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Why, Exactly, Does M. Night Shyamalan Get His Name On Movies?

Well, okay, what I really mean is, why does M. Night Shyamalan get his name on films that he doesn’t create or produce? Exhibit A: New “Night Chronicles” movie, Reincarnate.

I mean, at least Devil, the first of the Night Chronicles, was written by Shyamalan. But the newly announced Reincarnate seems to be based on a script that’s been around for awhile (Twelve Strangers; it’s unclear whether the similar storyline is coincidence or whether Reincarnate is based on Strangers), and will be directed by Daniel Stamm, the man behind The Last Exorcism. Deadline Hollywood defines the Night Chronicles banner as “formed to generate genre films hatched by Shyamalan which he doesn’t have to helm,” but when he doesn’t appear to have even come up with this one, I’m uncertain as to its purpose – Is his name really such a draw that he gets a “Stan Lee Presents” all of his own…?


  • Eric

    I'm guessing that if “Devil” bombs, it won't be that way for long. “Devil” is already tagged with such a bad reputation with Shyamalan having only minimal involvement. I feel bad for the Dowdle Bros. for having to take the brunt of the Anti-M.Night backlash. They're fairly promising filmmakers and “Devil” could hurt them pretty badly, whether it turns out to be good or not.

  • Wayne Ligon

    Probably to secure funding. It's easier to explain to the bank that the movie involves 'The guy who did 'The Sixth Sense'' than 'these two writers, here'.

  • Joshua_Long

    Well, I doubt it's because of his “popularity”… every screening of the Devil trailer I've been to, the audience all let out a collective “ugh” when Shyamalan's name appeared. Every. Single. Screening. One was even at Comic-Con.

  • GreggN

    I've said this elsewhere, but Devil looks better than anything Night's done in years. He really needs to pick his projects based off their strengths, not his diminishing value.

  • zor

    Why exactly are you so fanatic about bashing Shyamalan? He is in a league of his own..and hope he stays that way, and not listen to low-IQ shallow audience demands as yourself.

  • zor

    I feel bad for you..get a life!!

  • Drake Hollander

    Zor, what are you, M. Night's press agent? Give it a rest and please refrain from using the Internet. The world agrees that M. Night is a hack.

  • Madmike

    It's a warning. Let's face it, the guys last 4 films sucked. And zor,… you might be easier to understand if you moved your lips a little farther away from Shyamalans ass.

  • uforeader

    How the hell do they let you write a blog? Did you do any research AT ALL before writing? First of all Shyamalan did not and will not write any of the scripts for the Night Chronicles. That includes Devil, so I don't know why you say he wrote Devil. The second Night Chronicles movie, Reincarnate, is the same way… Night came up with the story (He originally titled it 12 Strangers and changed the title) and hired another person to write and direct. He's producing all thee Night Chronicles, so I don't know where you got the notion that he's not producing them. That's some BAD, BAD, BAD reporting.

  • mmeans68

    Easy on the nerdrage dude…..geez. It's only a blog…about movies….it's not the end of the world.

  • TSinns

    >>”First of all Shyamalan did not and will not write any of the scripts for the Night Chronicles. That includes Devil,”

    Shyamalan wrote the story for Devil; Brian Nelson adapted that story to a script. The above blog is correct when it says that Devil “was written” by Shyamalan. It was.