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Own The Zeitgiest: What Do You Want To Be The Next Zombies/Vampires/Aliens?

Now that the Hollywood Reporter is asking whether Zombies Are The New Vampires, it’s clear that zombies are already over. While it’s clear that the next big thing is going to be aliens (No, really), what I want to know from you is: What should the Next Big Thing After That be?

I have no idea why I’m so amused by the Hollywood Reporter’s story – maybe because it feels like the “Are Zombies the New Pirates” meme from a few years ago? – but it does make me wonder: Vampires really have owned media for a surprisingly long time, now, and it’s really getting past time for them to give something else a chance… but what? I’m leaving that one up to you to convince me: What does mass entertainment need more of? What should – or even could – be the kind of thing to inflame fan passions in a similar way to Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries? Educate me in the comments, people.


  • Fury

    space fighter pilots. y’know all that Dan Dare, Buck Rogers shit. i have an anthology, waiting to go!

  • George S.

    Enough of the supernatural stuff. Give me detectives. Sleuths. Gumshoes. The guys in fedoras and coats trying to solve a caper for the mysterious lady sashaying down their door. Think Dick Tracy. Sam Spade. The Hat Squad. Get to it, Hollywood!

  • Guest

    Robot Viking Drag Queens

  • Anonymos

    Cat Demon Spirits

  • Sijo

    How about Heroes?

    No, not “super” heroes. HEROES. People who do the right thing BECAUSE it's the right thing AND SUCCEED. Without massive angst over it. Unlike the stuff going in the comics these days? I'd give away my collection just to watch a new well-written, moving, effective series where the Good Guys tell Evil “Screw You” and save the day cleanly. Or are we still too Emo for that?

  • Scarlet Wilde

    Victorian peanuts with walking sticks.

  • Cowan3581

    Cursed Leprechaun Mummies

  • Stefan

    Actually I hate all these Next Big Things. Don't give me trends. Give me individual stories that rock. Just give me good writing, doesn't matter who it's about.

  • Lumpmike

    Westerns. Adventure. Pulp. Noir. No superheroes or supernatural.

  • Karlos

    Man-Eating Chickens. But in the tradition of Marvel you would probably get just a man eating some chicken.

  • JAQ

    Bisexual porn.

  • QuackJak

    Somebody out there needs to give ghosts an upgrade: make a film so terrifying that you'll never associate ghosts with sheets over heads again. Actually, I have a pretty good one (script) started, so y'know…

  • QuackJak

    You should read “Chew” , a comic put out by Image Comics. It sounds tailor made for you…

  • Scarletspeedster7

    Max Lord should be the Next Big Thing.

  • SketchTurner

    I didn't care for “Chew”… it seemed like another one of those indie comics that follow the usual trend of “look at us… we're so off-beat and different… buy us!” Its like they come up with off the wall, disturbing imagery (like the cannibalistic detective) to be “different”, but to me it just comes off as #$%@ing weird.

  • Mark

    I still haven't got The Matrix out of my system, so more virtual world mind f***ing storylines with inventive action and a mythos.

  • hgd

    Warren Ellis Sci-Fi Pulp Planetary

  • hgd

    Bisexual Guys too

  • Tman2135

    Horror/Sci-Fi: I.E. after the film version of “The Mountains of Madness.”

  • Allen

    So, Inception then?

  • Allen

    How can vampires, zombies, or aliens be the “next” big thing when they have all been the big things a few times already?

  • Chris

    Lesbian Ninja Penguins

  • alankford

    Mythology, or cryptids, or both.

  • Michael P

    Gill Men.

  • Michael P

    Gill Men.

  • orsonrandal

    a super yak

  • Rob

    Bravo, sir!!

  • The Oneand Only

    It looks like alien invasions are making quite the comeback innext few years. This November SKYLINE. Then BATTLE:LOS ANGELAS. COWBOYS Vs. ALIENS. DARK SKY. Then next year Peter Berg's BATTLESHIP adaptation.

    Or else daikaiju/giant monster flicks seem to be going through a resurgence as well in the wake of CLOVERFIELD. Legendary's upcoming GODZILLA. Eli Roth's ENDANGERED SPECIES. And coming this October Gareth Edward's MONSTERS.

  • Kevin

    The next zeitgest is mythology. See Percy Jackson, White Wolf's Scion RPG, Incredible Hercules, Marvel's billion and one Thor books in anticipation of that movie, etc… The various mythological pantheons are public domain characters with established pop cultural ties, complete with soap opera dynamics, sex, violence, etc…

  • O.

    Personally, I think it's going to be Frankensteins. But that's just me. (I do suppose those are kind of like zombies though, but I digress.)

  • Lilmiss_paradox

    I wish that people would move away from 'the next big thing' and just concentrate on creating dynamic and unique stories with engaging and believable characters. If you have good writing and a good cast, you are going to have an audience no matter what the current 'big thing' is.

    On the other hand, if you are riding the trends you are probably just going to be accused of 'hopping on the bandwagon' and the individual merits of your creation will often be ignored in place of comparisons and contrasts to other creations following the same trend. No show, book, movie or comic should actually WANT to be lumped in as 'another one of THOSE' sort of stories.

  • Zombie Fireball

    Were-Octopus' vs. Pterodactyls: Chtulhu's Folly

  • Angelo2525

    Video game movies. Good ones. Faithfull to the source material.

  • [ESC]goat

    Awesome young butt-kicking female protagonists, like Street Angel.

    We need more Street Angel!!!!

  • Ian A


  • Jjward1990

    alien vampires?

  • conceptual_leaf

    Nikola Teslas. Obviously.

  • Tanner

    I have been saying for years that barbarians/vikings will be big.

  • loki4ever

    Giant animals or insects, demons

  • Squashua


  • Cra5000

    I want the hero to win as well and not just on brute force, his/her morales should be GOOD.

  • Mercury12B

    Personally Wizards would b nice….lol

  • Adamh12110

    I'd like to see something cool done with knights, myself. We could use a little chivalry, I think.

  • brother justin crowe

    How about let's just get out some good, original stories and worry about the next trend, oh, say, never?

  • Mxtxg

    Skrulls. i want to see tweens and trendies in full skrull regalia

  • m.w.


  • Mou101

    I'd like to see another swipe taken at updating “The Monster Squad.” The 80's movie made the monsters the bad guys, and I'd like to see the concept of the Saturday morning show given a serious spin.

  • Pho

    I want a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comedy about science-fiction cowboy detectives. Y'know. Something about real life.

  • demoncat_4

    the next thing after vampires and zombies are burn out . werewolfs for their time has come that or time to finish off the beast super natural undead thing with frakenstein's monster return. other wise time to end the vampire thing and move on to other genres.

  • Darthcynicus

    The Resurrected (Mummies / Liches / Frankenstein ) Undead capable of thinking/plotting/scheming and dangerous magick

  • Sam Kess

    Ghosts! Thats good.

  • Sam Kess

    I'm gonna say steampunk, that way the previously-mentioned Frankensteins can fit in easily.

  • Booga

    This would make me watch TV again. Hollywood, get your arse in gear and make good with Robot Viking Drag Queens, that travel through space only to pick up rich Jewish men and alien CEOs.

  • Jose Ulloa

    Give me heroes who win cause they put all their best into it to do so. Most of the times good guys win cause bad guys never get to be as evil as they can with them. Sure, they will kill old ladies, kick dogs and shoot the lovable character you knew was going to die from the beginning of the movie, just so they can prove they mean business. But as soon as they have to fight the hero, they are never so ruthless nor use all their skills, they always give him the chance to save himself. Imagine if the terminator robots had tried to kill John Connor by simply tearing him apart while holding him? instead of that, they throw him away, giving him the chance to get up and make some distance between them.
    Give me a villain who will do all of his best to kill the hero, and a hero who will rise to the challenge.

  • tomdaylight

    Astronauts. People actually using their heads to solve problems, and earning their victories, rather than luckily chancing on the answers and making the audience feel automatically inferior.

  • redvector

    I think fairy tales come to life in a pseudo-futuristic Steampunk universe. Like Radical's Legends: The Enchanted.

  • Ghandi

    Give me superhero shows where the superheros wear costumes. Seriously WTF is up with this plain-clothed shit? I also detest the black S&M Matrix/X-Men look. And these shows need larger budgets.

  • NetSpiker


  • Steven


  • Mark

    Yes, since inception was awesome, bring on something else. Looking fwd to Tron: Legacy. But..need…more…lol

  • Cforshaw67220

    Given how bad the script is, I predict that 'Out the Mountains of Madness' will be popular, and lead to a lot of bad adaptations of Lovecraft's work.

    It'll be worth it just so it can go mainstream, and I can buy a Cthulhu-head sponge for bath-time.

  • Zaki

    To actually be the next Zombies/Vampires/Aliens, you gotta appeal to the mass tastes of either genders:

    Why women like vampires? Easy, because they're dark, & mysterious, with bonus being older & more powerful.

    Why men like zombies? Because they appeal to their primal, cavemen-like desire to hunt & be hunted. And it appeals to their desire to dominate over the savage & the unknown.

    For women:
    Currently, it's angels. Fallen angels, to be exact. You can see them in books like Fallen by Lauren Kate or Hush, Hush
    After that, mummies, ghosts, and possibly


  • Icoltas

    Supernatural has jumped the shark. Ultra-natural threats, like man-eating beasties, against which heros can rise and that they can defeat. The old adventure style stories could be revived with a lot of energy. With so much detaching us from the natural world, I think there would be a draw for a threat that is vaguely believable, but not applicable the cotton-swab world we know.

  • Bread

    Film Noir detectives

  • Madmike


  • Miguel Pacquing

    Monsters disguised as humans who devour human souls after killing them. The only things that can kill them are their attacks from their own species.

  • Hb981

    Just re-watched “Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid” – HUGELY underrated movie! The first time I saw it (much longer ago than I care to admit), I really wasn't familiar with the old film noir movies or actors. Now I am and it just made it that much better. Not to mention that Steve Martin is hilarious. Highly recommended.

  • Stephan Maich

    maybe people can start telling original stories and stop endlessly plowing the genre/subgenre corpses of the familiar and saying that it still feels good… just a thought.

  • Sillysili2010

    I say steampunk. It's been showcased in sci-fi literature for a few years now and nobody has ever dared to adapt some of the works to the big screen. Warehouse 13 has a certain steampunky feel, even Back to the Future III was almost steampunk.

    Another possible trend would be the mash-ups like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters. I heard the PPZ will have a movie adaptation soon.

  • JTMaxwell

    nothing. i'm so tired of infinite regressions on the same concept. Buffy the Vampire Slayer wasn't great because it was about vampires, it was great because it was original and well written. but the bean counters never look at execution…only concept. “hey, people really seem to dig (insert monster or basic plot premise here). let's make 20 of those!” which inevitably leads to a glut, which leads to mediocrity and badness, which leads to the audience looking for something fresh and original. repeat cycle. give me a creator's vision. let it have a strong voice and unique perspective. beyond that, it can be about transsexual werewolf lawyers for all i care…

  • George Guest

    It needs a clever story to tie them all in together. One story line tells of vampires defending humans from the onset of zombies because the zombies are killing off the vampires food supply. chuck a werewolf mix in there too and it'll probably make for a bloody good story!

  • Hubbledabble

    I could go for astronauts being the next big thing.

    No aliens, though. Just astronauts.

    seeing some (good) steampunk movies might be cool as well.

  • Cfrosch1

    & Event Horizon & Sunlight.

  • ShinHakkai

    T-Rex riding shotguns with hyper speed booster.

  • Mitch_the_itch83

    I think its time for leprechauns to shine…or Yetis, both have been waiting in the shadows for their time to shine for far to long.

  • Jake Blues

    I would like detective vampire/zombie/aliens.

    Seriously I don't care as long as it's good. I could do without alines, and zombies are not supernatural. More sci fi horror.

  • JVesterlund

    I think it will be Angels.

    Not the fluffy or inspirational Angels you find in Christian bookstores, but the “Gods disobedient and rumbling soldier” types found it TV's Supernatural, the Hellblazer comic during Garth Ennis run, John Travoltas not-so-good movie Michael and The Prophecy, a sort of forgotten movie with Christopher Walken, Eric Stoltz and Viggo Mortensen.

    I have seen some books along these ways for young adults at Barnes & Noble. There seems to be some kind of Twilight ripp-off series of books (Think Edward as an angel that litterally falls from the sky, finds love in a young tenage girl, mean and crappy Angels show up, fight etc) but I do not remember the name.

    Am I no to something here……………..or not. Anyhow, please tell me…

  • Zack

    Zombies may be old news, but I still want to see Brian Keene's “The Rising” made in to a movie.

    And David Wellington's “Monster Island”.

    And “Deadworld” too.

  • Anonymos

    Dragons have potential. Just ask anyone who's seen Spirited Away.

  • astrodroidz

    Giant Squids!!,

    Old school Maritime hard asses fighting over the top Leviathan -esque seas creatures!.
    Think 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea meets The Expendables…..with f*cking steampunk style weaponry and armor upgrades.

    Your welcome.

  • Enigmadeadhead

    mushroom people