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Sesame Street Takes On True Blood

In case the Mad Men parody wasn’t enough to convince you that Sesame Street may have lost sight of its core audience, here’s their True Blood video. No, really.

And, if this isn’t enough, there’s always Oprah…

Oh, Sesame Street, what are you doing…?


  • X007_

    If they're going to imply that he's a “grouch” shouldn't he have been Oscar, or at least a little more monster-y? Nope, they give him super powers, sending kids the message that if they're grouchy then they can run really fast (or maybe that they should run really fast to avoid beatings).

    Whatever, the show's been going down hill since the introduction of Elmo, who is just a poor man's Grover.

  • Michael Norton

    Well at least they got Sookie right. My god that woman is dim.