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Mel Gibson Is A Mad Man

Embattled actor Mel Gibson, currently going through legal troubles and a very public fall from grace over alleged derogatory remarks and physical abuse towards girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, might attempt a career resurrection by way of AMC’s Mad Men.

Contact Music reports the rumor that Gibson has met with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner about appearing on the series for the show’s fifth season. The rumor stems from gossip columnist Liz Smith, who states: “Mel is a huge fan of the series and really wants in. Most experts agree that Mel’s movie career is kaput. I don’t quite agree on that myself, but some close to Mel assert that he thinks so himself.”

As to how Gibson’s character would factor into Mad Men, perhaps the talented individuals at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce could launch an ad campaign intended to repair a disgraced actor’s public image. Any other plot would just seem silly, don’t you think?


  • Mhalteman

    I don't like this. One of the many reasons that Mad Men has been so fantastic is that it has steared clear of showy, obtrusive celebrity guest stars. Having a big name, especially one with all the baggage of Mel Gibson, would detract from the superlative acting by the existing cast. I hope Weiner does not go down this road.

  • Galofaro58

    You rock Mel. I hope you do Mad Men – it's my favorite show too. I don't believe all the media b.s. about your ex – she seems like a nutjob. Your movie career is not over. We love you and we love Mel Gibson movies. xo

  • Galofaro58

    unclench your butt cheeks. Mel will only enhance Mad Men. Don Draper is a doll, but he could use some competition.

  • madmanfan

    No thanks. Mel's a different sort of Mad Man. We don't need him. Stay away.

  • Matt.c

    Doesn't it seem odd that Mel Gibson wants the help of such a prominent Jew to help relaunch his career after all his anti semitic slurs?