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Morena Baccarin Rumored For The Avengers

The rumor mill is at it again, once more insisting that Janet Van Dyne — also known as the Wasp — has a role to play in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. But who’s up for the role? According to one source, it’s none other than Whedon veteran and current lizard queen Morena Baccarin.

Mania reports:

An exclusive tip from a scooper who is known to us tells us that in between filming sessions for V, actress Morena Baccarin was seen visiting a comic shop and purchasing “a bunch of Avengers comics.” Our tipster further said she was asking the store workers to specifically point out comics with the Wasp in them.

Just to reiterate, the source is someone we know and we have every reason to believe this source saw and heard what they claim. But what does it mean exactly?

It very likely means nothing. Eva Longoria was spotted in a similar situation back in 2008, but the actor has shot down rumors of her playing Wasp multiple times in the past. In fairness, Baccarin’s connection to Whedon strengthens the rumor a bit — the two worked together on Firefly and Serenity — but I still wouldn’t read too much into this until further details come to light… which could be never, really.

Still, it’s worth thinking about: how do you think Baccarin would fare as Van Dyne? Not a bad pick, if you ask me.


  • Ericrocksmyworld

    I've never seen her act warm. As Inara and Anna, she's very reserved. Not to say that she couldn't do it, but I see the Wasp as more fun, especialy compared to teammate Black Widow. I liked Whedon's suggest from a few years back better, when he said she'd be a perfect Wonder Woman.

  • Summer

    A much better choice than Longoria.

  • mmeans68

    I could totally see her as The Wasp

  • Khiaao

    Hmmm. trying to think of the wasp in the comicbooks, i guess it depends on how there writing that chracter

  • Mike J.

    Physically she is an excellent choice for the part. I think she has good acting skills and as a whole she is a far better than Longoria. I would love to see her play Wasp! I can't believe they wouldn't have Henry Pym in the film as well…but we'll just have to wait and see if he at least makes a cameo. You can't have an origin story of the Avengers without including a central character that has been a member since day 1.