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The Event Will Continue To Loom Large For NBC

How will NBC build upon its more-successful-than-expected launch for The Event? By making sure that people aren’t given a chance to forget about the series, apparently.

The Live Feed blog reports that the peacock network isn’t resting on its laurels after the new series drew a surprising 11 million viewers in its first outing, with a rerun of the pilot scheduled for Saturday night and Sunday night for west coast viewers (Obviously, those of us on the west coast are just that lucky, I guess), and no let-up planned in terms of the heavy promotion the show received ahead of its launch – which was estimated to cost around $15 million. The reason for this? To ensure that The Event doesn’t become the next V, or worse, the next FlashForward: Serialized genre dramas that launched successfully and then immediately saw fall off in ratings as audiences didn’t stick around to find out what happened next.

For those of you who saw the pilot on Monday night, what did you think? Is the show worth all this hype?


  • Scarletspeedster7

    I thought the pilot was pretty dull and contrived. I'm giving it one more episode, mainly because I'm hoping they'll be a quality Lost/24-esque show this season. But odds are I'll switch over to Lone Star on Fox.

  • Thursday

    My wife and I didn't care for it. I could see what they were trying to do, insofar as the twists and the flashbacks were concerned; but the acting seemed VERY wooden, the writing poor (which may have been a CAUSE of the wooden acting), and when twists occurred I was left without shock of any kind. All of which lead to this: I had a difficult time caring about any of the characters; and once that happens then it's difficult to have an interest in the story at all.

    We PROBABLY won't watch it again. Emphasis on “probably” as I may instead store up a few episodes, watch them back to back, and see how the thing plays out if viewed back to back. After the first episode, though, that's unlikely.

  • Russell

    Episode one of the event was horrible. After about 6-7 flashbacks I was almost falling asleep. “THE EVENT” was overrated for those of us who seen any sci-fi or superhero movie in the last few years. NBC needs to learn from shows like Supernatural on the WB. It takes more than one flashy effect to keep an audience.

  • DF

    I liked the first episode. Yes, it had way too many flashbacks and was a bit confusing. Also a bit too mysterious. I hope we get some answers soon.

    The moment that sold me on the show though was the moment with the plane near the end of the episode. Very interesting. Here's hoping they tone back the skipping around time a bit and also give us some answers. Otherwise, interesting show. Do I think it'll last? Probably not. Especially if it keeps with the format of the first episode (and it might). *sigh*

  • Bill W

    “The Event is not the event.” It was like a checklist of every “mythology show” trope: big cast, mysterious goings-on, time jumps, characters who speak in riddles, miscontrued confrontations, government conspiracies, ill-defined allegiances…. “I've met LOST. And sir, you are no LOST.”