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Christopher Nolan (Finally) Makes It Official: He’s Directing Batman 3

Although there was never much doubt, Christopher Nolan has confirmed that, yes, he’s directing the third Batman film.

“It’s becoming inevitable, I’ll put it that way,” he told Empire. “I feel myself falling into it, I guess. And getting it all figured out and I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing so. … If I haven’t announced it, I think that people probably all know at this point that I’m doing it.” Pressed as to whether it can be presumed he’s directing, Nolan said, “I think you can at this point, yes.”

In related news, SuperHeroHype reports that Michael Caine revealed on BBC Radio 1’s The Chris Moyles Show that production “probably” will begin in May. However, he couldn’t confirm that he’ll appear in the sequel.

“I assume they’ll ask me to be there,” said Caine, who played Alfred Pennyworth in the two previous installments. “In the movie business, you never believe anything. You always assume.”

Nolan is revising the script written by his brother Jonathan Nolan. Batman 3 is set for release on July 20, 2012.


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  • Kijkjaime

    cool, Daniel day lewis for the Riddler…or at least Depp.

  • Shamrock Jack

    David Tennant for the Riddler!

  • RunnerX13

    Now please confirm that it won't be in 3-D!

  • Squashua

    SEAN ASTIN for The Penguin ! ! !

    You need to see him in “Borderland” before you judge my suggestion.

  • Farson

    Le gasp.

  • Xenos

    How about whoever Nolan feels is the right casting for whatever characters Nolan feels right for his story? How about that? How about not fan wanking over who we want for the roles? Really, did anyone shout Ledger for Joker before he was cast? Sure you had a number saying Bale for Batman, but really it's up to Nolan and company to figure it out.

    Also, I love Caine's comment, “In the movie business, you never believe anything. You always assume.”

  • Osmium

    Wow, that's a surprise. Screw art when you have a chance to be richer than god.

    “Nolan is revising a script from his brother….” The dude can only cover so much for his bro (ever read the actual story the idea of which was the basis of “Memento?” Well, Dolan's bro finally finished it long after the movie and it got play in the dying print mag known as Playboy. It made fanfic look like Fitzgerald.) “Revising” is code for “fishing it out of the cesspool of bad writing.” Nolan the lesser will get his credit, and the director's gig that the all-powerful (as of this minute) Nolan flexes his early Spielberg/Coppola/Scorcese muscle as a talent to be reckoned with. I larf. Larf! Larf!

    Prediction: Christian “I beat up my mommy” Bale ain't playing the lead rodent this time around. Fanboys can't carry a crappy actor who picks on assistant lighting directors, sis, mom, paperboys, etc. Deal.

  • Tim Simmons

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler. That's where you should put your money.
    I heard a lot of fanboy hate spewed when that rumor started up, but I heard the same thing i/r/t Heath for the Joker.

    If it happens, I'm willing to give Nolan and company the benefit of the doubt. The sad part is, ANY villain performance is going to be compared to DK. Which, obviously, is totally unfair.

  • shwa


  • shwa

    Think they already said it would be whether he likes it or not.

  • Asterios

    Are you drunk?

  • Shaun

    Shocking, shocking news.

  • RockinRobin

    Also confirmed: Batman will be a character in the movie.

  • Crusader K

    Tell me…do you post stuff like this cause you really believe it? Or do you just want to outrage the fanboys for your own bizarre amusement?

  • Mr_Wayne

    Where do these internet gangstaz and fan boys get their language? Wiki? “Larf! Larf!” Wtf?!

  • Mr_Wayne

    Ummmm when was this said?

  • Guest

    3D Hollywood (via IGN) reports a planned post-process 3D version of “Inception” could precipitate the third “Batman Begins” movie to be shot entirely in stereoscopic format. “Prevailing opinions at Warner are that Nolan will not enjoy the luxury of taking a pass on 3D for the new Batman movie, which will surely be set up for 3D from the beginning.” writes 3D Hollywood's Scott Hettrick. “Inception 3D”, if it happens, would either premiere on HBO's planned 3D service or in a limited theatrical run.

  • lead_sharp

    It's the third movie.

    Nothing truly survives the third movie, specifically comic adaptations. No matter how good the third movie is, it'll never be as good as what came before it. 'Third movie' won't bomb and WB will bring in a whole new cast and crew with a few hold overs (for the fans) for the fourth which will inevitability be Wolverine Origins level bad but everyone will hark back to The Dark Knight and wonder where it all went wrong.

    There are people out there who enjoyed Batman Forever, Superman 3 and rightly so. There are those who thought Blade Trinity and X3 where forgiveable romps if you can get past the problems they had. There are even those who like Spider-Man 3 when they are allowed to watch television by the orderly. But I've yet to meet anyone who thought they were better than what came before them.

    This is the third movie and with any luck the franchise swan song. It won't be, but with any luck…

  • Lestat_1980

    Paul Giamatti for the Penguin!

  • Lestat_1980

    Or Ryan Reynolds for the Riddler, Ryan Reynolds as Killer Croc and Ryan Reynolds as a guest appearance as Hal Jordan. ;)

  • Kilr50

    WHY does it have to be the Riddler?

  • SamZED


  • Loicdesiron