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Check Out The Hair-Raising Logo For Conan (The Talk Show, Not The Movie)

TBS has unveiled the logo for Conan O’Brien’s new show, simply titled Conan, that plays up the talk-show host’s trademark towering red pompadour. (You can find equally nifty desktop wallpapers and chat icons at the link.)

The series debuts on TBS on Nov. 8 — with sidekick Andy Richter but without band leader Max Weinberg, who’s leaving after 17 years with O’Brien.


  • Josh Wigler


  • Alex

    I thought Conan's late show was pretty funny. But I don't think he can recapture that vibe. It's a loss for him and Leno.

  • Flip Maker

    I think Conan being on TBS is likely to be closer to the Late Night vibe than what he could do with the Tonight Show. I hope he proves ya wrong! ;)

  • Lando

    He now has the freedom he once had on Late Night that he didn't really get to do on the Tonight Show until the end when NBC acted like…well NBC and ruined another franchise. He is gonna get Cable numbers but they will be high Cable numbers, and TBS can live with that.