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USA’s 2011 Schedule Should Look Familiar

USA yesterday announced new seasons for White Collar, Royal Pains and Psych – making their 2011 original programming slate identical to this year’s.

The cable channel had already renewed Law & Order: Criminal Intent for one final year, as well as Burn Notice, In Plain Sight and new spy drama Covert Affairs before announcing these latest renewals. USA’s president of programming, Jeff Wachtel, explained the decision by saying, “It’s a wonderful validation that the shows are working.”

He added, “Though its lovely to celebrate success, it also allows us to push out — you don’t want to alienate your base, but you don’t want to sit still.” This is presumably a reference to plans to bolster these seven series with new shows, although nothing has been announced yet. Wachtel again: “[New original programming is] not an imperitive to fill time slots. We’re still able to be more hand-crafted. We’re not going to get to the point of, ‘oh my god, we need a comedy block on Monday nights.’ It’s still going to remain ‘no show before its time.'”

Well, if nothing else, something will be needed to fill L&O: CI‘s place in 2012. Anyone working on a police procedural over there…?


  • Zach

    Good. They're all good shows that deserve to continue.

  • Originality Please

    “Anyone working on a police procedural over there…?”

    Right… because there aren't enough of those already.

    They should just pick up any critically acclaimed show that gets cancelled this season. Saves a lot of effort.

  • Lion_okitkat

    Something akin to the 4400 please! Or at least air re-runs, or a new mini-series, or a made for TV movie! They act like those fans don't exist anymore. The 4400 was a huge success for them and lead to them developing more original programming.

  • Drhiphop85

    Outside of the stuff on premium cable Psych, Burn Notice, and Royal Pains all are great shows that add a diversity to TV. We typically get the same type of shows on the networks. With Psych we get actual humor in a cop show that manages to be intelligent and playful. Burn Notice probably gives us one of the most unattractive, yet likable cast on TV. Michael Weston is imo the best of the 80s action shows with a twist of that new-millennium sensibility. White Collar is a smart show that is better then most of the “cop-solve-stuff-with-“special”-partner” shows on the netowkr.s

  • Anandasky

    USA has become my network of choice. Psych seems to have found its comedic footing again, Burn Notice is back to being fun, White Collar is amazing and Covert Affairs is a great new addition. I'm not finding anything on the “classic” networks that remotely comes close.

    Thanks USA!