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Mad Men‘s Joan Is The New Lois Lane

Well, in the animated world, at least. Christina Hendricks is amongst the familiar names on the newly-announced voice castlist for Warner Bros’ adaptation of DC Comics’ All Star Superman.

Hendricks will play Lois Lane to Desperate Housewives‘s James Denton’s Superman in the DVD version of the critically acclaimed comic. Also in the cast, Anthony LaPaglia (Lex Luthor), Ed Asner (as Perry White) and Linda Cardellini. The animated movie will be written by Justice League Unlimited‘s Dwayne McDuffie, and produced – as with all the DC animated movies – by Bruce Timm. The movie will be released in Spring 2011.


  • Tomfitz1

    Now there goes a redhead I wouldn't mind meeting! ;-)

  • kalorama

    They're not actually going to call it “All-Star Superman” are they? Because that name makes no sense outside the context of the comic book.