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Sesame Street Producers “Surprised” By Katy Perry Feedback

The producers of Sesame Street have been talking about their decision to cut a segment featuring singer Katy Perry after parent outcry that her outfit wasn’t suitable for young viewers. Surprisingly to me, the phrase “Seriously, some people need to get over themselves” wasn’t used once.

Perry was originally set to appear with irritating muppet Elmo singing “Hot and Cold” in the new season of the long-running children’s program, but when a preview of the segment went online, parents got very hot under collective collars about Perry’s choice of clothing… So much so that the segment has been pulled from the show altogether.

Executive producer Carol-Lynne Parente went on ABC’s Good Morning America today to discuss the clip, and said that no-one expected the reaction it received:

We would never produce anything we thought was inappropriate. We were surprised not only by the amount of feedback, but how fast it came in. It was a lot.

The decision to cut the segment was made because “we have a great interactive relationship with our viewers. They trust ‘Sesame Street,’ and we take that seriously,” she said. According to Elmo, who also made an appearance on the show, Perry will be back in another segment in the future to make up for cutting her this time around. Hopefully, it’ll be one about parents not over-reacting to cleavage and projecting their own anxieties about oversexualization onto their kids who probably aren’t even slightly aware of it.

That this segment got cut, but parodies of True Blood make it to air, just makes me sad.


  • Edx2k

    1: didnt anyone at SS have any say in wardrobe for this segment? and 2: in this day and age, why cant they just fill in that part of the dress digitally? or just re-film it?

  • Lando

    So lets recap the scoreboard folks

    True Blood Muppets 1

    Katy Perry's Cleavage 0

    Proving yet again, Parents really need to focus their anger better.

  • Ian Thal

    Ms. Perry wasn't acting in a remotely sexual manner in the clip shown. She's just filling the role of pretty celebrity guest in a pretty dress. Probably not the best clothing choice for a children's show, but there's nothing prurient about her performance which seems well suited for Sesame Street. If the song was better (or at least mixed in such a way that the lyrics were intelligible) grownups might not be paying as much attention to Ms. Perry's neckline.

  • Cykes_revenge

    if anything was wrong with this clip it was how scared little elmo was of “playing” with Perry. Is Elmo Gay? Are we gonna have several religious zelots protesting elmo like tinky winky????? Run Elmo Run! i can already see the torches being lit!

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Dang, are we gonna to have to establish anti-discrimination policies for women larger than a B-cup?

  • katy perry

    Is Elmo Gay? Are we gonna have several religious zelots protesting elmo like tinky winky?????

    lucky elmo :D