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Mark Millar’s Feature Film Is Called Miracle Park

Mark Millar's movie is titled Miracle Park

It’s not exactly a secret that Mark Millar has been gearing up to direct his very own feature film over the past several months. But beyond his comments that the movie takes place in Scotland, deals with superheroes and sports a modest budget, not much is known about the project.

That’s not the case anymore, however, as Millar has provided IGN with the film’s title, plot, set photographs and even some information on scheduling. According to the report, the movie is titled Miracle Park and it’s described by Millar as X-Men meets Trainspotting.

The story, set in modern day Scotland, centers on “a group of animal rights activists who break into a low-level research laboratory to find a mile-long underground base owned and facilitated by the US government.” The film is being shot on a hand-held camera, “establishing a tone more consistent with Paranormal Activity or The Last Exorcism than a traditional superhero release.”

Miracle Park is chilling, violent and a totally new experience in cinema,” according to Millar’s release. “Miracle Park starts where other superhero movies draw the line.”

Principal photography on Miracle Park concludes at the end of October with post-production expected to last until January. Millar believes a teaser trailer will be ready by then.

For more information and photos from the set of Miracle Park, head on over to IGN.


  • mmeans68

    Sounds like a winner….*eyeroll*

  • Usuck

    Actually, it does sound like a winner.

  • sebastien

    I am getting very tired of Mark Miller overhyping everything he does.

  • Deanjsimons

    Millar better play it bloody careful. otherwise we'll end up with something akin to the Spirit than Trainspotting.

    How much prior film-making experience does he actually have? beyond Kick-Ass.

  • shawn

    Sounds interesting. Everybody has to have a first movie so.. I never buy that as an argument against anything. M. Night has made tons of movies and he still sucks.

  • Peter Morningstar

    “Miracle Park is chilling, violent and a totally new experience in cinema,” according to Millar’s release. “Miracle Park starts where other superhero movies draw the line.”

    Well there's a shock, Millar and the word violent all in the same sentance…can this guy actually write about anything else?

    Simple answer to that one…NO!

    I have to admit i'm hoping he gets a degree of success from this because then hopefully he'll leave mainstream comics for good, and good riddance to him, because when it comes to his recent comic writing self agrandised productions i like a lot of other people recently have had pretty much a bellyfull of the guy.

  • Lord Comix

    Great, now I'm vomiting everywhere. Thanks a lot, CBR!

  • Drithiend

    And what about the people that like Mark Millar's work? They shouldn't have any new material to read just because you don't like what he writes? Also, how exactly are you obliged to read anything he comes up with? I thought people had the choice on what to read in comics, and even if they want to read or not, i guess i was wrong. Please, grow up, and realize what personal taste in art means. And by the way, if violence is all you get out of Mark Millar's work, then you are missing most of the meaning of his work, and only because you get carried away by some blood, of all things, like an immature person who only notices the flashy bits on anything he sees while missing most of the more important stuff just because they aren't shiny enough.

  • Alex

    Mark Millar: When 'Over' Meets 'Rated'

    From the guy that brought that great plot called 'Civil War' where your favorite characters become virtually unrecognizable and even though it's terrible you can't read any Marvel book without it because it sets the stage for everything no matter how pointless it is.

    Tell me, why does putting 'The Initiative' above every issue constitute a plot? Most of the books had nothing to do with '50 teams for 50 states' and seemed like a pointless idea to begin with.

  • Tom

    Am I the only one who wants this movie to fail? So maybe Millar will stop making mediocre movies and focus more on writing comics.

  • Wankycat

    Absolute Brilliant! Mega! Met Mark: Gent and a scholar.

    The film will be the Tamara Drewe of 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tomcat82

    I'll stick to this Scottish superhero movie instead –

  • Shamachu

    I always tought that a superhero movie done in the “cloverfield” way would be interesting

  • phact0rri

    Hopefully the Animal Rights Activists, are shown with a heroic quality, and not just vapid terrorists used as a plot device.