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Will Hasbro’s Hub Find Its Audience?

We’re just over a month away from the launch of The Hub, a new network co-owned by the Discovery Channel and Hasbro. But just who is the new channel actually aimed at?

The Hub replaces Discovery Kids, and Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav knows who he considers the new channel’s competitors:

We know Disney is a great company, Cartoon [Network] does a great job, and Nickelodeon is good at what they do, [but] I think it’s gonna be bigger than even I expected… There’s space for us in the market, and we’re really going to hit it hard.

But with shows centering around Hasbro properties created more than 20 years ago – Transformers and GI Joe will both be there, as well as My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake – I can’t help but wonder if the channel is also hoping for some Nick At Nite-style nostalgia to lure in the all-important 18-34 demographic, as well (Rerunning shows like Fraggle Rock doesn’t hurt that idea, it has to be said). I know that I fall way outside the target demo, but I’m still curious enough to try and catch some Transformers or Joe – and if they’re not hoping to catch adults hoping to relive some part of their childhood, then why keep broadcasting until 11pm? Are kids really staying up that late these days…?


  • Chris Katrev

    I just wish to know the premiere date for Transformers Prime.

  • Tess

    With Meerkat Manor your demographics will be skewed and the channel will fly! Just make sure it is a convenient time for we working folks!

  • Jim

    they are a bit delusional unless they are paying for better channel placement. On most cable lineups that I'm familiar with, Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network are on the regular channel list, but Discovery Kids is on a digital or other additional cost tier. A better comparison would be Nicktoons or Disney XD.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Almost anything has to be better than what they've currently got, IMO. Discovery Kids is simply…well, [i]there[/i]. I think there's been more buzz about The Hub in recent months than there has been about Discovery Kids in years…

  • Triwise_troy

    I'm disappointed, They finally get the chance to make a new Gi Joe cartoon and there going to FU#%it up with this crap. Why not start where they never finished Season three of A Real American Hero Continuity. The Show was at it's prime and they Gave it over To DIC to finish. Come on. Plus Transformers Prime. I hated the movies. Should have called it GObots. It would have fit better. Now this! As I said !!! Disappointed. !!!!

  • d.sachsen

    i like transformers prime is my favorite program . meaybe they can put more shows and for little kids they can put new shows and use shows like dora the explorer and yo gaba gaba