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Iron Man 2 Less Popular To Bootleggers Than Box Office Flop?

Here’s a weird surprise: The most illegally downloaded movie of the week? It’s not Iron Man 2, which makes its debut in the chart at #2, behind another new entry… One that wasn’t actually that big a hit at the box office.

Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood was, somewhat surreally, the most bootlegged movie of the week, according to TorrentFreak’s regular top 10 chart (A DVD screener-rip of The Expendables falls from last week’s top spot to #3). I’m puzzled as to what lessons can be taken from this: Was there a hidden audience desire to see this movie in theaters that was defeated by ticket prices (“I want to see it, but not enough to pay for it“)? Are Iron Man 2‘s fans waiting to actually buy the DVD legally? Did everyone think they were downloading something else…?


  • BSmithy

    Robin Hood has more appeal to a general population than Iron Man 2, and those who download illegally have probably already seen Iron Man 2.

  • Eric

    I wanted to see Robin Hood, but not enough to pay for it. Which means I'll just wait 'til it's on network TV.

  • bebopeva88

    Robin Hood CLEANED UP overseas, and still grossed over $100 million in the US, so it's not that surprising, really.

  • Maths

    Maybe they thought they were downloading the Kevin Costner film.

  • Spike

    Actually the reasons in the article are exactly why I'd probably get Robin Hood bootleg and wait on Iron Man 2. Iron Man 2 is only gonna be worth it for the special features because the movie blew but at least Robin Hood sounds kinda spectacularly bad. I'm just not about to admit I wanna see it to anyone other than a crackhead.

  • Sijo

    And we know that these results on ILLEGAL downloadings are correct, how…?

  • Outlaw-56

    I saw iron man 2, it was nothing compared to the origanal movie…