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No More Heroes

Peter Petrelli, Sylar and the gang are truly gone, as plans for a Heroes television special that would serve to wrap up the series’ unresolved storylines have been scrapped.

Series creator Tim Kring met with NBC executives in early June to discuss the possibilities of closing out Heroes with a special television miniseries that would skip forward in time and bring back Adrian Pasdar, among other ideas. But an unnamed “key source” close to Heroes tells Entertainment Weekly that the network has decided not to pursue the epilogue. NBC did not comment on the report.

Back in June, Kring said that Heroes still has endless potential despite its cancellation: “The Heroes brand is an extremely broad premise. It was a premise about ordinary people, an undisclosed number of people all over the world, who were waking up to these extraordinary abilities. Any number of stories could happen around that. We never posited a single ending or a single premise. It wasn’t about getting off of an island or stopping something from happening. We told stories in volumes that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Those volumes could go on and on and on with many different characters. As a result, that Heroes universe is something that can be tapped into again in many ways. Certainly, a movie is a way to do that and clearly, there is an entire world and a number of platforms that this property could live in. Movies sometimes need a little distance from the television show.”

With the proposed Heroes miniseries apparently off the table, do you think Kring will still attempt to provide fans with a sense of closure — or are the days of Heroes officially over?


  • Catsmeow

    If the show truly requires an epilogue, do a “Heroes: Season Five” comic book. I'm pretty sure the show's hardcore fanbase would pick up a comic series.

  • demoncat_4

    Hero's is over and done with for good. for with NBc turning down the wrap up movie. chances of Tim and co having one more heroes adventure is over with since doubt ful Tim could get any one else to do some more heroes plus its last few seaons showed fans had had enough of it.

  • Adamlgarcia

    Honestly, Heroes collapsed under its own weight, and was so poorly planned I'm actually glad there is no epilogue.

  • Jjgerding

    Here's hoping. Maybe on a DVD like Twin Peaks and Golden Years, although those were both kind of half hearted. I expect the market is there and they would sell enough DVD's to make it profitable. Here's and idea – since NBC owns a part of Hulu, how about a couple episode tie-up on Hulu? Or even a web series?

  • mmeans68

    Heroes started strong, but I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner and couldn't figure a way out. The last season was so convuluted that I couldn't figure out what was going on. I'd like to see a wrap up show (or even mini-series) to tie up the loose ends, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Audiocomics

    At the risk of approaching shameless self-promotion for AudioComics…turn the final storyline into a radio drama and make it available over From experience being in front of and behind the mic in producing the adaptation of Lee and Kaluta's “Starstruck,” it's very cost effective, doesn't take a lot of time out of the actors' schedules, it's very cost effective, allows a great deal of freedom in its simplicity, and it's very cost effective.

    Seriously! Why not?

    Lance Roger Axt

    The AudioComics Company