.

  • T-dot


    You guys gotta realize – some of you have – that these are of the stunt guy and these shots are not going to be used in close up, and that also a whole hell of a lot happens to a film in post.

    Don't get me wrong – the film and the costume may end up being crap still – but to judge the film on what we are seeing here in these pictures is a bad move.

    I remember when I finally saw one of the real Aston Martin DB5's that was actually used in Goldfinger, some collector had one of them in my home town, thinking how utterly lame it looked compared to how it looked on film – and that was a film made in 1963, and much of the post-production magic has improved significantly since then.

  • Fan

    Taking post-production magic into consideration, I still can't get past the Hydra outfits. I guess the G.I. Joe movie had more of an effect on me than I realize, because full-body jump suits with face-covering masks on vehicles that look more elaborate than practical (I mean, really, an armoured bike? What, to protect the bike from bullets? I think the bike taking on bullets is a bit less important than the fact that the RIDER may take bullets less effectively. I'm not even sure I can tell how those bikes STEER). But hey, what's a WWII chase scene without bikes driven by minions with guns on the front of them, right?

    …I bet those guns shoot exploding bullets.

  • Immaculatewang

    You know, even with it being a stunt double, I was expecting one of the Lucas Lee doubles.

  • lead_sharp

    I'm glad that's a stuntman because he looks goofy (I think he's just gooning in the third shot) I think it'll get better in the film…I hope it'll get better in the film.

    Not bad though in context.

  • The Moose

    He's being chased by Snake Eye from GI Joe! Damn you, Red Skull!!!

  • heck

    weird if hes chris' double those guys usually look more like the actor.

    people need to keep in mind what'll be on screen will look nothing like this.. that is common knowledge right? cinematography, lighting, computer color effects..yadda yadda yadda.. hell this could be a night time scene. hate when people judge these set photos out of context

  • Invasionforce

    That baggy costume is not very sexy.

  • Idfwriter

    Stunt. Costume. It's supposed to be bulky (padding). It's going to look different than the actual one. It's not going to look as good. You see stunt costumes for other films and they look craptacular compared to the originals as well. Most of the time they're only shot from a distance where the camera isn't close enough to get many details anyway. It amazes me how on every site that reports on this stuff the comments are all the same from a lot of people who apparently fail to know how to read or use common sense.

  • Peter James

    What, Evans can't drive a motorcycle.

    Oooohhh I can't drive fast on a motorcycle I might hurt myself. Caps being played by a pussy.

  • Order_sixtysix


  • Order_sixtysix


    ________EPIC FAIL_____________________________________________________

  • CEngine

    No. Cap's costume doesn't look good.

    You're an idiot.

    Ultimate Cap can suck my ass.

  • lord byron george gordon

    how does anyone think that looks good? why is a 1940s costume having painted ab muscles on it? how is this different from what Reb Brown wore with a motorcycle helmet in the 70s?

    what we have here is what has been slowly killing comics, and comic related entertainment: people embarassed with the source material, and their overwhelming need to compensate for it. oh, its an 'entertainment' costume, of course, because, you know, a super-hero wearing a costume, it couldn't just be that. the collective chip on the shoulder of comicdom for 'mainstream' acceptance has raped this medium. seriously.

  • T-dot

    Sorry to single you out here, man, but whether Chris Evans wants to do his own riding is irrelevant.

    Millions are banking on a film of this scale, and the risk of harm to your lead – not to mention the cost to a production if it has to shut down for a spell because your lead has broken his collar bone or foot arsing around on a motorcycle – has to be calculated against whether a lead actor can or wants to do his own stunts.

  • yoink


  • Patrick

    Painted ab muscles? Unless Chris Evans has square abs, I'm pretty sure you're wrong.

  • TW

    Dude, just chill and wait until the final production. As was said above, this is just a stunt double and it's a stunt costume. The actual costume on Chris Evans has yet to be seen, so reserve your judgment until then. If you still don't like the way it looks, then just avoid the movie and any articles about it, because frankly, complaining about it isn't going to make a lick of difference…

  • Chowder

    I want that shield! They better release a set that the public can buy! Not a fan of the costume though, and it looks a bit crap in these shots, but I guess we just have to wait until the movie to see how it looks.

  • Mcbar0321

    that costume looks ridiculous. i guess that's what marvel thinks was cool in the 40's.

  • The Snappy Sneezer

    Wow, the 80s film costume with rubber ears is so much better looking than this poorly designed rubbish.

  • nik

    Cap's suit looks great.

    CEngine's a complete asshole.

    Meh, not a fan of Ultimate anything, really.

  • Grant

    So someone likes something you don't and they are an idiot.

    You're a jackass.

  • Grant

    I get a crazy 1940s serial vibe from this especially the Hydra agents. I don't know if that will appeal to general audiences but I kind of dig it.

  • Johnnynitro37

    Did anybody notice in the third shot it looks like Cap is “setting up camp” so to speak??…guess he IS just a man after all…

  • lord byron george gordon

    TW, I appreciate what you're saying in regards to just avoid things about the movie, because I do agree with you- people bitching and trolling over things also amuses me, since I share your outlook that they could just ignore it. Except… I am a huge Cap fan, with a great deal of years invested in digging the character, you know what I mean?

    So yes, I am annoyed. Annoyed that they have stated how foolish they think he looks, and the fact they need to make up a ridiculous sub plot about how its a USO entertainment costume. Listen, your same advice can apply to the *filmmakers* themselves- THEY dont like the way Cap looks. They admitted it. So THEY should avoid making a movie about it. You follow me? They've got to dilute everything by making it as 'mainstream' as possible because they're embarassed. It's ridiculous. It's a movie about a super-hero. Lets have some escapism and sense of disbelief.

  • Cap Jr.

    I hope that is not the costume, it looks like doo doo. And anyone who doesn't agree, has not seen Captain America in the comic books. I'm hoping this is some stunt shot, because…zooiiiie mama the movie would suck!!!

  • JCPitt80

    No, that suit looks like amateur hour

  • Russellbuzz

    When Joe Quesada says he wants to dress up as Captain America when he visits the set, would _YOU_ say no?

  • Mikeclr

    Well, for a 1940's suit that sure looks like 2010 motocross gear…and those Nazi bikes…sorry…anachronistic fails!

  • Burmundy

    The only thing I like is the Harley.

  • Millman

    It's a paparazzi shot. There's still post production touchups to go through. It will look different when the final product comes out.

    A “classic” Cap with little wings on his helmet probably wouldn't work in a live action film.